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As a motivational keynote speaker sometimes i find the opportunity to do a follow up leadership seminar.
Here, we find team building self development activities really need to be catered to the group or they are a generic time drain. If a group is looking for guest speakers for hire, I often direct them to help the guest speaker research and understand the audience. A good leadership seminar makes people laugh, think, understand conflict and work together outside of their work context.
In a leadership seminar, I like breaking down the room based on 4 personality types ( after i have described what they are, characteristics, etc - See our blog post, What is your Leadership Thinking Style?
Add more fun to your leadership seminar with these simple, inspirational easy morale boosters that build leadership qualities. When leading team building and leadership development programs I use a variety of teambuilding activities, simulations, lecture based, small group discussion, and sometimes I just make stuff up. Any team building facilitator knows the value and need to process or de-brief with the group.
I have found that the great team building activities have the lessons built into them, and when properly framed the team just sees and gets the connection, without much prompting.
This happened recently with an team of 46 Directors, Managers and Supervisors of a health care organization.
The team was broken into 6 distinct areas that all had different directives and requirements AND still had a combined goal of completing the task…just like work. From the time we started until the end time it was really amazing to see how the group worked together and how they kept stopping and saying, “This is just like how we act at work!” When those moments happened someone else would say, “Your right…everyone let’s stop for a second and evaluate what we are doing, I think that is the point.” GREAT STUFF! Through the 90 minutes of planning, implementation, re-work, planning again, implementing and discussions the team was able to see how the tools and materials presented in earlier sessions could be applied to a large project, and how with some small changes to how they work and communicate they can achieve excellent results. The team responses only reinforced that they ‘got-it’ and immediately saw the connection between the team building activity, the lessons in the team building and leadership workshops and their work.
The term ‘team building’ means many things to many people…If you really want to build your team there are several activities, ideas, techniques and ways to do so. If you are going to implement the use of activities or simulations into your team building – make sure that they make sense and enhance the message and objectives you are trying to achieve. Really great stuff Michael, I have used this activity too and it really helps on showing the group the way they behave at work.
8. Wednesday Dance Party:  Pick a song or two, or accept playlist recommendations, and move those muscles!

Finding the right ingredients for a high performing team isn’t always about getting the smartest people together.
Is it exciting or frightening news that Disney has acquired Lucasfilm—including LucasArts, Industrial Light & Magic and Skywalker Sound?
At a recent conference an inspirational speaker did this little activity and the crowd loved it!
Through a series of questions or discussions or activities working with the team to transfer the experiential to the pragmatic. People are smart and they can connect a GREAT TEAM BUILDING activity to their work and team, if the activity makes sense and is framed and delivered properly.
A curious thing is what happened once, a team of diplomats of an Embassy did it perfectly, a wonderful roller ball project in time and reaching all the standards given, first I was a little bit disapointed because I got affraid that the group would find the activity too easy to actually challenge them, but during the de-brief I noticed that it really helped them to see that they actualy have all they need to achieve their goals, that gave them confidence in the right moment because they were a team in formation, with new members and were a little bit scared of not geting done all the projects that where assigned to the team. Whether it’s a one day event, or a week-long ongoing tourney, it’s easy to take a game and use it to team build. It might take a little prodding, but inviting coworkers to dress like their favorite rock star, movie star, character from history can end up being a lot of fun.
From Apples to Apples to Trivial Pursuit, it’s a lower key activity that can promote team building with friendly competition. Instead of going straight to the agenda, every attendee shares an important life event from the previous week. She loves helping employees feel more included and valued through exuberant appreciation experiences, and helping companies realize the incredible potential of their human capital.
After all, if a team can’t work collaboratively, all that intelligence and skill could be squandered. The dedication of the athletes and their ability to perform under pressure is most impressive. No doubt this generous program will create a stronger and happier workforce for thousands of U.S.
Most of these activities can be held in the last hour of work or over a lunch meeting with just a little bit of planning. The tournament organizers can pair team members up with one seeded player and one novice on each team to make sure it’s more about fun than winning. When we had theme dress days at one of my companies, departments would sometimes even go for a cohesive look (like characters from the Wizard of Oz.) Award prizes for the best costumes.
This team-builder is great for a more formal company where raucous competition wouldn’t be appropriate.

It allows the team to get to know each other better and build a rapport, no gimmicks needed. Some people don't listen or get nervous and they put in a word that makes no sense and word by word the group tries to make a sensible story. The objective is to keep the balloons in the air no matter what, they can't touch the ground.
Studies have proven that playing games and being creative during work time can lead to better problem solving. This is usually very hilarious and great lessons emerge about listening, interpretation, resolving conflict etc.
Seminar participants boink balloons to each other, gyrating around trying to keep them in the air.
You could do the same thing with coffee, pies, barbecue, whatever appeals to your company culture. In a true inspirational speaker Donald Trump Apprentice Style way; the problem could be to create an advertising campaign to promote a specific product. For variation, ask the group to move the red balloons to the front of the room, the green balloons to the back of the room, etc. It is a great morale booster when people can look up at their positive leadership qualities.
Team members get the chance to show off their favorite food joints and bond over the discussion. The discussion that ensues will help people see how personality styles create conflict and effect how you contribute to a team.
I was a speaker at a healthcare conference recently and each of balloon colors designated your department ( ie- green is physicians, blue is nurses, red is pharmacist etc).
Be sure to include a variety of tasks so that many people have the chance to win something. The other speaker for the healthcare conference later tied in the balloon theme, it was great!

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