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For most of my life, making a living as a farmer meant trying to make ends meet knowing that commodity prices were almost always going to be relatively flat, while production costs rose yearly. But things for farmers and rural America in general, dramatically changed for the better in 2007 when Congress passed the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), a law that mandated that 36 billion gallons of ethanol be blended into the U.S. The RFS, in essence, created a new domestic market for corn, almost instantly increasing demand by one-third.
Both cellulosic ethanol and advanced biofuels have now reached commercial status and offer the greatest potential for environmental benefits, but delays in issuing volume targets have caused an estimated $13.7 billion gap in capital investment needed to comply with the volume targets set in the statutes that enacted the RFS.
To say that the National Farmers Union education program played a part in my “growing up,” is an understatement. I started attending Farmers Union day classes when I was eight years old, and youth camps when I was nine.
Throughout my time on NYAC, I was able to see NFU in action and not just hear about it at my state’s summer camp.
I’m now working at the NFU office that I toured as a high school senior in 2011 and again as I was entering my senior year at North Dakota State University.
The education program has provided me so many opportunities from that first day class to my current position with the national organization. Janet Creighton plans to end her career in government close to where it started: Stark County, Ohio. From there, Creighton went on to serve as auditor, followed by mayor of Canton in 2004 -- the first female in the city’s history to hold that office. Mia McLeod was fighting to reduce domestic violence long before she landed in the legislature.
Join us as we explore the issues, meet the change agents and enjoy the cultural sites of Rwanda as part of an exclusive program curated and hosted by fellow members of the Nexus community.

The price of a bushel of corn was stuck in the $2.00 range for so long that it almost seemed like it had been etched in stone and would never move. As the RFS kicked in and large sums of corn began being purchased by the ethanol industry, corn prices responded in kind, doubling between 2008 and 2012.
Environmental Protection Agency needs to adhere to the RFS targets as set forth by Congress and not impede the economic miracle in rural America that is taking place right before our very eyes. The education program was a good chunk of my time spent on learning way more than I ever could have in a classroom. I continued on with Farmers Union programs through my early teens, and eventually ended up serving on my state’s Youth Advisory Council. I remember walking through the National Farmers Union office for the first time and sitting in the conference room. I attended NFU’s national convention in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and returned to All-States Camp for the third time. This past June, I helped out at my fourth All-States Leadership Camp and even got the chance to see my sister pass down her own spot to another new NYAC member.
Creighton, whose career path has taken her from the mayor’s office to the White House as a national coordinator for federal and local policy, grew up in southwestern Canton, the seat of Stark County. As corn prices rose, the prices of other major commodities rose, and it was suddenly springtime in rural America.
This was my first taste at representation – I learned what it’s like to speak and be listened to, and to know that people are trusting you to represent them with their conglomerated beliefs.
I had completed the youth education program and was coming away with a wealth of knowledge and life skills that I had developed through attending camp over the years.
As a counselor, I never felt that my job didn’t matter or that my time was wasted on speaking to a camper. The enthusiasm of that year’s NYAC to stay involved with NFU was contagious and filled the entire A-frame.
There, she helped strengthen enforcement efforts, developed protocols and encouraged prosecutors to take the initiative instead of waiting for victims  to press charges.

In 2011, I attended the 75th Anniversary of All-States Leadership Camp in Bailey, Colorado, and was elected to the NFU National Youth Advisory Council (NYAC). At the national convention in March, I was given the idea to apply for an internship position with NFU.
Every All-States Camp I attended I treated like it would be my last, and being given the chance to help with the national education program this summer has been incredibly rewarding. A Republican, Creighton had been appointed county recorder to fill a vacancy, but the party backed a male candidate when the election came around.
She has developed a reputation as a sharp and outspoken lawmaker in the areas of health, education and domestic violence. We were all very aware of the example that we set week after week to try and help kids get a clearer perspective on life and reach their fullest potential. I gave it some consideration while watching campers learn parliamentary procedure and the importance of family farms. Perhaps I will be able to return in the future when I have more knowledge to share with NFU’s future youth. Then, eight months later, I found myself applying and accepting the opportunity to be the education intern for the summer.
Until then, I plan to continue in a career that lets me help bridge the gap between agriculture, health and America’s consumers, while keeping in mind the lessons that National Farmers Union has taught me along the way.
McLeod has redoubled her efforts, holding town hall meetings and bringing attention to the efforts she undertook a decade ago.

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