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Our care begins with consultation and assessment to understand our patients’ successes and challenges. We help overcome challenges in speaking, understanding, reading, auditory processing, listening, and memory, and we help regulate attention, learning, and behavior. As clinical research provides new treatments and tools, we continually add the best to our programs.
We use therapeutic and educational programs for comprehensive assessment, prevention, and treatment of communication and learning problems. The Center for Communication & Learning Skills assists our patients with the full range of communication skills we use throughout our lives.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Nurses learn communication skills best through practice, say researchers at the School of Nursing at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU). The VCU study and a review of the nursing education literature conducted by Patient Education and Counseling (PEC) suggest that previous studies of teaching and learning communication skills in nursing education are lacking in sound research design and are therefore of limited comparative use. Another innovative approach to teaching and learning communication skills in nursing education comes from the Nursing Division at the University of Bradford, UK. The available research lends credence to the idea that "practice makes perfect." Hearing about a skill in a classroom, with no opportunity to demonstrate or be evaluated on the skill, is arguably not effective.
While interpersonal communication is necessary in all aspects of life, it is especially crucial when it comes to nursing.
There are many philosophies and methodologies to learning, the true success of an educational approach is measured by the results it achieves.
Our program is just as focused on teaching students valuable life skills as any particular subject matter.

Enhance Learning Skills, such as capitalizing on curiosity, adapting to change, and identifying sources of knowledge. Strengthen and Use Decision Making Skills, such as establishing goals and priorities, understaning the most effcient and effective steps to achieving one's goals. This is the main define statement for the page for english when no template defined file exists. Belk can both diagnose and treat auditory processing challenges and other issues that require the credentials of clinicians in both fields. The VCU study, published in the Journal of Nursing Education, outlined an innovative practical approach to teaching communication skills to nursing students. The lecture-lab model is the traditional method to deliver nursing education, including communication skills. The studies do, however, provide some early indicators of the potential value of simulations and role playing as instructional methods for teaching and learning communication skills in nursing education.
Both the control group and the intervention group received the usual instruction in communication.The intervention group also received additional training on communicating with family members and participated in a role-playing exercise. Researchers conducted a study of adding a Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) module to communication skills training for nurses. Using role playing and simulation as instructional methods seems to be a more effective direction for the future of teaching and learning communication skills in nursing education.
At Excelsior, education is more than memorizing facts and historical dates; it is an opportunity to empower students to achieve their full potential. It is through a learn by doing approach that teaches students vital life skills to become self-motivated, productive, and active members of society. While there is no accepted "best" method of teaching and learning communication skills in nursing, scholarly literature supports a practical hands-on approach over the traditional lecture-lab method.

While variances exist between instructors, the lecture-lab model is premised on the teachers giving, and the students passively receiving, knowledge. The PEC literature review concludes the outcomes of teaching and learning communication skills in nursing education are better where skills practice has taken place. At the conclusion of the study, students from the intervention group rated higher in the standardized assessment of all four domains of communication than those in the control group. Students develop key skills through working with our certified teachers and staff specialist, but more importantly it is the hands on experience they receive that defines an Excelsior Experience. The study concluded the addition of the SFBT training module was a useful approach to training nurses in communication skills. The basic premise is that students learn more when they are active particpants in the learning process. The current research indicates that developing a positive self-concept will substantially contribute to one's ability to deal successfully with issues in one's life. This will also contribute to eventually making a positive impact on the lives of others. Improving communication skills includes: verbal and non-verbal communication, social skills such as diplomacy, negotiation, making friends, and conflict management.

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