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Distance Leadership Masterclass will assist to understand the strengths and challenges of remote teams. Based on extensive research into leadership excellence with Australia’s most respected leaders, this course will give you the skills to motivate staff in working situations where distance is a factor. This course is tailored to managers from all levels who want to improve their leadership skills of staff and teams who do not operate onsite.
Effective leading starts with understanding how to build motivation, engagement and ownership with people and teams from a distance.
Delegates will learn how the brain processes information during conversation, and how to work with individual communication styles.
Even the best strategic plans need solid structures and clear lines of accountability to guarantee they are implemented.
One of Australia’s foremost authorities on leadership, Lisa Rubinstein combines neuroscience and martial arts philosophy to deliver a transformational approach to developing leadership excellence. With nearly 20 years experience in coaching and training, Lisa’s work has changed the lives and careers of thousands of people, including leading executives in Australia and internationally in BRW top 100 and Fortune 500 companies. Her proprietary research into the source of leadership excellence has been documented in her book, True Leadership: The Source of Success. Lisa has a Bachelors degree in Economics, a certificate in Executive and Organisational Coaching, is an NLP Master Coach and Trainer and a black belt in Shotokan Karate. Formerly the Global Coach Development Manager at Results Coaching Systems, Lisa was responsible for mentoring regional leaders, and held the global vision for over 2000 coaches. FACEBOOKKonnect Learning 4 weeks ago Women in Leadership is fast approaching just a short month away 6-9 June. Academy’s Commotion Over Oscar’s Swag: Fiera Speaks Out picked up by Afrossip which is ironic since Makower founder of Nuelle and Long now CEO of Nuelle have a diversity issue with their company not unlike with they were previously linked to Acclarent which also had a diversity problem. Nuelle marries its experience in healthcare solutions, consumer products, and technology with a deep understanding of women’s unfulfilled needs.
And these 103 reviews where Nuelle tries to position a $250 vibrator as a medical device with Medical Community Reviews? When an executive or founder removes their name from the company website it’s always a RED FLAG for employees, consumers, patients, investors, shareholders, and taxpayers. A Doctor of Philosophy degree, short Ph.D is an advanced academic degree earned in various fields, signifying major interests and accomplishments in research.
This program is designed to develop the leadership abilities of administrators in educational institutions and agencies that support significant educational programs. Degree and certificate programs require that enrolled online students attend 2 face-to- face summer institutes, where during each summer session they can earn up to 9 credits at our Bethlehem, Pennsylvania campus. All other program courses are delivered through an online internet platform during the fall and spring semesters allowing our students to stay in their home countries and study during those semesters. Students who are non-residents would have appropriate visa application documents sent to them for their summer study on our campus. This specialization offers emergency response professionals the skills to lead, manage, and motivate others during emergencies; to build confident and capable teams.
The emergency situations we face in today’s complex environment call for a new leadership approach.

