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Edmond John Dougherty is the Director of Engineering Entrepreneurship at Villanova University and an Assistant Professor in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department. Well, Ia€™m here to tell you that if you have the passion for your idea, you can acquire all of those critical pieces.
It is amazing how much a college student can accomplish in a single day.A  I teach at Villanova University in the College of Engineering, and I have observed the students for years. It is critical that you have excitement and interest in your own idea.A  If you absolutely love your idea, you will naturally find the time to work on it. Even if you have lots of energy and love for your idea, there will probably be many tasks on the way to success that you may not enjoy.
Students are in a fairly structured environment; so it is pretty clear to them what they must do and when their work needs to be accomplished. To recap, use the student lifestyle to help you find the time to work on your idea: do what you must, love what you do and gather the energy you need to achieve your goals a€“ you can rest later.
You cana€™t just sit and wait for someone to recognize how clever you are and become your champion.

Yes they are 20 years old and youa€™re probably not, but it is not just their youth that keeps them in constant motion, it is their sense of time and place.
On campus, when class is over, I know which students can always be found in the schoola€™s garage working on a competition car; which will be huddled together working on their phone app prototype, and which students will be the first to sign up for a service trip.
Next post wea€™ll talk about how you can acquire the skills you need to turn any idea into a reality. Today, leta€™s examineA timeA because that is your most valuable commodity, and it is under your control. The students instinctively recognize that college is a short and wondrous period of time in their lives.
A They are in control of their time because they love what they are doing and they make the time to do it.
But if you take on the student mindset; youa€™ll put your head down and do the hard work needed to graduate, because you have to do those a€?must doa€? tasks.
Build that prototype, raise those funds, and get that wonderful product or service out into the marketplace.

You have an idea that can change things forever; so you need to find the energy and time to devote to your idea -- now. Students dona€™t love every subject, every teacher and every assignment, but they do the work because it is required.
Even if it takes as much time as a college degree to achieve your success, it is not a pace you need to maintain forever.
And to achieve your success you must regularly work on all of the tasks, not just the fun ones.

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learn time management techniques

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