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ILCHS is a tuition free institution that aims to prepare the young men and women of the Bronx not only for the demands of higher education, but also for leading lives of meaning. Our goals call for an academically rigorous program aligned to New York Annual Yearly Progress requirements.
ILCHS shall meet AYP requirements in ELA, Mathematics and Science as measured by the NYS Regents examinations. 90% of students who seat for Regents examinations in ELA, Mathematics and Science will have a 20% higher pass rate on the NYS Regents Examinations than high schools in the community school district in which they are located. 90% of students enrolled continuously at ILCHS from grades 9 through 12 will graduate within 4 years. Only a year later, the first graduating class at ILCHS saw 95% of students graduate, many of whom proudly went on to be the first in their family to attend college.
This success continues to be possible due to the commitment of the ILCHS family not only to its own upward trajectory, but also to that of the community it serves. Our beautiful campus on Lake Morey offers opportunities for a variety of activities to suit each group. The workshop descriptions below are a sampling of the topics that we can present during our leadership programs.
The Hulbert Outdoor Center and its parent organization, the Aloha Foundation, have developed a leadership model drawn from years of research on human interactions. This block will ask students to think about the social choices that they may make, who they allow to influence these choices, and who they influence with their own behavior.
Bringing about change or completing a project within a school or community often requires leaders to understand and address the needs of many different community members.
Yoga is a wonderful way to help students spend quiet, contemplative time while challenging themselves personally.

ILCHS students represent some of the world’s future leaders, and our teaching philosophy provides powerful learning experiences that stress engagement, discovery, and the active application of learning to the world around us. Our high and low ropes courses and climb tower allow groups and individuals to challenge themselves, conquer their fears, and accomplish goals that may have, at first, seemed unattainable. Hulbert Outdoor Center staff are happy to work with you to address other topics that are of interest or concern to your group. This model challenges students to identify and utilize their own unique talents and those of their team members. Activities that we can incorporate into this block include mindfulness exercises, personal essay or journal writing, solo time spent in our beautiful natural setting, and reflection exercises. In this session students will be asked to imagine that they are a leadership group at their school trying to start a project or address an issue. This activity can emphasize the importance of trust, support, and courage for leaders and teams.
This is a great way to introduce the idea that all leaders and team members must take responsibility for the well being of each person on their team. Our certified instructor guides students through breathing exercises and sequences appropriate for all ability levels.
Our students thrive because they have arrive a desire to learn, and we instill in them the knowledge and confidence to seek answers.
Groups can also elect to explore the outdoors together on day hikes, canoe excursions, or through games led by Hulbert staff. In addition this model emphasizes the power of each student to choose to strive to be their best selves in each situation and thereby inspire others to do the same. Students may wish to end this session by writing letters to themselves to be opened at a later date to remind them of their personal goals or reflections.

This session will explore the best ways to assemble a team that represents the all of those you are trying to lead.
Students will be presented with profiles of different stakeholders with competing points of view about this issue.
Our yoga sessions do not include religious or spiritual language and are instead focused on personal reflection and challenge, and taking time to breathe and appreciate the sights, sounds, and feelings around them. Our staff will work with your school to create a customized program to fit the needs and interests of your group. We will explore the definition of diversity and why a diverse student leadership team can be the most successful way to demonstrate your commitment to serving all interests in your community. Breaking into small groups, students will develop a proposal and pitch it to the larger group. Students will engage in discussions that investigate different leadership styles, promote respectful and inclusive discourse, and emphasize effective teamwork.
Activities will help students to think about different groups in their school community and strategies for building a diverse team that can work well together. After a vote on which proposal to adopt the group will have a chance to discuss the elements that made the winning proposal successful, as well as strategies for balancing competing ideas and striving to keep people happy even when you do not side with their point of view.

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