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Learning the English language is a complicated process, not necessarily because of the many complexities of the language itself, but more because the numerous learning methods you have to put up with and the numerous inexact myths that surround it. When acquiring any second language, not just the English language any student must know that there are as many do’s as there are don’ts in the learning process.
When you learn English or any other language for that matter, you will surely find yourself struggling with the process, or at least a part of it.
Spending too much time on grammar – While learning a new language many of us might have the misconception that learning grammar will help us more than learning to actually speak the language, which includes having a big vocabulary.
Making your study sessions long – Studying for too long will not only bore you but also demotivate you and make the whole process last longer. Avoid learning without context – Anytime you learn a new word try using it in a sentence and put it in a context. Try to spend money on literature that actually interests you – Let’s say that you are interested in crafting activities such as knitting or sewing. Have fun while learning – Just like in the tip above which says you should learn what you like, you should definitely try to incorporate your passions and have fun while learning: make sure you are entertained otherwise it will seem boring and people tend to avoid boring things.
Engage, speak and write – Make sure that you express yourself in English any way you can, even if it just means replying to strangers on Twitter. Idioms are one of the most important parts of speaking fluent English and in order to master the language you most certainly must master how and when to use idioms. The correct use of idioms can take you to the next level of fluency and make you sound as a true native speaker, a native speakers that can appreciate the relevance of creative language. If you ever need to write an essay, a letter or anything really, idioms transform the text giving it a more creative and better sounding structure. While idioms are a great way to improve your language skills they need to be understood and relevant to actually be of any help. The first “don’t” when it comes to idioms is to never use them if you don’t understand their meaning.
Every student would prefer to take the short road and learn the basics of a new language in the fastest way possible. Use what you learn immediately – It doesn’t matter if you learn a new word, some new aspect of the grammar part or how to pronounce something more authentically.
It’s a marathon not a sprint – Make sure you don’t obsess on a single aspect of the learning process. Involve your native language – Don’t be afraid to involve your native language in the process. 2-      Read the local newspapers, read every brochure you get your hands on and try to use the internet while searching for something locally in English. So next time you are in an English speaking country, don’t waste time thinking your English is not good enough.
The English learning process can have a lot of difficult moments, and by far most students will agree that the hardest part of learning the English language is the seemingly endless barrage of grammar rules. While it’s far from impossible, grammar can be mastered by just about any student, however, even advanced students tend to make some of the most basic mistakes. In this article we’ll be looking at some of the most common mistakes and at some suggestions to improve your grammar in no time at all. These are just some of the most common mistakes, but there are lots more that can range from small misunderstandings to big problems regarding the way you approach your learning.
Next, we’ll look at some general suggestions that can put you on the right track to correcting most of your grammar mistakes and enhancing your English skills. When you read something in English don’t just go over it or think that because you understand the meaning you know the language. As it is with any new language, the learning of English is a long process that will have some efficient parts and a lot of less efficient ones. So if you are determined to learn the English language, here is a list of the definitive don’ts.
Regardless of what level you’re currently at right now, you probably will need a lot of time to master the English language at a native speaker level. It’s important to make sure you advance at about the same pace with all the aspects of the English language. It’s very important to immerse yourself in the language if you want to have maximum gain in a short time.

