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Leadership Lessons for Life: Alabama High School Football Coaches Favorite Quotes & Inspirational Stories by David H. GenHERation, a company started by Katlyn Grasso, a senior at The Wharton School in Philadelphia, inspires high school girls to become leaders by pairing them with national corporations and encouraging female empowerment.
What does Jodi Fleisig mean when she says that who you are will take you much further in life than what you know? Select one of the women featured in the summer leadership workshops and research more about her. The teenage activist at the center of Davis Guggenheim's new film reminds us that the messenger is just as important as the message. You probably wouldn't think to look to a high school junior for lessons in leadership. Leaders who publicly stand up for their beliefs can accomplish something even greater than motivating others to take action on their behalf. Malala came to realize that her life, her struggles, and her aspirations made the most effective story. Leaders can become so immersed in the details of their undertakings that they forget to communicate why they're important in the first place. Malala travels the globe, visiting troubled communities to meet girls facing some of the same obstacles she faced in Pakistan. Two years ago, Malala met with young Syrian refugees living in camps in the Bekaa Valley of Lebanon, where there were no schools. Because Malala is unapologetically herself, her message resonates with that thing all leaders require: authenticity. Because she's become an adept listener, Malala has developed a brain trust of young local activists. Leaders, short on time and long on commitment, can sometimes overlook this crucial aspect of leadership—listening. That self-awareness prevents Malala from misdirecting her energy and instead channels her passion into what really matters. True leaders make every effort not to surrender to the emotions that threaten to undermine them.
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Grasso told the group about a meeting she had with one of the panelists, Leslie Mitts, director of the Wharton Small Business Development Center’s High Impact Growth Consulting program. When Emily Finegold left her position as a toy designer for Crayola, she also left behind some of her fears about designing her own toys.

Laura Kelly owns The Handwork Studio, a needle arts and fashion studio for children in Narberth, Pa., that offers classes, parties, workshops and camp sessions. Debbi Shapiro, founder of Henderson Shapiro Peck, a marketing firm in Atlanta, shared the story of losing her business partner to cancer. Tierra Destiny Reid, founder of Design Your Destiny small business conferences in Atlanta, had some great advice about staying energized and avoiding distractions, especially during the college years. But the 18-year-old Pakistani activist Malala Yousafzai is no ordinary high school student. Many girls were terrorized into staying at home, but Malala, a devout Muslim and just 11 years old at the time, defiantly continued to go to school. She shares things about herself—some lighthearted, like how she loves to tease her brothers and her obsession with arm wrestling, and some poignant, like her concern for her homeland and her insecurities about being a teenager. Malala intuitively understands that she won't be able to help if she assumes she knows exactly what they need. The girls told Malala that since they’d been driven from their homes, they desperately needed to learn vocational skills along with standard academics. Any leader who takes on a big challenge will face complex problems that kick up a dust storm of emotions, from frustration and anger to depression and despair. Throughout college she enjoyed student government, and becoming a designer seemed to breech her dedication to activism. Finegold, now CEO of Emkin, a toy design concept lab in Philadelphia, went on to create My First Socktopus, a line of plush toys that sells online and in retail stores.
Successful businesswomen often get to where they are because of who they are, not because of who they try to be. Success in the business world requires motivation, primarily because the competition is fierce. Although she always advocates for what she believes in, she uses her pranksterish humor, candor, and youthful charm to disarm people, whether they're global leaders like President Obama and Queen Elizabeth or late-night talk show hosts like Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. Malala took this message back to her organization, the Malala Fund, in order to help open a school that provides teaching in both to more than 200 Syrian teenage girls. When leaders isolate themselves from their employees or customers, they risk missing opportunities and even losing control of their organizations.
The events featured panels of women professionals, interactive activities and scholarships for high school attendees.
Mitts told her to follow her passion: “Entrepreneurship is not about being risk-seeking, it is about creating value. She called the president of her university, with whom she had collaborated on many student government tasks, and relayed her problems.

Now she spends the year running multiple winter, spring and summer camps for children ages 3 to 16. Work can be very overwhelming, and it is imperative to take care of yourself when responsibilities multiply.
But leaders who publicly stand up for their beliefs can accomplish something even greater than motivating others to take action on their behalf.
But the question to pose to yourself is this: Will acting out this emotion help me get what I’ve been working so hard for, or just get in the way? More than 300 girls attended the workshops, which involved 20 panelists from 12 different industries. If you are a prodigy piano player, why play the violin?” Today GenHERation has offered more than $5,000 in scholarships, and Grasso is doing what she loves everyday. The president offered her a job in the admissions office, the first step on a journey that eventually led her to her current position at Wharton.
Before that success, however, Finegold did not think other people would share her enthusiasm for her toy ideas.
The panelists, all driven women, agreed that they have had to find a balance between prioritizing work and maintaining their personal lives.
She didn’t spend her elementary school years sewing huge pieces or stitching elaborate designs.
The 15 represents her suggested percentage of how much you should be relying on basic knowledge and factual information on your path to success, while the 85 represents the percentage she believes you should attribute to personality traits that make up your character.
It took tremendous courage to do that, but because she did, Malala's message has caught on and compelled millions of people to listen. Those who lead by example empower others to imagine that they, too, can be more and do more than they might have ever thought possible.
She encouraged students to seek out people with more experience and absorb their knowledge. However, after teaching a few of her neighbors about handwork, she fell in love and started her studio. Clearly, you should be focusing more on leveraging the latter. Jodi Fleisig, senior vice president of media strategy for Porter Novelli International, a public relations firm with offices in Atlanta, reminded us of the significance of making eye contact – and connecting.
When doing anything that requires face-to-face interaction, it is crucial to show the interviewer or employer who you are.

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