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With the possibility for trouble lurking around every corner, it makes sense to take precautions to avoid trouble whenever possible. A good LMS can help manage compliance, give businesses a competitive edge, help retain employees and improve the use of new technologies. Many companies and institutions use online training courses to deliver mandatory and annual training to employees. Keeping track of hundreds, if not thousands, of courses could easily result in noncompliance and sanctions if not done correctly.
A Learning Management System provides that competitive edge by providing powerful tools to track, analyze and customize online training. Offering professional development opportunities to employees via online training courses can lead to higher employee engagement and employee retention. While technology can sometimes land us in trouble, using technology correctly can actually work to keep us out of trouble.
By adhering to the SCORM-standard, an LMS can prevent the errors in translation that often occur when adding courses developed in different platforms. For more information on the features in an LMS that could potentially keep you out of trouble, download our free ebook What?s The Difference Between An LMS And An LCMS?

A strong Learning Management System (LMS) can help you avoid many problems associated with online training and strengthen a program so it doesn’t get into trouble in the first place. For example, school systems often use online modules to deliver state mandated training on everything from acceptable use of the internet to child abuse reporting. A Learning Management System makes it easy and simple to collect, track and review certificates of completion to ensure 100 percent learner compliance for each required course, keeping you out of trouble. For example, Pinterest has only been around for two years but already, it’s changed social media in big ways.
For example, using the power of cloud computing and mobile technology in combination with an LMS, you can create a mobile learning experience your learners can access from any mobile device anywhere, anytime. First, you lose money when an employee leaves taking with him or her institutional knowledge and the investment you already made in the employee.
They will feel like the company values them as an investment, wants to encourage them to grow as individuals, and is willing to spend time and money on them. An online course that isn’t able to correctly communicate with the LMS leads to inconsistent data and harms the learner.
But you can keep out of trouble in the world of online learning by conducting a thorough learning management system comparison and finding one that best fits your needs.

Increased business and finance regulations make it easy for one misstep to bring down an entire company. Regulatory bodies and agencies track and monitor a company’s compliance with mandatory training. For businesses and institutions to remain competitive, they have to keep up with current trends.
This gives you a competitive edge over courses requiring learners to use laptop or desktop computers only, or only specific servers.
A SCORM-compliant LMS provides a standard platform when adding courses for a consistent online training experience. And every day, news articles appear telling us what we once thought was healthy, like bagged salad, might actually be our undoing.

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