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As is becoming better known nationally, Chicago is a hotbed of entrepreneurial activity, and RAY ALLEN is proud to be part of this community.
In my view, entrepreneurs are a special group who have a knack for being fearless in the face of naysayers. An individual with entrepreneurial spirit will often find his or her purpose, vision and obsession and relentlessly pursue it. Getting the word out about one’s business is essential – not only to customers, but also to employees. Simply put, leadership is a set of innate and acquired skills that require development and attention.
The professional army leadership ethic is to prioritize the needs and goals of the nation, the Army, the unit and fellow soldiers ahead of personal needs and interests. Just like someone invests in market research and competitive analysis, to be sure about the market before actually entering into it; intelligence gathering is just the same and one of the army leadership traits. US Navy Officer Ranks – How a seaman to Admiral complete the world’s largest and dominant navy?
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. In this post, I’d like to share some observations on what traits are often most apparent of those risk-takers I see working so hard to shape our future here in Chicago. Their determination to succeed, passion for their field, and conviction in their vision may sometimes be the source of admiration or envy. The pace of markets and technology quickly leave you behind if you aren’t continually making time to upgrade your knowledge and tools. Though they may frequently run into roadblocks, brick walls, pitfalls, or any other metaphorical difficulty that comes to mind, the difference in leaders is they turn hardships into lessons.
The company vision needs to be defined in such a way that all team members can understand and relate. No leader is going to see every angle of a problem, nor will they construct fully realized solutions every time. To paraphrase a quote often attributed to Jeff Bezos, if one doesn’t make mistakes, in the end one won’t make anything.

Being an entrepreneur doesn’t guarantee great leadership any more than being a natural leader guarantees a thriving business.
Under Todd’s leadership, RAY • ALLEN INC has grown from a disruptive idea into a leading partner in the IT Asset Management and Recurring Revenue market. Admitting mistakes, reviewing and adapting changes, making sacrifices, mentoring the juniors and planning a course of action are all different attributes of a great leader. Courage, candor, competence and commitment are the four prominent traits of army leadership.
Nobody earns nothing if the objective is unclear and fuzzy and the team spent days working on it. In every unit, there is one soldier responsible for the intelligence and an army leader must be in contact with him all the time. When a leadership of army fights from the front, the soldiers not only find courage and nerve but also there lies a great lesson for the future leadership of army. When a soldier is out for a combat, he only listens to his leadership so it is highly inevitable that the army leadership possess strong communication traits. Acknowledging someone’s success, encouraging someone to do better will only lead to better results in the future.
Perhaps many like to think they possess the spark, but few take the leap to definitively act upon it.
In my view successful entrepreneurs take advantage of opportunities to learn and apply new skills, and then ensure their employees are given the same opportunities. Self-starters with driven personalities take pride in being able to keep moving, regardless of setbacks and other distractions.
Furthermore, strong communication skills enables smooth internal workflows at a time when agility is paramount.
In the context of business, should a customer receive bad service, for example, the leader is ultimately responsible for correcting the problem and working towards a durable solution. One should always know one’s limits and keep one’s natural skills sharp while continually training newly gained ones. Be it army leadership or leadership in any profession, a leader is recognized by his enigma and loyalty.

In the army leadership, not all the time is it possible to choose an objective, but advocating a worthy goal is worth the time and the effort. A great leader works to find out what challenges his team will be facing before sending them into the battlefield. A team will never believe it has crossed the bridge until and unless the army leadership does not believe in it. Today, we’re going through a short list of traits I’ve observed in entrepreneurial leaders. Investing in employee development, among other benefits, increases a company’s morale and competitive edge.
Larger corporations can absorb delays and inefficiencies while they take time to steer the competitive waters. If there is a particularly challenging problem, teams are often able to help provide the basis for a solution. By providing purpose, direction, and motivation, army leadership is all about influencing others to accomplish a particular mission. At the end of the day, it is not important who made the decision, but the lives of the soldiers are.
Until the army leadership has affirmed the failure, the soldiers must not be introduced to disappointment. Small businesses don’t have that luxury, and so a successful course change relies on the leader’s ability to communicate the reasons and updated strategy.
It can be an eye opening experience to see the creativity that emerges from empowering a team with respect and a mandate to achieve a certain goal. In turn, they’ll provide the loyalty and capital necessary to expand one’s business, resulting in new products and services. Customers complete the circle of business life – and indeed they are the fundamental reason for its existence in the first place.

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leadership traits in nursing

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