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The Leaders in Training (LIT) program is geared toward teens who are ready to grow and test their leadership skills while working with younger campers.
The Wrangler In Training program (WIT) is a new horseback riding program this season that develops leadership skills in an immersive equestrian environment.
Financial AssistanceWithin the available resources of the organization, YMCA Buffalo Niagara will provide services to any youth, senior, adult, or family who desires to participate and understands the benefits of the YMCA, regardless of their ability to pay.
Leadership Niagara will host a graduation event for its LYNC youth leadership development program with over 250 students, parents, and volunteers at 6 p.m. Students graduating from Leadership Niagara’s LYNC program represent 14 high schools across Western New York and have completed an eight month leadership development program to help change their concept of leadership and 21st century skills.
Participating schools in 2015-2016 include: Barker, Grand Island, Lewiston-Porter, Lockport, Nardin Academy, Newfane, Niagara Academy, Niagara Catholic, Niagara Falls, Niagara-Wheatfield, North Tonawanda, Royalton-Hartland, Starpoint and Wilson high schools. The Niagara Institute is a not-for-profit foundation and, since 1994, a division of the Conference Board of Canada, the country's largest, independent, not-for-profit research institution. The Niagara Institute offers the Leadership Development Program (LDP)® in both English and French. Tim O' Shei, The Buffalo News April 30, 2016 NIAGARA FALLS a€” When Vanessa Williams arrived here straight off a plane from New York City, she was suited for success, down to her crisp white jacket and knee-length black skirt a€” both items from her new V.
LITs must be at least 16 years old and undergo an interview and selection process, commit to a three week multi-session program, and serve as a leader for part of the summer.
New this year, the LYNC program carries three university credits through a new partnership with Niagara University.
This was the organizationa€™s first completely sold-out event.President and CEO Molly Anderson said the organization has grown by 200 percent over the past two years.
Throughout the summer, we offer opportunities for teens age 14 and up to participate in our leadership programs on their way to being camp counselors. Participating as an LIT may count toward high school community service hours for graduation – please check with your school counselor. It is the next step in leadership designed for those transitioning from Leader-In-Training to Junior or Senior Leader positions. As it happens, people are stepping up, wanting to be a part of leading the region forward.a€?Ita€™s easy to start something,a€? said Molly Anderson, the CEO for Leadership Niagara.

The 2016 class is the largest the organization has ever had, and over half of the class is from outside of Niagara County. We are dedicated to building a better future for Canadians by making our economy and society more dynamic and competitive. Our LIT program is progressive, in which fees are about a third less than the cost of a regular camp session. This volunteer program is designed for those who are considering the next step in their leadership journey prior to a full summer commitment as a YMCA Leader. Bernice Radle, Niagara Falls native, urban planner, and young preservationist, will be honored by students at the event with the “Transformational Leadership Award” for her commitment to advancing our region. This event was co-chaired by Christopher Marra and Susan Swiatkowski.The honorees were each introduced with a short video, featuring a few peers speaking to the honoreesa€™ accomplishments and leadership qualities.
It's Williams' yin-yang story, one with truths that are shared by so many, which is why she's willing a€“ eager, even a€” to talk about it."I want to be candid," Williams said. The organizations say theya€™re looking for people who want to better themselves and their communities.a€?This community belongs to all of us and everyone is a leader,a€? said Althea Luehresen, the CEO of Leadership Buffalo.
She said she has seen Leadership Niagara grow over the years, with a particular turning point after she joined in 1997.a€?Everyone takes away something different,a€? she said.
She went through the program eight years and go and says it changed her.a€?The best leaders give more than they take,a€? said Luehresen talking about her leadership theory and what shea€™s learned through her involvement.
She was among the first members of Leadership Niagara in 1985 and has remained active since then. She was recognized for her work with Youth Mentoring Services, formerly known as Big Brothers Big Sisters of Niagara County, serving as executive director for over a quarter century. Click here to learn more about Leadership Niagara and you can follow this link for more information on Leadership Buffalo. Her dedication to service has been instrumental throughout her career and her leadership roles have been both a€?nature and nurture,a€? she said.a€?You have to take time to smell the roses, but you also have to get up and move,a€? Bettino said, urging leaders to take action. He says a€?Very niiice!a€™a€? a€“ imagine here Williams, with her smooth anchor-like voice, imitating a thick Austrian accent a€“ a€?and you feel your chest broaden and you feel like youa€™ve conquered the world because he makes you feel important.a€?Fair point.
Co-Directors Jim Pritchard and Gary Rouleau were present to accept the award and reported on the recent growth for the theatre.

Five years ago, Schwarzeneggera€™s marriage to the journalist Maria Shriver publicly unraveled as his affair with a housekeeper was revealed to the world. Where there were once only a handful, now the theatre hosts over 175 events per year and has a loyal band of about 175 volunteers. Williams, who sang at Schwarzeneggera€™s 2003 inauguration, didna€™t specifically cite the former governora€™s marital issues. Instead, she said, a€?He obviously has gone through many ups and downs in his life recently, and I know Maria very well, but againa€”a€?Williams interrupted herself. She leaned forward in her butterscotch leather chair and pointed to a table in front of the stage. Judge Glenda Hatchett was originally slated to give the keynote address, but could not attend for personal reasons. Minutes before Williams took the stage, Percy had been honored as Leadership Niagara's Leader of the Year. In his remarks at the podium, he talked about his approach to handling mistakes: a€?fessing up when you mess up. Percy nodded.a€?I think that after everything (that) has happened recently, thata€™s what (Schwarzenegger) did,a€? Williams said. But Lee Gershwin, whose famous husband Ira died the year prior, called Nichols and said, a€?Over my dead body will that whore be in my show.a€?a€?Thata€™s when I knew I had a long road ahead,a€? said Williams, who spent the next 10 years systematically building her resume and rebuilding her credibility.
She acknowledged those in Niagara Falls and wrote about them in her 2013 book, "You Have No Idea," co-authored with her mother, Helen Tinch Williams. I asked her why."No matter what happens in your life, it doesna€™t change who you are," she said.
That is true for any instance that you go through, any relationship issue."When it gets so foggy and so distorted, once the time comes back to the calm, youa€™ll get back to who you really are.

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