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If you’re looking for Digital Marketing jobs in Mumbai, take heed: Digital marketing includes every kind of marketing strategy and activity that can be done online. However, the scope of digital marketing jobs in India is vast in today’s age of cyberspace and social media. People Interactive (I) Private Limited is a company that has a base in various Indian cities, including Mumbai. From its earliest servers—constructed in part from Legos—to agility, test-and-learn, and numerous other contemporary watchwords for best practices, Google has been at the forefront of the digital revolution. That’s just one example of how scrappy the company had to be in the early days, and I think that’s really a part of what we’re trying to keep in the culture of the company. One of the hallmarks of Google, though, is how do we learn from failures that happen in this test-and-learn culture?
And third, you get the best people who want to solve the biggest, toughest problems in the world. We look at this and analyze it every single year, and then we actually take every piece of feedback—the big buckets of feedback, where we need to improve—and, over the course of the rest of the year, all of our programs are designed to address the areas of our Googlegeist feedback that have not performed very well. I think it’s something that continues to be important to the culture, but it’s not hard and fast. The concept of rapid prototyping is something that we have had to learn as we’ve got into new industries, like hardware.
I think second is that the technology, the software and hardware that are available, is allowing us to iterate very, very quickly. Hence, those looking for digital marketing jobs in Mumbai (or anywhere else) better be familiar with SEO, SMO, PPC, SEM, Google Analytics, and the whole gamut of tools out there for online marketing. So, if you’re internet savvy, and you don’t mind learning and keeping up with internet technology and advertising trends all your life, this could be the best job you ever took!
The company’s main purpose is to provide staff and recruitment solutions to major companies. The company’s main focus is to analyse social interactions on social media platforms and use it to measure engagement and insights.
It has decades’ worth of reputation in the jewellery field, and TBZ collections are known for its craftsmanship and quality. The company has over 8 years of experience in website design, and around 3 years of experience in mobile app development. The only thing you need to have to be able to avail these jobs is to have enough knowledge about the Internet and a keen familiarity with digital marketing job trends and tools.

In this wide-ranging conversation with McKinsey’s Barr Seitz, US sales & operations VP Jon Kaplan explains how Google builds and maintains a culture that learns from its failures, keeps its cultural DNA vibrant, and balances innovation with business results.
As you think about the businesses that we are in and how the company has changed over the last 10 or 15 years, it’s totally different today than when we started. We can do that with a 1 percent test, for instance, on our core search product—scale that up if it’s successful, but we can start very small and test a theory, and if it doesn’t work, we can very quickly pull that back. And we have many examples of failure, first of all, and of using that information to improve the product going forward. An example of this is our contact-lens project, Iris, which applies technology to the contact lens—the contact lens is connected to the Internet and it monitors your glucose.
One of the key ways that we measure how Google is changing over time is called Googlegeist, which is our internal survey that we give to all of our employees once a year, in January. And I think that’s attracted people to come and work on a core product, but to have the ability to think about where this could go that would be, again, tangential to the core product. It’s not literally that you have one day a week that you can go work on something totally different. That’s a difference between a decade ago, where rapid prototyping wasn’t really something you could do with the hardware and software that were available.
Abyss Horizon Consulting has an impressive clientele and they have been steadily expanding over the years.Currently, the company has openings for the post of Digital Marketing Lead in Mumbai. In another words, they analyse social media communications and report them in terms and data that can be used by their clients to increase audience engagement.At the moment, they have openings for the post of Digital Marketing Executive. They are a popular destination for beautiful and quality jewellery collections.Currently, the company has an opening for the post of Digital Marketing Senior Executive on its team.
The company and its team are constantly updating the technology related to their work in order to provide quality and up-to-date products.Currently, they are looking out for professionals that would fit the post of digital marketing executive in the company. They assist their clients in researching, finding, renting, furnishing, buying, selling, and investing in various kinds of real estate properties and deals.
The links provided above are only a mere handful of the opportunities you can find out there. So we have to have leaders, we have to have employees, and we have to have technology that is all very agile for where the industry is going. Our role is how do you apply a technology to that—to fundamentally transform that industry?
We were able to launch this as a product and then, in partnership with our business organization, struck a deal with Novartis to license it.

It covers every aspect of what a great culture would include: innovation and autonomy, forward thinking, teamwork.
You need to think about, if you’re an engineer, for instance, how that product—that 20 percent time product—would be complementary to something that is now our focus. First, we’ve actually brought the expertise of hardware manufacturing and fabrication in-house in some cases. Those two things have been, most importantly that first one, the change that Google had to go through. Megara InfoTech is primarily a recruitment service for big companies, specifically specializing in the digital marketing realm.
It is based in Mumbai, and it primarily deals with artificial jewellery and a variety of fashion products. From apartment complexes to luxury homes, Easy 2 Own Estate deals with it all. Right now, this company has openings for the post of Digital Marketing Executive. Creativity and visual appeal are the company’s watchwords. Currently, Internet Design Zone has openings for positions related to Digital and Social Media Marketing in Mumbai. We do thousands of tests a year on our various products to see how they perform, again, on a very small subset of our audience. Part of it is that it needs to be something that you are able to convince people that it’s a good enough idea that they should take their 20 percent time and go work on it, as opposed to creating their own idea. The company also provides practical training and career placement services in the realm of digital marketing.There are currently openings for digital marketing executives in this company. It is setting itself up to be the most technologically advanced diagnostic company in India.Currently, the company has openings for the post of Digital Marketing Manager. It was not a successful product in the social ecosystem, but we used that experience to understand how we would iterate for Google Plus in a much better way. If you are successful, there’s no competition, because you’re creating something that has never been created before. And they had very little money, so they built their own, and they built them with the materials that they had, that they thought would work.
Second, it really inspires people to think big about the aspirations of the company and how they could do something that really does change the overall trajectory of an industry.

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