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The teenage activist at the center of Davis Guggenheim's new film reminds us that the messenger is just as important as the message. You probably wouldn't think to look to a high school junior for lessons in leadership.
Leaders who publicly stand up for their beliefs can accomplish something even greater than motivating others to take action on their behalf.
Malala came to realize that her life, her struggles, and her aspirations made the most effective story. Leaders can become so immersed in the details of their undertakings that they forget to communicate why they're important in the first place. Malala travels the globe, visiting troubled communities to meet girls facing some of the same obstacles she faced in Pakistan.
Two years ago, Malala met with young Syrian refugees living in camps in the Bekaa Valley of Lebanon, where there were no schools. Because Malala is unapologetically herself, her message resonates with that thing all leaders require: authenticity. Because she's become an adept listener, Malala has developed a brain trust of young local activists. Leaders, short on time and long on commitment, can sometimes overlook this crucial aspect of leadership—listening. That self-awareness prevents Malala from misdirecting her energy and instead channels her passion into what really matters. True leaders make every effort not to surrender to the emotions that threaten to undermine them. Her sinking a century ago on 15 April 2012 left an indelible mark in the collective consciousness of millions around the world. Imagine for a second that we’re surviving management consultants on that ill-fated liner built in Belfast, Ireland. Under a lot of pressure to succeed in this maiden voyage across the North Atlantic, he couldn’t act decisively or think straight when push came to shove. Records showed that he ignored the warnings from his crew until it became too late to avoid them. Instead of grabbing the bull by the horns, the leadership of the ship chose to plaster over the problem.
It was also obvious that size does matter – although unfortunately so in a negative fashion.
Being the bloated organisation that it was, complete with the various layers of hierarchy, the Titanic couldn’t respond quickly to an emergency. By the time messages got from the bottom to the top or vice versa, it was too late for any corrective action to be taken. Because of the complex web of bureaucracy in the Titanic, warning signs from the ground crew failed to reach the top. Without a systematic approach of relaying messages from danger points to decision makers, preventive action couldn’t be taken early enough. The Titanic also lacked the right talents and capabilities amongst its crew to succeed in its mission.
If you look at the composition of its employees, few of them were actual sailors or seamen.
An over reliance on technology and automation alone may have also led to the ship’s downfall. This lack of meticulous anticipation led the management of the ship to ignore what laid below the surface. Are you in a dead end position?  Does it sometimes feel like you are leading a team of ingrates or idiots?  Are you unappreciated by your boss, your team or even your customers? Whether your aim is to attract high achieving team members, take home more cash, land the coveted corner office, or build a brand that customers are dying to say “yes” to, there’s much to learn about leadership and business from your favorite Game of Thrones characters.
In many ways it’s the age old battle between good and evil but as we all know, power has the potential to corrupt and sometimes the lines between influence vs manipulation, leadership vs dictatorship, and death vs destiny become blurred.  And if you think about it, this same power struggle is very likely playing out right now in your business or place of employment to varying degrees. Can you spot the leader among this selection of fascinating, flawed and feared characters?  Or is each one destined to play a subservient role or worse… be stabbed, poisoned or beheaded? As the lone surviving child of the overthrown “Mad King”, Aerys Targaryen, Daenerys starts out adamantly believing that the Iron Throne is her birthright.
By the end of season 4, she has amassed a large army of slaves from many cities, including the Unsullied. He may be one of the smallest characters, but Tyrion Lannister, the dwarf son of the most powerful man in King’s Landing, is a fan favourite who proves that it is possible to have a big impact no matter how small (or insignificant you feel) you are. Tyrion does what Tyrion does best – he wastes no time on giving them a speech about honour, duty or glory, but rather, he inspires them with the “what’s in it for me” speech. Leadership Lesson:  To lead you must always focus on strengths (yours and others) as opposed to attempting to compensate for weaknesses.

Even as a valuable member of ”the rejected”, Jon finds himself an outcast and in direct conflict with both the leader of the Night’s Watch and the Wildlings.  Despite all of this, Jon is a proven and effective leader of men, having been instrumental in battle against the wildlings, Stannis Baratheon and others. Stannis Baratheon, the eldest brother of the late King Robert Baratheon, was arguably the rightful heir given that Joffrey was not the legitimate son of Robert.  He is a tried and tested battle leader whose dedication to the rule of law and stability means he provides generously for those under his rule and punishes those who challenge him or disobey his will.
