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When an individual embarks on the development of learning English, they need various learning materials such as text books, videos, and audio tapes. They are so many English language learning sites where you can discover every material required to learn the language. There are so many online English learning sites that offer teachers who provide lesson procedure that include tests, live conversation with students, or email correspondence with them. The Internet also has sites where learners can develop skills of learning such as internet voice communication tools,like learn english online skype  to practice their language speaking ability. Learning the English language will get better job opportunities and unlock up the doors to career development.
Using The Internet To Learn EnglishPosted on December 13, 2011 by Q-Admin in Learn English Tips facebookNowadays people spend a lot of time online. Since 1984, TED has been presenting short, live talks by fascinating people on a wide range of topics. Speakers such as Bill Clinton, Jamie Oliver, James Cameron, and Bill Gates present their perspectives on issues in areas such as international development, teaching children about cuisine, creating fantastical films, and averting global climate change. Most talks are eighteen minutes or less, so it is easy to watch and re-watch one of them in one sitting.
The main reason I like using TED talks in the classroom is that each talk has subtitles in several different languages available. This allows them to understand the talk even if they don’t know all the English vocabulary and expressions used. It’s also a great way to learn specialized vocabulary related to specific topics which interest them. Since most podcasts are produced by individuals or small organizations, the quality of podcasts varies greatly.
The English We Speak by the BBC is a series of episodes teaching English idioms.  Each episode has voice actors using idioms in conversation, and a narrator explaining the meanings of the idioms.
The BBC, as well as other organizations, also produce regular podcasts about news and culture.
CNN Student News is a video podcast which presents news stories with additional background information to help students understand each story better.
The main reason I like using podcasts in my English classes is that I can play the episode on-demand and re-play it if my students don’t understand it the first time through.
Podcasts can be listened to on personal computers or on digital music players and are very convenient ways for students to practice English listening skills while on the move – riding on a Hong Kong tram, walking about town, or sitting in a coffee shop. They are a perfect way for students planning to take the IELTS, TOEIC, or TOEFL to practice for the listening portion of the test. Most of your friends probably post in your native language, but you can start making English-speaking friends by adding Q Language as a Facebook friend.

By browsing our Facebook page, you can also see who else is studying at Q Language and make some English-speaking friends that way. 2 Comments - Please leave a comment!← Study Abroad In Hong Kong – There Is Something For EveryoneHow Safe Are You Online? My relatives all the time say that I am wasting my time here on the web, except I know I am getting experience every day by reading good content like this.
We are a Hong Kong based Language School offering quality language training courses for both local and international students. Teaching as inquirySince any teaching strategy works differently in different contexts for different students, effective pedagogy requires that teachers inquire into the impact of their teaching on their students.Inquiry into the teaching–learning relationship can be visualised as a cyclical process that goes on moment by moment (as teaching takes place), day by day, and over the longer term.
Learning about my students' needsWhat is important (and therefore worth spending time on), given where my students are at?
Planning for my students' needs What strategies (evidence-based) are most likely to help my students learn this?
Impact of changed practicesWhat happened as a result of the teaching, and what are the implications for future teaching? Luckily, hi-tech advancements have currently made learning the English language much more simple, fun, and suitable. These particular English languages learning sites are developed for those individual who wants to learn the language online easily at own home. Because the Internet has become a huge part of most people's lives, the affluence of information posted from worldwide makes it a precious tool when learning to speak and write the English language. Sometimes I bring one of these into the classroom in order to help me keep students interested and entertained, and it’s always my hope that they will continue to use these resources on their own in order to continue improving their English skills. Students can watch a talk with subtitles in their native languages and then re-watch it with English subtitles. I find that students are able to understand even very technical English if they already know the basic ideas being presented.
Whether you’re interested in news and current events, travel, music, history, philosophy, science, technology, or anything else, there are several podcasts that can intrigue and entertain you. Many of these shows are radio broadcasts which podcasting has made available to a larger audience.
This way you’ll be able to see how native speakers express themselves in casual circumstances, and you’ll have lots of chances to practice writing your own English postings. We post daily idioms with example sentences, and we’d like to see you try the idioms out in the comments. I learn English by Skype and believe that it is less time-consuming than traditional methods. We have a great range of English, Chinese and Korean language courses with flexible schedules to suit your needs.For our overseas students, we offer a Student Visa Service and can arrange safe, comfortable and affordable accommodation while you study with us here in Hong Kong.

In this teaching inquiry, the teacher uses evidence from research and from their own past practice and that of colleagues to plan teaching and learning opportunities aimed at achieving the outcomes prioritised in the focusing inquiry.
In this learning inquiry, the teacher investigates the success of the teaching in terms of the prioritised outcomes, using a range of assessment approaches. When we arrived at the campground the wind was really strong, but after about an hour it calmed down enough for us to set up our tent. One hi-tech sophisticated method that has enhanced the method people learns English is the Internet.
These sites offer learning material in such areas as grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary, fun learning games, English books, articles, quizzes, magazines to read online, English chat forums that give a place where an individual can talk other learners and practice everyday English, lessons for beginners, as well as a place to share English tales and poetry.
It is always helpful to have good support system that will assist motivate you to keep learning. I think in the coming years more and more activities will be done online instead of the real world. The teacher uses all available information to determine what their students have already learned and what they need to learn next. They do this both while learning activities are in progress and also as longer-term sequences or units of work come to an end.
This up to date form of communication has opened the world to an entire new way of learning the English language.
Nowadays, with a simple click of the mouse, individual has a world completed with materials that they have right to use.
In spite of buying plenty of newspaper, books, and magazines and then sort through in sequence that does not interest you, you can discover anything that interests you. There are also chat boards, chat rooms, and email, where people can practice how to speak and write .English suitable Sites like Facebook and Twitter are a big way to meet and interact with English speakers. They then analyse and interpret the information to consider what they should do next.The New Zealand Curriculum, p. For example, sites such as Youtube have numerous learn english free videos lessons on learning to speak English.
These programs are planned to meet the students' requirements and have top local English speaking teachers.
These are English newspapers, journals, magazines, e-books, video, music, radio and online news networks.
There are countless resources available to us through our Internet-connected personal computers, and many of these are useful for studying English.

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