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Communities across the country have shown that, to build a system with the characteristics of shared ownership, spread, depth, and sustainability, school and community leaders must develop collaborative leadership structures with the capacity to carry out key functions.
Most initiatives have developed a collaborative leadership structure that helps them execute and integrate key functions system-wide. An intermediary entity (an organization or a working group composed of key leaders and managers from one or more partner agencies) provides planning, coordination, and management. Figure 4, A Collaborative Leadership Structure for Community Schools, depicts how leadership is shared. Leadership Prep Bedford Stuyvesant Charter School is a free public school open to all NYC residents.
Summer Seminary is a program for Unitarian Universalist youth exploring the possibility of becoming a religious professional.
You are invited to invest in yourself and your congregation by engaging in one inspiring and intensive week this summer at the Russell Lockwood Leadership School. Goldmine is an intense leadership school for youth focusing on self-reflection and leadership skills. Two Leadership opportunities, The Dwight Brown Leadership Experience (DBLE) offered in Texas in the summer and the Southern UU Leadership Experience (SUULE) offered in the southeast in the winter, are challenging, exciting, leadership development experiences that will enrich the life of the participants, as well as enhance the sponsoring Unitarian Universalist congregation. MidWest Leadership School (MWLS), held concurrently with MidWest Youth Leadership School, develops lay leaders in the UU community.
Training for a career in business is no longer limited to traditional colleges, universities and business schools. These days, more and more business professionals are looking for ways that they can jumpstart their careers. For three straight years, Perspectives Leadership Academy (PLA) scholars are working with college students from Howard University during the week of March 10th. Hundreds of Howard University students who skipped the beaches, parties, vacations and even trips home for spring break are embarking to seven U.S. The effort is part of the University’s award-winning Alternative Spring Break (ASB) program led by Executive Director Dr. This finding confirms a fundamental insight of systems thinking: Integrated action across important functional areas advances and sustains complex organizations.

Typically, the structures connect community-wide and site-level leadership, often through an intermediary entity. Leaders ensure that implementation satisfies local needs, aligns with the school’s academic mission, and generates practice knowledge and data to inform improvements in community-wide policy and site practice.
Leadership powers the work by ensuring communication between community-wide and school-site leaders and by facilitating operational functions at all leadership levels and across school sites. It shows that, while each leadership group has its own key roles and responsibilities, they all work to build capacity in each functional area.
Schools range from whole weeks to long weekends to online versions.  Each school has its own culture and format, some offered by regions and some offered nationally. For the best experience, you can self-organize local "Communities of Practice" (one Saturday session) with teams from your and neighboring congregations with materials and training provided by the Dean.
Focusing on ordained ministry and credentialed leadership in religious education and music, the program offers youth the opportunity to explore their call to ministry in all its forms, learn about life as a religious professional, and connect with other youth considering ministry, religious education and other religious professional career paths. After many years of success in the Mountain Desert District, this resource for adult Unitarian Universalists (UUs) who are new, established or emerging leaders is now moving around the districts of the Pacific Western Region.
Youth learn concrete leadership skills, learn to lead a worship in a wide variety of youth worship styles, and work to articulate the faith based grounding for their values and leadership. DBLE is named after the District Executive who helped launch our first Leadership School.Both schools are designed to teach and reinforce skills and abilities for leaders and leaders-to-be in UU congregations. The week-long intense program includes leadership, group and system dynamics, UU history and theology, and elements of worship.
Your boss has picked you to lead the team in developing new commodities, goods or innovations.
Learning online has never been easier and gives individuals the opportunity to work towards Associates, Bachelor’s and even MBAs right from the comfort of their own home.
And what are these schools doing right?Leading education and community-based organizations have come together to publish Oakland Achieves: A Public Education Progress Report, which contains important data and analysis on educational quality and equity in our schools.
It serves as a networking vehicle for policy development and communication in which several leaders of community initiatives decide why and how to align their resources to build and sustain a system of community schools. It convenes school and community partners, provides strategic planning, and ensures that what happens at the community leadership level empowers students, families, and practitioners at school sites.

Lay leaders and religious professionals alike will explore, study and practice what is deeply meaningful and specifically necessary for UU leaders who wish to be skillful contributors to our congregations and to our local and global communities. The day includes youth led worship, silent self-reflection time, and small group reflection time in addition to time for hanging out and playing together!
The program is designed to provide insights, confidence, and enrichment for each participant’s congregation, work, and personal life. First and foremost you should know the difference between a program manager and a project manager.
The Oakland Achieves report identifies "bright spots" - areas in which Oakland schools are beating expectations.
In this post, Manzanita SEED 3rd grade teacher Anne Perrone discusses how reading is an essential part of the school day at her school:Reading is not just a skill that we develop at SEED, it is also a gateway to higher order thinking. All primary teachers at SEED find or create poems or songs to introduce or reinforce the vocabulary students will encounter in their own reading. These poems are repeated daily and used for different purposes, so that students continue to read them carefully as they ultimately commit them to memory. Both primary and upper grade teachers find or create texts that provide information on the concepts we are teaching in all curricular areas, so that students are reading on their own, choral reading, and listening to meaningful text throughout the day. The majority of our students are either English or Spanish dominant, but we also have a sizable group who are learning both languages simultaneously while maintaining another home language.
This makes reading, and rereading text even more essential, as students absorb and process vocabulary and concepts they may only be hearing, talking, reading, and writing about at school. Students soon learn that they are experts for part of the day, and depend on the expertise of classmates for another part of the day.
I love to hear my own 5th grader tell me what his friend taught him during a science experiment, or how he and his group wrote and revised a brochure together. I can almost hear the wheels turning as he finds vocabulary in his dominant language, then stops and thinks before he puts his thoughts into words.

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