As the story unfolds, he becomes increasingly rigid in his views, dependent on the black magic and prophesies of Melisandre and his iron-fisted leadership style alienates him from even his closest advisors.  He is without empathy or mercy and simply cannot conceive of a world where anyone would see things differently to him.
Margaery Tyrell is a natural born politician, loved by the common people and one of the few characters uses her feminine wiles to gain power and persuade others.  She has no army and no familial right to the Iron Throne yet she consistently re-positions herself within close proximity of it.
Even after her husband Joffrey is poisoned at their wedding banquet, she is quick to endear herself to his younger brother Tommen (the successor) and cleverly manipulate an important conversation with Cersei Lannister, to procure another shot at becoming Queen. It takes a unique, agile and talented individual to breach a 700-foot high wall of ice and overthrow a whole civilization. Mance Rayder, The King Beyond the Wall, is the great leadership wildcard in the series because we know so little about him.  If he can unite a large, diverse group of barbarians and mount The Wall, he may be a strong contender for leadership in a Westeros divided by petty squabbles and a bunch of King- Wanna-bees. When you look around your business or place of work, do you recognize any of these stereotypical leadership styles?  Are you leading (or being led by someone) with an iron fist or do you feel as though your chains have been removed and you are finally free to reach your full potential?
Whatever the case may be, it pays to ask yourself “what type of leader do I aspire to be” and “whose vision of the future do I want to be a part of”? As explained by Jim Collins in Good To Great, great leadership often goes unnoticed, unappreciated and unpublicized by the masses.  Studying the foibles and virtues of these fascinating Game of Thrones characters is a great way to experiment with different styles and develop some strategies for enhancing or honing your own unique style. Rhondalynn's life changed forever after the loss of her mother due to a senseless tragedy in 1992. Rhondalynn has distilled the secrets to business success - that she learned from her life experience and working in GM level roles with Price Waterhouse Coopers, Max Factor, Village Cinemas, and Coles Group Ltd. Rhondalynn can help you put strategies in place to grow your bottom line and ensure that your customers would never think of going elsewhere. Rhondalynn is the author of On The Shoulders of Giants, Imagineering Your Destiny, Sobre Hombros deGigantes, Financial Foreplay, and Sales Seduction. This is a brilliant blog on leadership styles and captures, well almost all that I can think of.
I am very much impressed with author views for leadership and will look to hear more from you via your blog. All discussion is based on a fascinating story and we mustn’t care about them much instead of adopting its lessons.
But the 18-year-old Pakistani activist Malala Yousafzai is no ordinary high school student.
Many girls were terrorized into staying at home, but Malala, a devout Muslim and just 11 years old at the time, defiantly continued to go to school. She shares things about herself—some lighthearted, like how she loves to tease her brothers and her obsession with arm wrestling, and some poignant, like her concern for her homeland and her insecurities about being a teenager. Malala intuitively understands that she won't be able to help if she assumes she knows exactly what they need.
The girls told Malala that since they’d been driven from their homes, they desperately needed to learn vocational skills along with standard academics. Any leader who takes on a big challenge will face complex problems that kick up a dust storm of emotions, from frustration and anger to depression and despair. Designed and built with care by an army of engineers, ship builders and workers, she was the largest ocean liner afloat during her time. Taking that first person perspective, what could we have shared about the mistakes leading to it’s downfall? What lessons in leadership and management can we learn from the greatest maritime disaster in history?
Smith, the guy responsible for steering the ship and bringing it from Southampton to New York, was a retiree. By avoiding the sordid facts, he led his crew and the entire ship to an almost inevitable collision course. Pretending that nothing has happened may be a comfortable course of action, especially for the rich and famous on that ship.
Lacking the necessary expertise on board, the crew could not discern that the bulk of the iceberg was hidden beneath the ocean surface.
Martin, the show purports to be a fantasy drama about swords, seven kingdoms, social hierarchy, sex and sorcery but at its essence, it’s a master class on power, persuasion and leadership. As the series begins, she is forced into exile after her father is killed – which is where she marries the Dothraki leader Drogo, becomes the Khaleesi, and slowly earns a reputation as the “Breaker of Chains” and the “Mother of Dragons”.
While others in Westeros follow self-proclaimed or inherited leaders, the Dothraki will only follow the one who has the strength to lead: You may lead as long as you are a leader. People will naturally follow a leader who creates emotional bonds that bring a sense of belonging and purpose to each individual and the team. His time at the wall has solidified his resolve and allowed him to explore his true potential.
