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Uri Baruchin: Marketing BabylonUri Baruchin is strategy director at The Partners, a brand strategy, design and innovation agency famed for its creative excellence. Hard to generate because good content is a rare thing and because organisations tend to rely on their most senior and, therefore, busiest people to come up with the goods.
Many thought leadership pieces, and white papers are maybe the worst culprits, explore trends that have been identified as important, however, if not carefully edited, that exploration can feel quite meandering.
Even when a company owns the best solution to the challenge a piece of content describes, if too much time is spent on the specific solution it will feel like the piece is drawing the target around the arrow.
Audiences are already overloaded with content about business-critical issues, even more so on generally important subjects. It’s amazing how much work can go into the content and then die on the page because it just looks bad and uninteresting. Some managers flinch at the additional expenses this may incur, but think again – the big investment is the time spent creating and refining the content, which often involves multiple senior stakeholders whose time is very expensive. Finding the thought leaders in an organisation and getting them to write is just the start. Thought leadership today exists in more formats than ever before and flows through more channels. With the importance of thought leadership only increasing and the demands that content development make on your resources, isn’t it worth the extra effort to make sure it works as hard as it should once it’s out there?
The Blue Ribbon Task Force on Sustainable Digital Preservation and Access investigated preservation and sustainability questions from an economic perspective. Target audiences: representatives from Europeana and related projects, researchers interested in information infrastructures and related content and functionality issues.
Europeana is much more than a machine for mechanical accumulation of object representations as one of its main characteristics should be to enable the generation of knowledge pertaining to cultural artefacts.
Target Audiences: developers, researchers and funding agencies operating in the Digital Library and Digital Repository space. This report provides an overview of the advice produced by the High Level Expert Group (HLG) on Digital Libraries during the period 2006-2009, in particular by summarising the achievements and the recommendations on which the group reached a consensus; and by identifying issues and challenges that still need to be addressed, through evidence gathering, experimentation, stakeholder debate and political initiative.
I had the pleasure of hosting a CEO lunch for my guest, Jim Clifton, Chairman of Gallup, last week (6 Oct 2013).
For productivity growth at the level of local groups a solution is required to find who are the authentic thought-leaders at that level? By putting our people first, we are allowing ourselves to see them for who they really are, giving them a chance to work to those strengths (as opposed to forcing them to work in the gaps we are trying to fill).
And a big part of me has also tried to wrap my head around the idea of power structures and how they affect our students. Your post brings to my mind the fact that students experience more schooling, and less education. And I think I am interested in how teachers interact with colleagues, how supervisors treat employees.
Thought leadership means a lot of different things to a lot of people and for some it boils down to the creation or adaptation of an innovative concept for direct or indirect business advantage.
If you happen to work in a marketing or PR agency, the value of your time can be measured directly in proportion to the quality of your intellectual and creative output and the outcomes you deliver for the client.
I first came across the concept of thought leadership when working as the Chief Press Officer in the UK for Andersen Consulting (now Accenture) back in the early 90s. Some ideas claim to be thought leadership, such as ‘Think Global, Act Local’ or ‘Return on Customer’ but we very quickly start to get dizzy from thinking whether something really is thought leadership or simply a bit of PR and marketing. Back in the days of Andersen Consulting, one of my tasks was to seed content for the house magazine called Vision, which is still going strong today. The magazine had a reputation for depth and innovation that’s perhaps only rivaled by the Harvard Business Review. For my money, Vision was a living and breathing example of thought leadership and what was really interesting is that we shared all of this stuff for free.
A more recent example of thought leadership is what a friend of mine, Professor Jaideep Prabhu of Judge Business School, Cambridge University developed with others into a very powerful idea called Jugaad Innovation.

