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Lumley Associates provide bespoke management and leadership development programmes for professionals.  Programmes are designed, planned and delivered to meet your specific needs. Lumley Associates will help you manage the challenges of a changing world using effective communication, knowledge and skills.
Arrange and facilitate appraisal skills training Assist and lead discussion and enhance your understanding of revalidation for all professions Help you manage and resolve situations were there may be conflict.
Very interactive, relaxed, open environment, didn't feel judged, which led to effective scenarios.
The Coalition Governments Record on Social Care How Serious are the Pressures on Social Care?
Check out the Vanguard Pilots - New Care Models first mentioned in the NHS Five Year Forward View.
AR 350–1 Chapter 4–8 calls for Leader training and leader development action plans, as referenced in ADRP 7-0.
This template is designed to guide your leadership development activities over the next 12-24 months. Please resist the temptation to rush through the steps; the more effort you put into each of the activities below the more you will learn.
Create a Life Mission Statement: Your Life Mission Statement can provide insights about your motivation to lead and guide your development efforts in a direction congruent with your long-term goals.
Before the first meeting develop a list of your objectives and questions you would like to ask. If there is chemistry between the two of you at that initial meeting, ask if they would be willing to mentor you while you work through this Leadership Development Action Plan. Leadership is an observable set of skills and qualities that are useful whether you are the CEO or a front-line manager.
Measuring personality (psychometrics) dates back to the early Greeks but it is only very recently that psychologists and management theorists have agreed on what can be measured and its effect in the workplace.
There are many Psychometric and Personality Tests available in the marketplace and it can be difficult to make a decision as to which one to use.

At the Optimal Leader, we use the Enneagram to help our clients to deepen their understanding of their mental constructs to lead optimally. MBTI based on more than 50 years of research, the Meyers Briggs Type Indicator is the leading instrument for deepening awareness of individual preferences and behavior, upgrading leadership skills, and helping teams make decisions and work together more productively. The MBTI instrument is a popular training tool for professional development and organizational improvement in all kinds of organizations.
The Myers-Briggs typology model regards personality type as similar to left or right handedness: individuals are either born with, or develop, certain preferred ways of thinking and acting. A great tool for self-improvement and for building more effective teams, the Myers-Briggs workshop provides the student with insight into working styles and provides better strategies for group interactions. About UsWe specialize in leadership development, executive coaching, and helping teams optimize. After visits from Chris Short and David Jackman, this new series of studies, “Understanding Leadership” will help us continue to grow.
If you’re not currently involved in leadership, this will be a useful and inspiring series with principles to be applied across our lives… it may also inspire you to take new steps of leadership.
Encourage you to get the most from your teams Increase your understanding of management theories and their application in your management role.
I am sure this is what made the three days much more enjoyable than I had ever anticipated.
The facilitators were very experienced and were very good at making the alien topic of management relevant to our current and future practice. StrengthsFinder, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator or Kolb Learning Style Inventory), review your results. Knowing who you are, what you can do and where you are going, coupled with the ability to manage your communication, emotions and behavior on the way to getting there. Optimal people-leaders, get the best from people by connecting their intrinsic motivators with the goals and vision of the organization.
Another key element of our Leadership Development Programs is bringing together individuals of different styles and skill to work together towards a common goal.

Strategic leaders take a larger perspective; utilize critical thinking, planning and make decisions that place the company and their reports in the best position to execute. At the Optimal Leader, we have been certified in many assessments and use a few to help our clients optimize their leadership skills.
Everyone is considered to be one single type, although one can have traits belonging to other ones.
Once we understand out mental constructs (also known as mental models) we begin to determine what beliefs or ideas serve us and help us to become our best selves and what beliefs hinder our growth and development. MBTI results give people in training programs helpful feedback about themselves and how they are different from others.
The MBTI sorts some of these psychological differences into four opposite pairs, or dichotomies, with a resulting 16 possible psychological types.
If so, which would be the most useful to learn about and practice this year given the goals and challenges you have with your current team?
This leadership competency is about personal mastery and creates a strong attitudinal and skill foundation for effective management and leadership. Communication is at the heart of a learning organization and this skill develops the ability to communicate even in the presence of conflict and diversity. In organizations and workplaces the Indicator is particularly useful with teams, for conflict management and performance improvement, for employee coaching, for management development, or for executive coaching. Most of these activities can be self-guided, but it would be very helpful to recruit a mentor to help you along the way.
In the same way that writing with the left hand is hard work for a right-hander, so people tend to find using their opposite psychological preferences more difficult, even if they can become more proficient (and therefore behaviorally flexible) with practice and development.

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