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How many team meetings have you been to that are just the same old thing — boring gatherings you can’t wait to leave! As a result, I have compiled my favorite team building exercises and techniques into a 77-page book. These are just two of the 64 team building activities and exercises you will get from the book.
Funny stories to use in your training programs you can read to your group that will keep them in stitches. Order Before Midnight [date format=”F j, Y” ] and Get the Following Free Bonuses!
The key to success for any organization is the ability to attract, retain and motivate skilled and talented people. The second day of our meeting I used The Paper and Communication Exercise to drive home the point of effective communication.
I have led many meetings in my career and always seem to be frantically searching for exactly the right exercise.

Here is an opportunity to make your next meeting, class, or team building event something dynamic and interesting. It is cram-packed with innovative ideas and exercises to make your meetings, classes, and workshops come alive and make you a HERO with your team.
This is a timed exercise where individuals are placed on two teams to design and construct a device to safely catch a torpedo (egg) from an elevated tripod.
I have used Heartbreak Hotel to train people to identify leadership problems and customer service breakdowns. Those that fail to make job satisfaction and employee engagement a priority risk losing their top talented people to the competition. It really helped the group understand the importance of seeking clarity and how to explain things in a clear fashion.
This book took all that anxiety away and made for not only some great fun, but some meaningful exchanges with our participants. In the hundreds of classes I have taught, I have learned one simple truth — people learn quicker if you make classes and meetings fun and interesting.

This report shows you how to design an effective job satisfaction strategy that provides a road map for motivating and engaging your workforce to achieve a higher level of performance. We provide you the list of materials needed, the solution, and the instructions the team must follow to complete the task. It was a great way to begin our meeting and helped set a positive tone for the rest of the two-day session.
It comes with instructions, a list of materials, and a debriefing questionnaire to help your team understand what went right and what went wrong.

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leadership exercises team building

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