Whether you’re interested in furthering your own research or entering the private sector, a Ph.D. Career options may require additional experience, training, or other factors beyond the successful completion of this degree program. Discuss leadership concepts and theories that have been used to effectively lead and manage in the public sector. Analyze evidence-based research, theories, and models used to promote participation in public and nonprofit policy processes. Develop solutions for problems related to public policy and public administration using theory and research. Ethically apply the major theories and concepts of public policy and public administration within organizations.
Evaluate models and best practices utilizing diverse perspectives in local, state, national and international public agencies by using evidence-based research. The Doctor of Philosophy in Global Leadership (PhD) at Richfield College is a research - centered graduate study and degree program focused on the issues that have shaped our global community and its leadership. The Doctor of Education Degree in Organizational Leadership is a self-paced learning program, which may be completed off campus.
The Educational Doctorate Degree in Organizational Leadership is comprised of 62 semester units of credit.
This programme is designed for those whose work involves them in innovative and advanced professional or creative practice and enables them to receive academic credit for that work, assuming it is at doctoral level.
Route A enables candidates, with the help and advice of academic and professional supervisors, to select the most appropriate evidence for inclusion in their submission and to prepare a 10–15,000-word critical commentary which contextualises, analyses and makes the case for the publications to be considered as an original and independent contribution to knowledge and, therefore, to justify the award of a PhD.
This specialization challenges you to think critically about conventional organizations and explore new ideas about leadership and change. In this specialization, apply a systems perspective as you develop strategies for organizational change in the public organization of your choice. With unprecedented fiscal challenges and rising performance expectations facing public and nonprofit institutions, managers must be prepared to apply core business principles to improve the efficiencies and effectiveness of their organizations. As governmental and nongovernmental institutions increasingly overlap and evolve, the demand for well-educated management professionals to excel in public service continues to grow. Participants will learn how to utilise modern communication channels effectively, overcome challenging communication contexts and create positive team environments remotely. You will take away practical tools to transform offsite workforces into productive and efficient divisions. Participants will work with neuroscience-based models to demystify the source of performance in people, learn how to resolve conflicts, and apply martial arts leadership thinking to be able to have the tough conversations without tension and stress. We will explore the diverse motivational triggers and hot buttons that can either engage or alienate people. They need to have skin in the game and take full responsibility for the success of their company as if they are the owner. You will learn how to keep people motivated and in action and to continue to engage at work. She also oversaw the continuing education, and ran the global mentoring programme and coaches agency. It sure is nice to see that Josh Makower is defending his right to make money off of profiting from injuring women while trying to profit a second time from those same women.

Pandering is never an ethical or good look; and, hoping a larger news outlet picks it up and runs with it, is just sad. Very insensitive for NEA funded startup Nuelle to link their sex toy, Fiera For Her, to celebrity Demi Lovato supporting Kesha over her alleged workplace sexual abuse.
Missed a little something about Acclarent fraudulently obtaining a 510 (k) setting out to defraud the U.S.
The need to achieve quality leadership skills as well as managerial capacities in organizations and the society at large as seen the launch of a doctoral degree in leadership. We specialize in delivering online doctoral and master’s degrees in Education, as well as credit bearing Certificate programs. The summer program consists of 3 nine day sessions during the months of June and July, students can complete a 3 credit course in each of the sessions.
Time to completion may vary by student, depending on individual progress and credits transferred, if applicable. It provides the students with knowledge, research abilities, and leadership skills to develop solutions for global problems. Study programs are not structured in semesters, quarters or terms, allowing students to begin their degree programs at any time during the year. Candidates must satisfy 3 Qualifying Courses (12 semester units), 5 Core Courses (18 semester units) and 4 Specialization Courses (16 semester units). You will develop alternative conceptualizations of management, understand what a socially conscious leader is and create 21st-century leadership practices.
Advance in the public or nonprofit sector by gaining an understanding of how to work with government and businesses to address shared issues. Delegates will gain a better understanding how perceptions drive interactions, how to transcend cultural differences to effectively communicate with, motivate and influence people from a distance. Delegates will learn how to reach out and inspire their people remotely to work together as a strong, cohesive and effective team, and as high performing individuals. We worked closely with thought leaders and experts in women’s sexual wellness and medicine including physicians, sex therapists, physical therapists, and psychologists. Although we do know from previous experience Makower’s Team sure is creative when it comes to medical reimbursement. The program is looking for individuals with a solid college education and professional achievements that desire to play a greater role in reshaping the world for the better. Candidates must also complete 14 semester units for a Proposal, Dissertation and Oral Defense. Concerns about effective organization building will be balanced by the understanding that a socially responsible leader also strives to create an environment beneficial to employees in increasingly cross-cultural work environments. Discover how transformative change occurs in complex public systems, and learn to use the language of leadership to motivate, inspire, and competently lead your organization and shape public policy. Together we developed insights that allow Nuelle to translate its scientific approach to understanding.

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