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For 40 years I have devoted my career to teaching, writing and coaching on entrepreneurial business growth and leadership.
On the flip side of all the stuff I love, is all the stuff that turns visions into nightmares, profit into losses, and passion into toxic waste. Uncommitted commitments: The most difficult aspect of coaching business and leadership is getting those being coached to do the work to achieve the desired outcomes. Head in the sand: Avoiding a problem today gives you a bigger problem to deal with tomorrow.
Wanting it ten times less: I always coach leaders and owners that they must want success ten times more than those they lead. Filed Under: Monday Morning Wake-Up Tagged With: afraid, fear, Leadership, Management, Neil Ducoff, Neilism, No Compromise, No-Compromise LeadershipAre you indispensible?
April 5, 2010 by Neil Ducoff I had a conversation last week with a business owner and long-time Strategies customer. March 22, 2010 by Neil Ducoff The one question being asked by every business leader is, “What can I do to grow the top line?” It’s not just the question that’s important; it’s the sense of urgency with which it’s being asked.
March 15, 2010 by Neil Ducoff It’s time to acknowledge that there is an elephant in your business.
March 8, 2010 by Neil Ducoff I was in San Francisco recently to lead a Strategies Incubator. Filed Under: Monday Morning Wake-Up Tagged With: Management, Neil Ducoff, No Compromise, No-Compromise Leadership, recessionDo you have “deer-in-the-headlights” syndrome? February 22, 2010 by Neil Ducoff Without question, these are challenging times for everyone in business. Global performance improvement solutions provider GP Strategies Corporation (NYSE: GPX) and Catalyst, a leading nonprofit membership organization dedicated to creating more inclusive workplaces, announce the launch of a new organizational leadership development learning program, Leading With Inclusion, to help build inclusive leadership capabilities at all levels of a company. BlessingWhite, a division of GP Strategies, will utilize its instructional design expertise to assist Catalyst in designing the courses and will also act as the exclusive distributor of these programs to corporations.

Founded in 1962, Catalyst is the leading nonprofit organization dedicated to creating more inclusive workplaces where employees representing every dimension of diversity can thrive.
GP Strategies Corporation (NYSE: GPX) is a global performance improvement solutions provider of training, eLearning solutions, management consulting and engineering services.
If you see even a spec of your leadership behavior in one or more of them, heed the warning and commit to embracing and living the tenets of No-Compromise Leadership.
Avoiding a tough decision feeds stress and uncertainty throughout a company … especially in small businesses.
The employee launches off into a story that rabbit-trails down so many paths that you become frustrated and stop listening. More importantly, no matter how hard you try, it is impossible to dance with that elephant.
It doesn’t matter if you’re an owner, manager or employee; it takes more energy and hard work to live in the warm glow of success.
The full suite of inclusive leadership development solutions will be completed in 2016 in alliance with Catalyst. With offices in the United States, Canada, Europe, India, Australia and Japan, and more than 800 member organizations, Catalyst is the trusted resource for research, information and advice about creating inclusive workplaces. GP Strategies’ solutions improve the effectiveness of organizations by delivering innovative and superior training, consulting and business improvement services customized to meet the specific needs of its clients. Leaders are human and, at times, the relentless chase for their vision can wear them down … often without them recognizing it. When leaders avoid anything that has been identified as a problem … it is called compromise.
But being an owner or having an impressive title doesn’t make someone an effective leader. Simply put, I’ve met and worked with enough smart entrepreneurs that wish they never listened to their gut.

When a leader wants success less then those he or she leads, it’s time to step aside. It’s because I know how entrepreneurs and leaders get stuck when confronted with tough decisions.
She told me about how toxic her company’s culture was and that no matter how she tried to fix it, it just got worse. Catalyst annually honors exemplary organizational initiatives that promote women’s advancement with the Catalyst Award. Clients include Fortune 500 companies, manufacturing, process and energy industries, and other commercial and government customers. GP Strategies and the GP Strategies logo design are trademarks of GP Strategies Corporation. I especially love the passion that drives individuals to turn a vision into a functioning, dynamic and profitable enterprise. If you say, “I’m not afraid of anything,” then answer this question: Why haven’t you made that tough decision that’s been waiting months for you to make? When leaders tell it like it isn’t, they are intentionally distorting truth and breaking trust. Clarifying expectations, open communication, information flow, systems, and defining what accountability means in your company may require more time, planning and energy … but it is the work of leadership. This means making a no-compromise commitment to address behaviors like procrastination, avoidance, micromanaging, not showing up, poor financial discipline, indecision, self-centeredness, and other such behaviors. What ever the problem is … it is only going to get worse unless the leader engages and takes corrective action.

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leadership strategies in healthcare jobs

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