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Recognized by UGC-Distance Education Bureau for Offering Programmes in open & Distance Learning (ODL).
Mahatma Gandhi University introduces "learning management system" to provide complete online education facility to the students.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Choosing a learning management system that will be useful for your company can be challenging. Content: Content may be the most important factor when you set about choosing the right LMS for your company.
An Extensive Library: Another factor to consider when selecting an LMS is whether or not it comes with a library. Compatibility: When an organization already has training programs and materials in its system which it likes, but, perhaps, needs more, it is important to ensure the LMS shares compatibility. User Experience: Ease of user experience is very important when determining how to choose an LMS system. It can also be used for online professional development as well as collaboration between and among administration, teachers, and students. When selecting an LMS, you want a system that people find easy to maneuver, that offers great quality for the cost, and that makes it easy to create and set up learning modules for new hires and veterans.

It is important to ensure that the LMS offers video, written materials, or file formats like Flash or PowerPoint. This sort of system not only allows previous information to be used, but it also allows new materials to be authored to meet new requirements, regulations, and laws. If employees do not find it easy to use, no matter how good the content, they will not take advantage of the system. Providing additional training and professional development can be important in taking newly-hired people and making them into true contributors. She manages marketing communications for the international market that includes Europe, Middle East and Africa as well the Asia Pacific Region. Under a€?LMSa€? following features are available on a cost that is optional to the students.
It is also important to consider the effort needed to implement and maintain LMS services for employees.
Whichever format your company would use the most, ensure that is a format that works well with the LMS. Industry specific courses are the preferred library so employees can grow in the knowledge, understanding, and professionalism. Although most LMS software is advertised as user-friendly, it is important to find out and be sure before purchasing that it is indeed easy and intuitive to use.

Intuitive maneuvering and great cost are mute points if the content is not what a company needs. Also, when considering if an LMS system is practical, one should consider if the LMS library includes information that offers to meet compliance for regulations and laws, pre-licensing needs, continuing education credits, certification, and, of course, career development in several different industries.
Whether used as part of employee evaluations, or as a way to offer more training, it is important to use an LMS and to choose the right one for your company.
Joanne is a graduate of BS Development Communications from University of the Philippines, Los Banos.
Sometimes a business may be searching for an appropriate corporate LMS and the variables needed vary per department or change during different times of the year. Corporate-made courses should be able to sit directly next to the LMS modules that come with the program. A blended approach of using existing and corporate-made content helps add to the effectiveness of the LMS.

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learning management system reviews 2012

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