Regardless of pedigree, tenure or title, people will naturally gravitate to the one who has purpose, passion and conviction.  With the right mentorship and encouragement, these reluctant leaders (with street cred and loyal followers) can evolve and develop over time to become formidable and unassailable leaders.

But it takes a leader to unite a group of wildlings, beasts and giants who are essentially defined by their independence and wild, unbridled nature. However, In the Season 4 finale, Stannis Baratheon shows up to fortify the efforts of the Night’s Watch at The Wall and Mance Rayder is taken prisoner – his fate and future leadership aspirations are put into the hands of Stannis and Melisandre. She decided that despite her formal training and a promising career as a lawyer and chartered accountant, she wanted to do something more.
She is the leading expert on harnessing the power of your brain and using it to improve your financial results in business. I will also argue that, growing up in Winterfell, and watching Ned – he has observed fine leadership growing up, putting him ahead of the game. The characters in game of thrones are so well written that I have learned a lot just by watching the show. While reading on Linkedin I was going to comment that you excluded Jon Snow and his reluctancy but here it is. In all -Ser Jorah Mormont, Barristan Selmy, Missandei, Grey Worm, Daario Naharis, who is most important for Daenerys Targaryen the Democratic Leader? Behind the success of every nation is a reason of good leader, some nations took very good initiatives and as a result they move in to the era of success.
Although she always advocates for what she believes in, she uses her pranksterish humor, candor, and youthful charm to disarm people, whether they're global leaders like President Obama and Queen Elizabeth or late-night talk show hosts like Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert.
Malala took this message back to her organization, the Malala Fund, in order to help open a school that provides teaching in both to more than 200 Syrian teenage girls. When leaders isolate themselves from their employees or customers, they risk missing opportunities and even losing control of their organizations.
However, only 66 crew were on Deck as Officers, Masters at arms, Storemasters and able bodied seamen. This led to the infamous ripping apart of the ship’s hull as it grazed and crashed through the hard and razor sharp claws of ice that fateful night. They step up and do what needs to be done without the need for a title or lauding it over others. However, notwithstanding his obvious clarity of vision, strategy, foresight, emotional intelligence and purpose, he is reluctant to claim the mantle of “Leader”.
So despite the fact she had already invested 10 years of her adult life in university and articling, she did the unthinkable.
If you are in a position of power and act alone, you risk failure because you will wear down, not fulfill your promises and responsibilities.
We will only know about it in the last season of Game of Thrones… Fingers kept crossed till then.
I am little bit curies about view on influence and importance of them on the effectiveness of the leadership style on most type of leaders or any type of leaders if they will be turned or lost.
This was a little bit introductions about leadership, I have collected best leadership quotes that I am sure you are going to like and share with your friends.  Also please do comment and tell us how much you like these quotes and if you have any suggestion then please feel free to tell. But leaders who publicly stand up for their beliefs can accomplish something even greater than motivating others to take action on their behalf. But the question to pose to yourself is this: Will acting out this emotion help me get what I’ve been working so hard for, or just get in the way? In the finale, we see her leadership style evolve yet again as she regretfully chains two of her beloved dragons up in the catacombs when she discovers that the third has killed a three year old girl. She left her high paid job as Commercial Manager for one of the largest corporations in the country, she re-trained herself in the sciences of the mind and she discovered a passion for writing and sharing her knowledge with business owners and executives.
In my opinion, he is the most powerful man in the whole 7 kingdoms, having his hand in every major fiasco and never having any credit or suspicion brought his way.
In Jim Collin’s list of the top leaders in Good To Great, all were characterized by the absence of celebrity.
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It took tremendous courage to do that, but because she did, Malala's message has caught on and compelled millions of people to listen. Those who lead by example empower others to imagine that they, too, can be more and do more than they might have ever thought possible. For a leader to achieve something great, her ambition must be for the greatness of the work and the company, and not solely for herself. It is March 19, 2013 -14 Comments Tumblr is a social networking website which is becoming March 27, 2013 -8 Comments A meme is a picture with a caption that April 13, 2016 -0 Comments Sharks are incredible animals that are also one of March 08, 2016 -0 Comments Sometimes it takes a joke, a funny video, image February 24, 2016 -0 Comments Minions is a popular American 3D animated movie for February 21, 2016 -0 Comments The world we live in is beautiful. Brienna of Tarth, Deanery’s translator, Sam, Bronn, Davos Seaworth, and even Ned Stark to Robert B.

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