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The Kentucky Agricultural Leadership Program (KALP) is an intensive two year program designed for young agricultural producers and agribusiness individuals who want to be on the "cutting edge" of decisions that affect agriculture, rural communities and society in the 21st century. The program dates back to the mid 1980s and was originally called the Philip Morris Agricultural Leadership Program. The IMPACT Leadership Development Program is accepting applications for its 2016-17 program year.
Not sure how to balance being the technical expert and leader in your small to mid-sized business? Would you be more effective with a clear, focused and personalized plan that reflects what you are really doing? Confused what it means to take your business to the “next level” and want a practical system that fits you? Feeling a dilemma about whether to hire consultants, contractors, employees or just keeping doing it yourself? Unsure what to include in your strategic plan but feel confident you can produce a stronger, more vibrant business?
Not sure you can handle the emotional demands of your more sophisticated business but are still deeply committed to growing your business? The CEO Mindset Leadership Development Program is designed for small business owners and executives to give them an competitive edge. What Is My Leadership Style? Identify your personal leadership style and learn tips and strategies to enhance how you inspire, envision and encourage your staff to go forward with you.
Getting the Work Done-Yours, Mine, Ours Delegation can be so challenging for small business owners.

This step-wise program is for small to mid-sized business owners and executives who are serious about becoming leaders who create great businesses with less stress and clear results. Take advantage of the CEO Mindset Leadership Development program and lead your small business through growth to profitability, predictability, stability and confidence! What People Are Saying“As a small business, bringing values, your values, into your professional life is automatic, after all, wasn't that why you took the plunge? Privacy Policy:Your information will be kept confidential and not shared, given, rented or sold to any third party.
Notice: In observance of the winter holidays, University Extended Education offices will be closed from December 24, 2015–January 3, 2016. Employees in public agencies are increasingly called upon to provide innovative solutions to current challenges while facing intensified public scrutiny and demands.
The Orange County Public Employee Consortium has launched a total of nine (9) successful cohorts since 2007. Among the graduates are HR managers, Fire Chiefs, Police Lieutenants and others in supervisory or leadership roles. An important goal of the Leadership Development program is to positively impact the work public-sector employees do on a daily basis. The program has broadened my perspective, and it comes with a tool set for initiatives and changes. All leadership development classes are taught by practicing experts who currently work in or with public agencies and have university-level educational credentials.
The program also has a series of travel seminars to various Kentucky agribusinesses, Frankfort, Washington DC, and visits to agriculture in other states and nations.

Public agencies with the need to maintain a strong culture, ensure continuity of best practices and retain outstanding staff are seeking ways to grow talent from within.
To date, over 200 public sector employees from 25 different OC cities and special districts have completed the certificate program. This program is equally empowering for emerging leaders, non-managerial project leaders, and those who aspire to lead. The program is designed to facilitate "learning transfer," which allows students to take the skills and knowledge gained from the classes and apply them to their work and life.
However, we’ve found that those who benefit the most are commonly identified within the organizations as emerging leaders: high-potential individuals new to supervision, project leads, or mid-level managers. The program has graduated 267 participants covering ten different classes, with many of these individuals taking on leadership positions within Kentucky agriculture. Participants and HR managers confirmed this format’s value in enhancing the classroom experience and broadening participants' understanding of public services. Learning transfer may take the form of sharing with peers, utilizing tools to improve work efficiency, or using concepts and skills to implement successful projects. An assessment tool has been developed to track the learning transfer progress throughout the program.
The career path of the individual, education level and departmental succession plan also help to determine the fit for this program.

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leadership development program goals 365

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