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Gwyneth Holston is a sacred artist who works to provide and promote good quality Catholic art. This one-week program, designed for high school juniors and seniors, will illustrate the manner in which writers throughout the ages have communicated truth through the medium of beauty. Established in 1982, the Ingbretson Studio provides a direct link to the 19th Century Boston School approach. This one-week program is taught by the College’s artist in residence, David Clayton, an internationally known painter of icons, who was trained in the natural sciences at Oxford University and in the techniques of Baroque painting at one of the ateliers of Florence. At the 2014 Great Books Program, you will join other students in discovering the inspiring well-springs of truth and the ever fresh source of Western civilization. Join a small group of aspiring young leaders who will study the social and political teachings of the Catholic Church.
Priests have expressed concern about throwing the Word of God into the garbage every few months. Watershed assisted the Birmingham Oratory with media work leading up to the Papal visit and Beatification of John Henry Cardinal Newman. Kevin Allen (2011) • Missa Rex Genitor • Polyphonic Mass Setting for Three Equal Voices • I Kyrie • II Gloria • III Credo • IV Sanctus • VI Agnus Dei • Thirty (30) free practice videos by Matthew J. This new Gregorian Chant Mass (with optional organ accompaniment) uses the new ICEL translation of the Roman Missal. Kevin Allen's brilliant new SATB collection of twelve (12) Sacred Motets that can be used all throughout the Liturgical year. Here is a newly-composed Gregorian Chant GLORIA in honor of Saint Edmund Arrowsmith (†1628).

This is part of our ongoing Liturgical work, and we are grateful to the many guest composers who generously donate their scores. Corpus Christi Watershed was involved in assisting the Birmingham Oratory with media work leading up to the Beatification of John Henry Cardinal Newman.
Taught by Joseph Pearce, writer in residence at Thomas More College and author of almost twenty critically-acclaimed books, the program will enable students to understand the greatest works of Christian civilization. The “Boston School” sought to combine the truth of impressionist color with good draughtsmanship, sound composition and skillful paint handling.
During this two-week program, you will surround yourself with a community of learners dedicated to renewing that spirit of learning and living developed in the schools of Greece and Rome, and in the universities of the Middle Ages. Our documentary shorts provide online tours of the Oratory, including the Cardinal’s Room and Library as well as the parish church and its chapels. Although the pieces were designed for SSA or TTB choirs, they also work well for mixed choirs. We praise you, we bless you, we adore you, we glorify you, we give you thanks for your great glory, Lord God, heavenly King, O God, almighty Father . Curtis has also recorded more than 144 practice videos which carefully instruct singers who do not read music well. Although the pieces were designed for SSA or TTB choirs, they also work well for mixed choirs, and a special transposition table has been included for the ease of the choirmaster. Those who enroll in the program will also be offered the opportunity to write a book review, the best of which will be published in the St. The 19th Century Boston Art Program will consist of days spent at the studio doing charcoal cast drawings, evening lectures at Thomas More College, and weekend trips to local museums.

Here you will build friendship meant to last as you study, play sports, hike, and pray together. Dedicate yourself for two weeks to the challenges of the classroom and the opportunities for real leadership and service in southern New Hampshire and Northeast Massachusetts. Matthew has also recorded 56 free practice videos to help your choir members learn these beautiful pieces. For this gracious permission, sincere thanks to Father Abbat, also in the name of all those chanters who will profit from studying these beautiful sung prayers of the Church. If you are seeking to refine your skill as an artist and lover of beauty and tradition, this is not a program you want to miss! Students will learn the techniques of traditional icon-painting as well as have the opportunity to attend evening lectures on art and beauty. Moreover, you will experience the healthy balance of prayer, work, and leisure—essential to the undergraduate life of Thomas More College. Seminars, formal dinners, excursions, and works of service provide the backdrop for the two-week program.

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