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At ILS, we have recruited thousands of outstanding high school sophomores to attend our free, three-day leadership seminar. The 2016 Illinois Leadership Seminar will take place June 3, 4, and 5 (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) at North Park University in Chicago.
The first 110 schools to nominate a sophomore will have their spot reserved at seminar- no exceptions. Nomination emails that include the School ID and Passcode you will need to nominate your student will be sent to all counselors in our system by mid-November. Registration emails that contain the codes your student needs to register will be sent out to all nominated students in our system at the beginning of each week starting in January. Counselor FAQsWhy should I nominate a student from my school for the Illinois Leadership Seminar (ILS)?For over 30 years we have been unleashing the leadership potential of Illinois youth. Counselors all over the state love sending students to ILS not only for the rave reviews they receive upon the student’s return, but because they see a REAL change in the students they have nominated over the years after attending our program. When and where is the Seminar?The 2016 seminar runs from June 3, 4, and 5 (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) at North Park University in Chicago, IL on the north side. Does my student have to stay for the entire seminar?Yes, your student must be at North Park University from Check-In early Friday morning until the Closing Ceremony on Sunday afternoon. We recognize that while a majority of schools are finished with the semester and on summer break, some schools in Illinois are still in session or taking finals during our seminar. How do I select a student to attend?We leave the choice of who to pick for our seminar, and how to pick them entirely up to the counselor, so long as the student selected is currently in their sophomore year of high school (they will attend ILS during the summer between their sophomore and junior year).
After I have selected a student, how do I nominate them?Download and print our student nomination form.
Do not login to our system until the student has completed this form on their own and you have it with you. After you have read through this entire page, you can use the link at the top of the page to login to our system and complete your nomination. If seminar is full by the time you have selected your student, you can email our Recruitment Director and request a spot on the waiting list. We understand that some students may be nominated for some time before they can register, but we are waiting to focus on registration until we have most of our nominations in. Students must complete their registration within two weeks of receiving their registration email.
What about selecting and nominating an alternate, how does that work?Nominating an alternate student in the event your primary selection cannot attend is a good idea, but it is completely optional. Follow the same process (with the nomination form) for your alternate student, but be sure to inform them that they are the alternate and will only be attending if your primary student is unable to attend. Can I nominate a freshman, junior, or senior?Only current sophomores can be nominated for our seminar. May I nominate more than one student?We only allow each high school to send one student to our seminar each year.
I am not the person who should be receiving your emails…Please forward the information on to someone who would be best to pick an outstanding high school sophomore from your school for a free leadership seminar.
The Senior Common Room, featuring a one-of-a-kind balcony view of the Great Hall, provides a gathering place for the "senior" fellows of Brooks College, i.e. It’s an awesome feeling to know that YOU helped a young person find confidence in their own leadership abilities and we are eternally grateful to our outstanding counselors who send us extraordinary students year after year. We cannot allow students to arrive late, leave and come back, or leave early for any reason.
Counselors utilize a variety of different selection methods including essay contests, faculty vote, and if one student stands out right away, it’s perfectly acceptable to hand pick a student without a formal evaluation.

Please give this form to your selected student and explain that they have been chosen to represent your school at ILS.
We understand that most schools have a data base of student contact information that you can pull from when nominating a student. Instructions on how to nominate your student, along with the School ID and Passcode you need to login, is provided in your individualized nomination email.
Students will still have a deadline to complete their registration after they have been nominated.
Students will receive a personalized email with instructions on how to register online for our seminar.
If the deadline has passed, and your student has not completed registration, your school’s spot at seminar will be forfeited to another school on the waiting list.
We really appreciate all you do and while it is not your responsibility to register the student, sometimes students forget and a little nudge never hurt. When you have completed the nomination for your primary student in our system simply click the link at the bottom of the screen and add your alternate attendee. What is on the agenda for the weekend?Students are pre-divided into groups of 8-10 leaders.
We work very hard all year long to make sure that no student has to pay to attend the Illinois Leadership Seminar. This ensures that we have a diverse group of students from all over the state and that we are able to offer the seminar to a larger number of high schools.
You can reply and let us know who the correct contact should be and we will update our system. Failure to register by their deadline will result in the forfeiture of your school’s seat at ILS 2016. Sometimes, students are nervous about attending a seminar where they don’t know anyone, but to us, that’s the best part! Sponsors have paid for each student to attend ILS in its entirety and we ask that each student honor that sponsorship by fully committing to the weekend. Sometimes it is even helpful to have students who have attended our seminar in the past recommend a sophomore.
This form instructs students to go to our website and read through the entire “Students” tab when they get home.
However, we need the student to verify that their information is up to date and accurate, especially their email address and phone number.
All the school contacts in our system will receive the nomination email in mid-November when we officially open nomination.
We don’t want your school’s spot at ILS forfeited because a student forgot to register on time. The group is led by one Senior Coach who is assisted by two alumni of the seminar, Junior Coaches. We feel that the transition from underclassmen to upperclassmen is an underrated transition and the perfect time to reach young student leaders. We have found that students are also more willing to explore their own leadership potential if they don’t know any other students prior to attending.
Normally school counselors are responsible for selecting and nominating our students because they are exposed to the widest variety of students, but we have teachers and administrators who nominate students as well. Many students now have school issued email addresses, but we insist on having an email addresses for both our students and parents that are frequently checked since email will be our primary means of communication with our nominated students and parents into the summer. In mid-November we will open nomination and nomination instruction emails will be sent out to all counselors in our system.

Our nomination numbers are completely dependent on finances and if fundraising goes better than expected, our Corporate Board may authorize us to invite more students. We would reach out to the alternate student in the event that the primary student has already registered and cannot attend seminar because of a conflict or family emergency. During the weekend students will have an opportunity to interact with other students from all groups.
You may nominate an alternate in case your primary student cannot attend at the last minute.
Each tab has information geared towards a specific audience, much like this tab is geared towards counselors. Be sure your student has their nomination form filled out completely and accurately before you begin their nomination online. Also, some nominated students may not complete their registration online by their deadline. We will set a “reply by” date for each alternate on a case by case basis depending on how close we are to seminar. Schools, parents, and students incur no costs with the exception of transportation to and from our seminar site. Leadership potential is the common denominator at ILS and sometimes the students who get the most out of our seminar have that leadership potential hidden down a little bit deeper than their peers. Please look for an exceptional student who you believe represents the potential of your student body. After each student has read through all the information on the “Students” tab and has discussed attending ILS 2016 with his or her parents, they are instructed to fill out the bottom of the form accurately and turn it back in to you so you can nominate them online. If they do not respond to us in time, we will offer that spot to a school on the waiting list. We have found that our leaders have a better experience if they don’t know what is coming next. Have past ILS alumni talk to the students, encourage them, and please let us know if you have any additional questions!
To be safe, we recommend you begin your school’s selection process now, especially if your school has an essay contest or another form of selection that may take longer. Your school cannot be selected in these situations if you do not email us and request a spot on the waiting list.
If your primary student fails to register by the deadline, this automatically disqualifies your school from participation in the 2016 Illinois Leadership Seminar. We challenge our students to share their own thoughts and ideas about issues facing their schools, their communities, and our world. There will be a nomination counter at the top of this page (updated bi-weekly) that lets you know how many spots are left.
Instead, we would draw from our waiting list of schools that did not get a chance to nominate before we were full. The program is not designed to teach students what to think, or even how to think, but rather to emphasize the importance of critical thinking skills in leadership roles. This is another reason to be certain your primary student plans on registering and attending seminar.

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