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Understanding and transforming conflict in a variety of church situations, utilizing listening and mediation skills alongside the roles of forgiveness and grace. Feel free to invite other clergy friends to attend too, even if they are not United Methodist.  We hope to see you there! Project Leadership is a one-day conference designed for undergraduate and graduate student leaders. Incentives are nice and may be necessary, but going to the next level demands more finesse.
To facilitate superior results from team members, you must develop a leadership style that gets people passionately on board with organizational goals and objectives.
Our Leadership Seminars help managers, supervisors, and employees develop themselves as productivity leaders. Authenticity – Ensuring that your actions follow your words and promises is one of the most important steps to establishing communication with employees. Visibility and Frequency – Establishing good communication habits begins with visibility of leadership and an open door policy.
The adage of do unto others as you would have done to you applies to communication as well. Fire Power Seminars has communication and empowerment seminars available for executives and leadership teams to enhance and inspire new levels of effective communication.

The conference is developed for students by students in order to create a meaningful learning experience designed around key concepts of leadership development. We not only provide the tools to get organizations moving in the right direction, we also supply the impetus for following through. Great leaders and successful executives need to be able to communicate to employees, customers, potential customers, and also set the standard for their leadership team. They need to trust their executives and leadership teams and will be quick to judge what is perceived as a lack of authenticity or double standard. Overuse of statistics and technical terms may cause employees to tune out what you are saying. Listening often and listening well gives executives and leadership great insight to what is really going on with employees and throughout the company. Employees may feel frustrated if there are not opportunities to vent, ask questions, share ideas, or understand the direction of a project. Different tracks will focus on issues for new leaders, seasoned leaders, student organizations, and more!
Today's leaders need to master the skills that build confidence and inspire a desire to succeed. A company that does not rely on good communication may experience high employee turnover and a lapse in revenues due to disconnected employees and an unformulated mission.

Drill down to what is important for them to know and allow passion to come through your message as well. Productive meetings that have a question and answer session and encourage employees to share openly are a benefit to executives and leadership teams. We promote the value and skills of building relationships and stop the common sabotaging practices that lose sight of the bigger picture. Are employees telling you what you want to hear or do they share freely knowing their leadership has an open door and open communication policy? Apply that across the board in your own communications to ensure success and great feedback. Outline communication channels clearly so that employees have multiple opportunities to connect publicly and privately.

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leadership seminars columbus ohio

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