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This is a resource page that gives job seekers free access to professionally written and expertly designed resume samples. Make it as easy as possible for a potential employer to read through your resume, so keep the format simple. Don’t to be modest, shouting about your achievements and getting your name out there is vital to getting the job you want. Identify the key points that the job requires and the qualities that the employer is looking for in an applicant. Create the right impression and present your information in a focused, well-structured, and attractive way. Show that you can you maintain progress, continue to improve and enhance it, and deliver what is required. Employers want adaptive recruits, people who can rapidly fit into an existing workplace culture. High energy levels – shows you have the drive required to carry out difficult tasks or projects. Initiative – being able to anticipate challenges and opportunities before they arise. Numeracy – understanding and using information such as numbers, statistics and graphs.
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Give Back to the Community That Made You Successful: Get involved in the local community by making donations and volunteering.

The study identifies comparisons between the Middle East, UK, Europe, India, Malaysia and China, revealing Gen Y graduates are similar across the world, but the gulf between them and their managers differs.
Frequent job changes and lack of life skills mean managers are seriously concerned future leaders are not gaining real in-depth experience. A rapidly changing culture and society in the Middle East has a major impact on the relationship between Gen Y and their managers, where cultural history was found to impact Gen Y’s expectation of promotion, of women in management and of the business sector in which to work in particular. Graduates want a varied career, have little patience and will leave a job quickly if it doesn’t meet their own personal ideals. Gen Y graduates are regarded as highly knowledgeable, digitally integrated, globally and socially aware, unconventional and very confident, and all of these characteristics need to be managed and developed.
A mismatch of expectations between managers and graduates is a pressing issue, 29% managers in the Middle East claim managing graduate expectations is their overriding concern.
Generation Y has grown up with social media and mobile phones, and against a background of rapid changes in technology and shifting political and cultural norms. By capitalising on the unique contributions and strengths of this generation, a better workforce as a whole can be created in this region. This could be solved by for instance, as mentioned above, personal development programs, but also by training of business professionals that come from the fields, that can transfer both hard and soft skills, to make young professionals aware of practical application of all sorts of concepts. None of the information contained herein constitutes an offer to purchase or sell a financial instrument or to make any investments. Resume-Help.org was designed for everyone from the novice job hunter to the HR professional. The samples are targeted at a variety of job roles and in our opinion are some of the best resume templates available on the internet.
It’s therefore essential that you promote yourself properly in it, and write it as a marketing tool that outlines your most relevant skills and experience. You need to show your future potential and value, the best way to do this is do this is by boldly highlighting what can you bring to the role and company. Then begin to make a list of all of your skills and experiences that match what the recruiter is looking for. They can be carried over from one job to another, and are useful across a range of different roles and industries. Smart companies and employees know it’s critical to business survival to cultivate leadership skills at all levels.

Show you can handle change by volunteering for a new project or by helping others with change. If you insist on having your own way or controlling others, your career will run into a brick wall.
In 1954, he saw the McDonald brothers’ hamburger stand in California and knew he could build a business by selling 15-cent hamburgers. If you realize how many times you provide guidance at work, it would be easy to realize you are a leader no matter what your current position. The research focussed itself on the Middle East, a global Arabic and English language survey amongst 2,900 managers and graduates, and 100 in-depth interviews were at the basis. They want jobs with flexibility and are less likely to do work at home than their managers. Today’s young professionals in the Middle East have different priorities from previous generations. All generations need to review their differences and find new ways of working for the future – both managers and Gen Y need to adapt to the changing world of work. This two way commitment can increase the will to perform optimally, learn and apply as much as possible, instead of a more passive and unhappy situation. Each template has been designed to make an immediate impression on hiring managers, they are a perfect solution for job seekers who need inspiration on how to stand out and who are not sure what to include in their CV. Transferable skills can be acquired through employment, voluntary work, hobbies, sports, virtually anything. This is an interesting development because it means managers need to start change their perception on graduates and offer personal development programs to achieve their objectives such as flexibility, personal goals, work-life balance etc. Gen Y is already radically altering the employment landscape globally, and a new, growing workforce will soon be stepping up and challenging traditional models within companies. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written.

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