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Leadership is an effective demonstration of communication between the Leader and its Supporters. A good leader takes a little more than his share of the blame, a little less than his share of the credit.
Too often in life, something happens and we blame other people for us not being happy or satisfied or fulfilled. People spend too much time finding other people to blame, too much energy finding excuses for not being what they are capable of being, and not enough energy putting themselves on the line, growing out of the past, and getting on with their lives. An excuse becomes an obstacle in your journey to success when it is made in place of your best effort or when it is used as the object of the blame. A man can fail many times, but he isn't a failure until he begins to blame somebody else.
People are afraid, and when people are afraid, when their pie is shrinking, they look for somebody to hate.

If someone is always to blame, if every time something goes wrong someone has to be punished, people quickly stop taking risks.
And the sooner you realize that, you accept that, and integrate that into your work ethic, you will start being successful. So the point is, we all have choices, and we make the choice to accept people or situations or to not accept situations. I don't want to blame men or society, but I think it was for a long time, the clients were men, the building industry is all male.
In fact, if you're highly educated and ambitious, you can do quite well here while enjoying the sun and the fun. And remember a leader’s vision is not only his vision, it is a vision which comes from his supporters and leader support their vision. As long as you blame others for the reason you aren't where you want to be, you will always be a failure.

And they're sick and tired of the deception coming from this president and this administration.
For instance, you don't want to say that someone is born unpleasant, but sometimes that might be true. The only problem: California will then blame you for your success and recommend that all your cash be removed from you.
So, it is leader’s responsibility to have a preliminary knowledge and understanding about the supporter’s actions and reactions. Abraham Lincoln, Adolf Hitler, Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, Benazir Bhutto are among the top leaders in the past.

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leadership quotes tumblr 2014

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