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For students completing grades 9-12 by June 2016, with a minimum age requirement of 15 by the start of the program. It is easy to feel overwhelmed by the enormity and complexity of the many challenges facing the world today.
Leadership Institute courses can help you rise to all of these challenges, by creating a learning environment that encourages exploration, discussion, and personal growth.
We believe that informed and engaged youth can make a positive difference in the world; thus our mission is to help students develop and apply the knowledge, skills, and attitudes associated with effective and socially responsible leadership. Students attending our 3rd session which begins July 24, will have an exclusive opportunity to attend An Evening with Malala Yousafzai, July 28 at 7:30 PM at the Dunkin Donuts Center, Providence. Students develop knowledge and understanding of complex issues through case studies, discussions, group projects, field trips, simulations, and debates. Students are housed in the same residence hall and have the opportunity to develop meaningful relationships with one another both within and outside of the classroom.

Students will learn and apply the Social Change Model of Leadership Development in academic and co-curricular settings. The Leadership Institute is designed for highly motivated and intellectually curious students who are interested in social issues. TRIBAL LEADERSHIP details each of the five tribal stages and helps viewers identify which actions affect it and which strategies will enable the tribe to upgrade to the next level.
Dave Logan is co-founder and senior partner of CultureSync, a management consulting firm specializing in cultural change, strategy, and negotiation.
Malala was named one of a€?The 100 Most Influential People in the Worlda€™ in 2013 by Time magazine. Additionally, undergraduate Leadership Fellows serve as both Teaching Assistants (TAs) in the classroom and Resident Advisors (RAs) in the Residence Hall providing students with consistent and caring guidance throughout the program. Through engaging workshops, reflection activities, and an outdoor Challenge Course, students develop and practice leadership skills, such as public speaking, interpersonal communication, problem solving, conflict resolution, and teamwork.

We look for young people who are excited to learn and want to make a positive difference in the world. CultureSync’s clients include Intel, Colliers International, American Express, Prudential, and Health Net.Dave is also a professor at the Marshall School of Business at USC. All of us share a civic responsibility to both understand complex social issues and apply what we know in service to others.

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leadership institute of riverside county

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