Research is without question a source of thought leadership but a lot of research is actually ‘thought followship’ because it often fails to deliver any genuine insight or add to the body of knowledge that already exists in the public domain.
Those who are better at doing this may use what’s known as multivariate research techniques that include cluster, factor and latent analysis. Similarly, many of the trend watchers in different market segments use this form of analysis to produce their reports. Many businesses are now much more confident in creating communication channels that connect them directly with their desired audience, customer, client and supporter segments.
The Millennial Generation are digital natives and as they grow in their careers the use of the web for communicating thought leadership to this group is growing fast. Having fought a hard battle against Apple to establish its technology and design credentials, Samsung has now embarked on a new brand strategy that it hopes will add personality to its products and engage with the Millennial Generation in a completely different way. The South Korean giant has recruited actor and producer Idris Elba, singer-songwriter Paloma Faith, Sunday Times cook Gizzi Erskine and photographer Rankin in a nationwide search for up and coming talent.
Andy Griffiths, president of Samsung UK and Ireland, explained: “Everyone knows Samsung for launching products and every day we’re inspired by people who use those products to achieve amazing things. Entrants make a two minute video pitch all about their idea and upload it to the site where the lucky winner will be chosen to be mentored by the celebrity depending on their interest in film making, music, photography or cooking.
There’s also a ‘People’s Choice’ winner per category, voted for by the public on Facebook, who will receive Samsung products that will support them in pursuing their dreams. Such is the strength of the idea that Sky 1 HD has also come on board to create a TV show showing the celebrities choosing one person each to mentor, and will follow their journeys as they collaborate on a project and has spent ?7m on promoting the new show. It must add to what already exists in the public domain and enrich our understanding and even influence our behaviour. Although it’s obvious, the best thought leadership leaves its audience something to think about. Research studies on thought leadership tended to show that audiences respond more positively if it is sincere and convincing. Organisations are capable of creating different types of thought leadership, so the efforts of Accenture will be very different from those of McKinsey as it would be if comparing Samsung with Philips. By its very nature, thought leadership must be about looking forward and not looking backward. He is also an active writer, speaker and blogger on the subjects of marketing, culture and creative strategy and is the co-founder of a prominent Hebrew blogging platform.
Harder to leverage because once a piece of thought leadership content is created, many organisations discover that it’s not creating the impact they were hoping for. Readers might find it difficult to maintain focus or take away any insights that may motivate them into action. To choose to spend their scarce attention on a specific piece of content they need to recognise it as specifically relevant to them.
Sometimes short animations or videos will have a better reach with audiences and make more impact. Many of them may be impressive experts with astute insights into their field and useful recommendations to the readers but it doesn’t mean they can write well. To maximise its effective reach you need to both carefully plan your publishing and distribution strategies as well as adapt your content to different channels.
In this report, problems intrinsic to all preserved digital materials are identifed, and actions proposed that stakeholders can take to meet these challenges to sustainability. This White Paper is concerned with the implications of this initial statement in terms of information science, with how we can technically prepare to implement the necessary data structures and functionality and with the novel functionality Europeana will offer based on these elements, which go well beyond the 'traditional' digital library paradigm. Jim presented to my CEO clients at the lunch some new research from Gallup scientists on leadership. Their attitude can be developed as leaders given the right environment, tools and opportunities. For more of my writing, buy my book This Is Not A Test: A New Narrative on Race, Class, and Education, on sale now. Join the hundreds who get the freshest essays on race, class, and education from me once a week, every Friday.

It’s a term that’s often banded around in professions, consulting firms, in technology companies and by trendy market research agencies! A bit like the McKinsey Quarterly, it was a distillation of new and original ideas, concepts, processes and technology and how the world was rapidly changing and reinventing itself. For example, factor analysis is a tool to reduce a large number of data points to a few understandable trends.
This is a healthy development rather than falling back on buying advertising space or always relying on getting messages through the filter of the media, with the attendant hazards and dangers that are associated with using those channels. Clearly a track record is important here as companies need to be seen to have developed expertise in the area that they’re talking about as without such a foundation it will be seen as ‘hype’. Some years ago I wrote a piece about the future of sponsorship and how brands needed to rewire their thinking when it came to brand partnerships in the future. Good content must present focused ideas and clearly state something the reader can identify as new and important. If they doubt the sincerity of the content, they might doubt the very importance of the subject at hand and the risk is losing any goodwill we’re trying to build. Unless it’s written with a specific audience in mind, it’s unlikely to feel more than a general take on a subject. Digital documents can include all those elements but a tactile object can often be more appealing and easier to skim-read – so choose carefully. Writing engaging copy that grabs the readers and makes them keep on reading is an altogether different skillset.
Capturing attention on Twitter is a different ball game from a press release – reading on a mobile is different from reading on paper or onscreen.
We developed action agendas that are targeted to major stakeholder groups and to domain-specific preservation strategies.
A part of me also wants to say, regardless of what people have observed about my current place of employ, that the efficacy of teacher professionalism doesn’t rank the highest in importance, even when that goes a long way in making sure that ships continue to sail with 3-4 different captains. It’s highly likely that many of the projects commissioned by large organisations from specialist research agencies to produce thought leadership are developed in this way. The way in which they tackle important subjects contributes to the differentiation of their overall corporate reputation and thought leadership. The blog was used at the global marketing conference of Speedo and I was hired to write the global sponsorship toolkit that was launched across all its 190 markets. This means that it’s risky because an individual or an organisation has to take a view on a trend or theme. Cutting quickly to what the audience sees as the heart of the matter for their organisation will capture their attention. Taking it to the next level with well-designed infographics and quality imagery makes a big difference. It should help people to see things in new ways, find new opportunities or solve new problems. For Unilever, this meant putting sustainability at the heart of everything it does across the world. Again – a skilled writer is often a much smaller cost than going back to your expert with edit suggestions and making them spend their expensive time doing them. While I think students need discipline and structure, they also need buy-in and a voice in the system. The effective schools that I’ve heard of and seen at least feel like they have a vested interest in attending AND participating in everything from the minute they come in the school to the minute they step out the school, and extra kudos to those who leave after that last bell ring.

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