Make sure you take any opportunity and if needed set time aside to speak the English language, whether it is with native speakers, online or by reading or watching a movie. It is very tempting to use antiquated material that teaches an out of date and overly proper version of English that will just leave you at a disadvantage when it comes to speaking the language or trying to use it in real life situations. A whole world of idioms, expressions, accents, and even cuss words can give your speech nuances and a flow that will not only make you a better speaker but a better communicator. This is why we created the do’s and don’ts section on Gotmesh.org, in order to shine a strong light on the good things and inform you on what you shouldn’t waste your time on.
This means that even the best intentions and work ethic can lead to disastrous results if a wise, well balanced and carefully prepared research isn’t made before starting the actual learning process. This is why we have compiled this useful list of do’s and don’ts so that you can make sure that you are always on the right track when learning English. But it doesn’t because when it comes down to it, the number of words you know and how well you can communicate is more important than technical knowledge. Instead of tiring yourself out with long English learning hours, you should try and make sure that you short and effective study sessions.
This means getting a partner with whom to talk or watching a cool show in English without subtitles or even doing Karaoke in English. That’s the beauty of the whole English learning process because you can make sure that you learn to write well just by engaging in activities that have to do with learning the language: get a pen pal, start a new hobby, find a group or forum where you can talk, fall in love with a native English speaker, etc. Idioms are defined as a combination of words that have a metaphorical, figurative meaning, one that is completely different from their literal meaning. This article is meant to show how to increase the quality of your English and improve your communication while showing you how to remain relevant when using idioms. They can help your writing regardless of what emotion or message you’re trying to convey, from happiness to anger, from sadness to sarcasm and everything in between. As idioms reflect the tradition, social traits and habits of a country, they can give an interesting and unique view into how that country creates and updates its culture. As they are metaphorical expressions of certain events, human habits, natural occurrences etc. While some idioms are obvious or so ridiculous that they can’t possibly be taken literally, others are subtle enough that a novice English speaker might confuse their meaning and get him or herself  into a humiliating situation or simply have a hard time making themselves understood. Idioms can be a great way to improve your language skills, make communication more efficient but if used too often can be quite cringe inducing and can make even the best speaker sound ridiculous. You can’t achieve much without hard work and practicing is still the best method to get over the trickier aspects of the language like grammar and pronunciation.
Classic approaches like taking a class or alternative ones like practicing while you watch TV or trying to think in your chosen language.
Regardless of how talented you are, how fast you pick things up or how much you study; you won’t be perfect from your first try. This will lead you nowhere as you won’t be able to improve your English or immerse in the new culture. This is an amazing experience and everybody will be nice to you and listen to you even if your English is not that good.
An easy way to remember the correct form for each of these words is to attribute a picture to each one of them. A lot of times it comes up as a mistype rather than a grammatical error but in any case, it’s a very simple thing to fix.
Whenever you’re not sure about which form to use remember that “then” is used in relation to time while “than” is used in situations where you compare something. Try to figure out why certain phrases are correct, see how many grammar lessons you can recognize in the page you just read. It sounds like a no brainer but a lot of people approach the grammar problem like it’s something you just breeze through and then let it work itself out over time. While a lot of people learn English on their own don’t hesitate to go to a tutor or a course if you think that approach is something that will give you better results. There are a lot of ways to start learning the language and each comes with its own methodology. This being said, make sure that you are determined to reach your goal, and that you plan your study time in a smart way, without over or undergoing it.
There is no better way to retain information and to improve your vocabulary than to just immerse yourself in the language.

Don’t go for the romanticized and sterile versions of English some textbooks present, but fully embrace the living language that is used today.
Around 15 to 30 minutes a day, every day is better than 3.5 hours spent learning in only one day each week. For example, one could learn the word “bagels” by associating it with the subway because every time they go to work using the subway they stop to get some delicious bagels. A quick example “It’s raining cats and dogs today” of course, doesn’t mean cats and dogs are literally falling out of the sky, it does however mean that there is a heavy rainfall today.
Some examples of idioms are quite rural or archaic but they are given as an example to English students because they are easily understandable. It won’t be easy but with a lot of work and a proper game plan one could achieve a proficient level of English in a pretty short time.
Don’t lose hope or be too hard on yourself just because you don’t have a perfect accent, you can’t converse with a native speaker or you won’t remember every grammar rule from the get go. If you’re having trouble with a word, a grammar lesson or the way you pronounce something; don’t obsess about it.
Actually this happens to people who natively speak English and travel to foreign countries and it really makes the process of learning the new language a lot harder.
You will certainly find theaters, cinemas and other establishments where you can enjoy something in English. Even if you don’t speak English very well, you will certainly understand them and they will be a great tool in your English learning demeanor. This way, you will end up with some cool new stuff and learn a few more things that will help you perfect your English.
Do grammar exercises, find a tutor, or ask for help from a native speaker, read all you can about the specific parts that give you trouble, anything, as long as you are proactive and trying to solve the problem. Some might find some methods rewarding while other might think them a waste of time, but regardless of what you choose there are some things that can’t bring anything good, and actually throw you off track and make the whole process more difficult.
For people that just want to master conversational English it’s fine to insist on your listening and speaking and not pay so much attention to skills like reading and writing but for a thorough approach that will give you the best results a steady growth of all aspects is preferable.
So when you will try to remember that word you will think: delicious, ah, the subway, yes, bagels!
This, however, doesn’t mean they are still relevant in day to day communication and can make someone sound out of place.
There are of course some tricks to this and while it’s important to know how to start it might be even more important to know what not to do. You won’t just get a memory boost, you will also get the satisfaction of using your newly learned language.
You can decide later if the method is rewarding or a waste of time but if you want to learn English fast, make sure you try just about any approach.
Well, first you need to make sure that you know what to avoid whenever you are travelling to an English speaking country. There’s also the charm of knowing the English culture the best way possible, by living among people who speak this language. Here is a short list with the most important do’s and don’ts when it comes to learning the English language fast. This way you know what’s happening in the book and you are somehow familiar with the plot so it’s easier for you to learn a few more words. This way you meet the locals and you are somehow obligated to interact in the English language. Blaming a class, a course or a teacher for your lack of progress may be convenient but will lead nowhere.
Take the initiative and learn more than your teacher suggests, do more research, and tackle more and more advanced issues. Try to get as many under your belt as possible and focus on learning as much as you can in no specific order.

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