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This Two Day Seminar, which meets the requirement for Maryland Supervisor Certification training, is also a great way for current supervisors and managers to improve their leadership skills. This interactive 12 hour training is designed to meet the training requirement for social workers applying for Maryland State Certification as a supervisor and for supervisors looking to hone their skills.
We will examine the role, function, and characteristics of an effective supervisor and learn the basics of personnel management. 06 July 2012AsiaThe replacement of the head of the Communist Party is a complex shift in China’s transition.
A half day event for leaders dedicated to building high trust, productive working relationships and developing an authentic and values led leadership style. Working with experienced facilitators, learn how the most important aspect of what you bring to a leadership role is yourself. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. On the 13th of February 2015, a vital seminar was held at BIAT premises in collaboration with University of Balamand under an attention-grabbing, educational and inspiring topic “Leadership vs.

We will look at effective methods of supervision as well as the Maryland state requirements and expectations for supervisors.
Attendees  will take an introductory look at some of the best identified management practices.
On 5 June, ISPI elaborated on this question with the seminar entitled "Friends and enemies: leadership transition in China". Eko continued, it is the future challenge that will be faced by Indonesia in global competition. Explore how to use your skills and values to create a high trust, authentic leadership style that will develop your team as well as enhancing performance. In this manner, we can discover a genuine partnership between Balamand and BIAT primarily in spreading a culture of continuous learning. The main purpose was to contemplate a future road of highly concerned and thoughtful entrepreneurial society that can capture the business, sustain a self control, enhance learning and developing, learn how to appreciate all, be acquainted with the numbers and limits and least and not last ensure a peak of humbleness.
We will explore the supervisor’s role as leader and as negotiator between senior management and direct staff.

Speakers included Kerry Brown of Chatham House, Axel Berkofsky of ISPI and the University of Pavia, and Tiziana Lippiello from Ca' Foscari University. Indeed, the seminar witnessed pretty well positive youth and executive candidates enlightened with high degree of responsibility and a confident vision of future leaders.
Participants will come to understand what traits and skills are necessary for effective management and leadership.
Mr.Fawaz started the session with a small introduction of BIAT vision which entitled the idea of creating new facilities and opportunities mainly for skillful and accomplished people forcing them to stay in Lebanon in which they add value inside their communities. Fuad gave some facts that the result of TOEIC test in Senior High School (SMA) was still in the level of elementary.

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leadership seminar in usa

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