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At Management Systems, we define effectiveness in the management (or leadership role) as the ability to successfully influence people on your team to achieve results in the most effective and efficient manner. Role Concept – how the individual thinks about and approaches his or her role; and how the individual allocates and invests his or her time.
The Inner Game of Management – the individual’s “mindset” which, in turn, involves, effectively managing one’s need for control, source of self-esteem, and need to be liked. We have also developed a framework – the Pyramid of Management and Leadership Development – that identifies the key skills required at each level of management and leadership – from First Line Supervisor to CEO.
Henry is in high level management of a dominant retail company.  Because it spreads nationally with global products, Henry deals with leaders on all levels.
Henry feels these five specific skills give them a higher probability of becoming successful leaders. People with cognitive awareness of their strengths and weaknesses tend to not take themselves too seriously.  They can laugh at themselves as they build up others.
As Henry works with his succession plan, he tries to develop these cognitive leadership traits and increase their strength in each prospective leader. Are you looking for a way to ramp up the effective cognitive development of your leadership? Talkback: In your experience, how essential are these cognitive traits for successful leadership?

Years ago when I was a sales leader at AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals our then CEO would talk about the importance of empathy as a leadership skill. Our intent is that this leadership development article slows you down in your very busy day to think about areas where you can accelerate your impact.
These Annual Surveys help our Management Team develop specific objectives and goals to address opportunities for improvement, and support our overall commitment to Continuous improvement. The more they can understand and accelerate the abilities of their team to grow these leadership skills, the more successful their leaders become.
Maybe they are insensitive and because of this co-workers avoid them, maybe they don’t listen well or have little patience for how others approach their work. This can be exhausting and stressful for everyone, and it can destroy even the best of intentions and plans.
Beyond that we can learn through, coaching and mentoring, other teachable people skills to elevate both our success and enjoyment in our work. How he had learned it over time and how much better it made him as a leader including his ability to communicate with different areas the organization, across the globe and his ability to influence the board and investors.
It may never be your strongest people skill but it can be a de-railer for you if is not there. He took the first week in his new role to get out with the various teams and ask them simple questions so that he could better understand a broader perspective.

We administer these surveys annually, so that progress can be measured on a year over year basis— Kevin G. Most of us are confident we can develop new technical skills and knowledge and we do so each day. Be flexible, there is more than one way to get to an outcome and maybe your way is not the best.
Once you see beyond your own world, you’ll realize that there’s so much to understand and appreciate! However in doing so he committed himself to actively listen to and understand how people were feeling, without judgment or making promises. The result was he was able to make better decisions and while he was unable to please everyone in those decisions he gained respect for being willing to understand their perspective.

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leadership skills development class notes

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