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Enjoy fast and successful Learning Management System evaluation, selection, and implementation! Use this easily customized Learning Management System RFP Master™ template with 1,332 highly quantitative & succinct criteria to quickly prepare an RFP.
Enjoy fast, accurate, and detailed "Apples-to-Apples" comparison of competing vendor RFP responses (proposals) at the individual feature level.
All competing vendor proposals can be inserted into the Evaluation Matrix, included with all RFP Masters, to analyze, evaluate, and compare the functional capabilities of each proposed LMS software, and identifies which LMS best meets the complex requirements of a specific organization. This RFP enables you to immediately query vendors about all aspects of learning management system. Purchase and download the full LMS Software RFP Master by clicking the "Add to Cart" button below to use our online order form and Secure Checkout.
To view all evaluation & comparison tools included with this learning management software RFP Click Here! At e-doceo, we know that the challenge of training not only lies in creating attractive and efficient contents, but also in the quality of publishing educational contents for learners on computers or mobile devices. We know that publishing knowledge is only valuable when it can be understood, measured, and evaluated.
We know that every business is unique and only a powerful and flexible solution can meet the needs of each company. In choosing e-doceo, we provide a powerful solution for publishing learning content and monitoring learners with an adjustable price according to the number of trained employees. With e-doceo learning manager, you have a complete website available for presenting your training department or service.
While it is clear that formal training retains its pre-eminence and is recognised throughout the world of work, informal learning, hitherto little known and appreciated, is now established as a new form of participatory learning. A« Reliable, efficient and easy to use, the e-doceo software and platform solution made us more productive. Specialized for use in complex information system environments, this RFP Master collects information from vendors about all apects of the learning management system software implementation project they are proposing.

This RFP contains questions that query vendors about SaaS, Cloud Computing, Voice Technology, and other emerging capabilities to ensure the optimum fit to your current and future requirements. RFP Masters automatically evaluate vendor response data collected to quantitatively determine the SUPPORTABILITY INDEX™ of each proposed software system. Compare proposed LMS system software features side-by-side faster and more accurately with the fully automated Color Comparison Chart™ matrix included with this learning management RFP at no extra charge. This RFP Master™ uses a Feature Support Matrix™ (FSM) that identify BOTH feature AVAILABILITY and DELIVERY Method. The Feature Support Matrix™ (FSM) used in each learning management RFP Master™ categorizes the inherent risk posed for each criteria, and uses that information to calculate the SUPPORTABILITY INDEX™ for each vendor RFP response. In a friendly environment, the trainer can monitor the progress of his or her learners and set up tutoring actions. This tool is extremely user-friendly and allows you to fully create a showcase for your training offer.
Several virtual training environments are available and can be set up according to your audience.
Each learning management RFP Master includes a Feature Support Matrix™ (FSM) to automatically capture this information, which can be used to create very accurate and reliable learning management system software system implementation schedules. All questions are professionally prepared by application specialists to address BOTH the STANDARD features and EXCEPTION CASE software functions required. This RFP Master function is useful during both the learning management system software selection AND the system implementation phases of large projects because it enables effective Earned Value Management through detailed cross-referencing of usable software functionality and vendor invoicing. As a first step towards e-learning or training thousands of learners, e-doceo learning manager meets your expectations. Accurately compare the amount of ongoing support needed to keep each proposed LMS software system up and running.
Quickly and easily compare learning management system software system proposals side-by-side, feature by feature, in detailed comparisons you control! With eLeaP, there is nothing to download, no hardware or software to maintain and no IT staff needed.

Quickly upload any file type including SCORM, videos, audio, PowerPoints, YouTube and more.
Whether you are a global enterprise or local operation, you can leverage the power, simplicity, and scalability of eLeaP to connect your customers, partners, employees or students in a seamless self-service, on-demand e-learning system automatically getting new features and free backup.Instructor-Led Training (ILT). Schedule and Track Live Classroom Training.Classroom training can still play an important part in overall training.
Use the eLeaP Instructor-led training tracking system to schedule, track and document traditional training or classroom-based training. Click to add your own logo and color scheme and even add instructions for your participants.
Easily Sell Online Courses.The eCommerce LMS System enables any organization to turn their courses into on-demand, products for sale on the Internet. Simply, upload, set your price, add discount coupons or affiliate marketing and launch.Automated Rules, Advanced Reporting. Tracking and Analysis Made Easy.Set up automated Smart Assigning rules, access reports from course and events completion status to quiz, feedback or training paths. You can create basic users with the Trainee level, course creators with the Instructor level, account managers with the Administrator level, and now with the new Supervisor level, any user can be granted access to training and compliance status reports. There is no need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to compliance training for OSHA standards, the fundamentals of customer service, conflict and personnel management, and more. Our professional eLearning course developers will design courses that won’t put your users to sleep and might even earn you some all important brownie points with the boss(es). I was able to configure and launch this SaaS based LMS within weeks, using SCORM to effectively track user progress with built in reports.

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