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This entry was posted in Leadership and tagged differences, leadership, maxwell, quotes, rapport by Marketing Management. The quick infographic below highlights some of the key areas of management and leadership; comparing and contrasting the different roles that both managers and leaders play in modern businesses today and giving you an overall feel for which situations will require you to manage and which will require you to lead. Mark Williams is a learning and development professional, using business psychology and multiple intelligences to create fascinating and quickly-identifiable learning initiatives in the real-world business setting. Case-1: Consider a situation where one of your top performing members (person A) in the team is going thru a serious personal problem. Case-2: Consider a situation where another member (person B) in the team, is not delivering on his business commitments where results are way below the expectations due to lack of ownership. As a leader of the group, you end up facing cases mentioned above very frequently, which needs to be handled totally differently. In case of person B, you need to pass on a clear message with sharp feedback for not delivering on his commitment. But the real challenge comes when you as a leader face multiple cases where you need to switch between ‘compassionate’ and ‘ruthless’ mode.
It really takes a lot on the leader to read the situations day-in-day-out and take decisions accordingly.
Well, if you ask most modern day managers and leaders they will tell you that both have their strengths and weaknesses and that different situations call for you to either manage or lead your team.

Mark’s role at MTD is to ensure that our training is leading edge, and works closely with our trainers to develop the best learning experiences for all people on learning programmes.
Every other time, he comes up with some or other excuse for not doing the work, where proper effort is not spent let alone the results. If the situation prevails you need to quickly switch into ‘ruthless’ mode  by taking some strict action (ex: providing a performance improvement plan) or ask him to leave the organization if the situation worsens.
Sometimes the mode switching has to happen in back-to-back meetings with hardly few minutes interval in between them.
Given the fact that leaders also human beings that have emotions, it is likely possible that leaders fail to switch between modes, which is normally known as ‘getting carried away’ by the situation.
Filed in Business, Leadership, Management and tagged Business, Coaching, Differentiation, Leadership, Management, Organization building, People management, Performance Appraisal, Performance management. Mark designs and delivers training programmes for businesses both small and large and strives to ensure that MTD’s clients are receiving the very best training, support and services that will really make a difference to their business. However he has earned his credibility in the team by consistently delivering on the expectations. By considering the past record of this individual he needs to be given certain flexibility to sort of the personal problems. When individuals are not delivering consistently, resulting in lower performance it should be treated very strictly.

Based on my experience, the success of the leader depends on how seamlessly the leader is able to handle switching between these two modes, which is not an easy task at all.
Achieving right balance between people and business is always challenging, which also makes leadership an ever evolving and ever learning journey as far as individuals are concerned.
As a leader you can also offer solution or suggestion for him to come out of personal problem. But in simple terms the leader has to take the ‘high business, low people’ approach by taking the business perspective into consideration. But in simple terms, the leader has to take the ‘high on people, low on business’ approach by taking humane view into perspective. After-all organization and people are here to get things done and deliver on business commitments. For example, being ‘ruthless’ to the person A will create a ‘Hitler’ image of the leader to the individual (and eventually to the team) where the individual might feel his human aspects are not taken care. Also being ‘compassionate’ to person B will result in him enjoying paid vacation as a part of his job!

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