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August 2, 2012 2 Comments Share1 Share1 +11 TweetShares 3Well that’s what Geoff Surratt reckons.
Leadership training does work IF it is coupled with mentoring, encouragement, evaluation, coaching & so on. Someone said to me recently – you spend so much money on training what happens if they leave after you haved spent $$$$ for the training.
John is a great listener and has given us simple, doable, good, old fashioned common sense advice. Navy Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps cadets from across Escambia and Santa Rosa counties took part in a Basic Leadership Training camp last week that culminated with graduation exercise about Pensacola NAS.

Eight cadets from Northview High School took part in the Basic Leadership training camp — Lane Carnley, Sean Allister, Joshua Borelli, Elijah Harbinson, Jeniya Odom, Talia Syria, Andrea Miles and Deidre Steele. The week-long camp included academics, drill, physical training and tours of Pensacola Naval Air Station facilities. Two two other Northview cadets, Jonathan Moretz (executive officer for the BLT company) and Zacarra Davis were graduate assistants during the week, helping the NJROTC instructors run the camp. There were a total of 73 NJROTC cadets that participated and graduated from the camp from Northview, Pine Forest, Escambia, Washington, Milton, Pace and Navarre high schools. Pictured top: There were 73 NJROTC cadets from seven schools that graduated from a week of Basic Leadership Training at Pensacola NAS.

The Military can offer many different career paths, most often depending only on the amount of time and effort you are willing to focus on your goals. Look forward to a magnificent time devoted to educating youth leaders and empowering our youth. Pictured below: Northview cadets (L-R) Talia Syria, Deidre Steele, Andrea Miles Elijah Harbinson, Lane Carnley, Jeniya Odom, Sean Allister, Zacarra Davis (graduate assistant) and Joshua Borelli.

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leadership training knoxville tn

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