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I returned home and continued to take classes at community colleges and major universities before ultimately saying that I couldn’t work full time and go to a school as a traditional student. The school I went to is accredited, and was a member of the organization I worked for at the time (a national college examination not-for-profit), so I had no issue making the case for going to that institution, even though online education was still very new to the higher education world. I got two really bad pieces of advice when I told people I was considering online education. Boy was I cocky, but I was proud of the hard work I did and felt like I needed to defend it.
More than likely, you’re in a unique situation – you have real world skills, and you’re learning from experienced faculty with practical experience – don’t wait until the end of the class to apply your education to the real world. Take it from me, someone who has done it all when it comes to getting his education – traditional, community college, major universities, online and yes I have even been known to participate in MOOCs, the best way to combat the worst advice you’re going to be given about your decision to go to an online university is proving it wrong. Kirk has been in the field of marketing for more than 15 years, building email marketing programs for web sites, virtual businesses and brick and mortar companies.
For many, the years spent sitting behind desks in both academic and training classrooms have molded their perceptions of what learning is, where learning takes place, and how to be successful. I was reminded the other day that saving or submitting a post should come before stepping away to take a snack. Before you enroll, check the university’s technical requirements and make sure you’re able to meet them.
When you’re taking an online class, one of the best ways to efficiently manage your time is to invest in a laptop. It’s crucial to have the right equipment and technology for your online education class.
Lees-McRae College is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges to award baccalaureate degrees. Lees-McRae College Online Learning provides affordable, accessible Bachelor’s Degree completion programs that lead to improved options for employment. This full-time program prepares the student to be a teacher in the North Carolina Public School system.
This full-time online program prepares students for careers in various agencies and programs providing direct services to individuals, families or communities. This full-time program is designed for students who are working in the healthcare field who already hold a two-year degree in Nursing. By 2001 I had all of my credits from my first semester of school, and a few other classes under my belt and found a job that included tuition benefits.
The first (1) it’s not a real education, it’s too easy and (2) you’ll never get a job with that degree.
Of course I interviewed along that journey with other potential employers, and only once along the way did I encounter someone who laughed at my degree. And I politely responded with, “No sir they are the reason that your alma mater and where you teach as an adjunct professor is in the process of developing their own online institution and classes.
The recruiter called me two hours later, wanting to know how it went….and I said, “how do you think it went?” She said it must have gone well, because he wants to hire you.

You need to set aside time to not only study, read, discuss and complete your assignments on time, but you also need to think about what you want your “quad to be”. Do it while you’re at work, share concepts from your texts with your boss, show the doubting-thomases of the world that you’re not wasting money on a degree that you’ll never get a job with. Use the classroom as a way to not only discuss topics but to develop networks and “old college buddies”, you’ll never know who you’ll run into at an interview or on Linkedin. He is an advocate of online education, with two undergraduate degrees and a digital design diploma, all awarded from online universities.
From these perceptions, many of us have actually become quite effective in our skills for interacting, learning, and assessing our progress from behind the desk of the traditional classroom environment.
When I left the room the other day to munch on my favorite treat, my son walked up to the computer and found out what the D-E-L-E-T-E button did. At the very least, you should have reliable access to an up-to-date computer and a high-speed Internet connection.
You don’t need a laptop to take courses online, but having one means that you can make good use of time that would typically be lost, such as time during your morning commute on the train or waiting at the doctor’s office. Contact the Commission on Colleges at 1866 Southern Lane, Decatur, Georgia 30033-4097 or call 404-679-4500 for questions about the accreditation of Lees-McRae College. It builds upon an associate’s degree in Criminal Justice, an associate of arts or associate of science, or a combination of 73 credit hours of college-level work that can be transferred to Lees-McRae College. It builds upon associate’s level course work that can be transferred to Lees-McRae College.
As a result, students must take responsibility for ensuring they have the hardware and software they need to interact with the Sakai website and to complete course assignments. I found the work to be harder, more intense and required more attention than I ever had to put out in a traditional university classroom. I “re-entered” the workplace with not only a fresh “sheepskin” but also 10 years of workplace experience. They are filling a need in our education system, and giving people a chance to not only validate their skills and their life learning, but to also educate people in an ever-changing ever-engaged world.
I was floored, even after I stormed out of his office, he still wanted to hire me, Rolling Stone diploma and all – I actually turned them down based on that question.
Meaning, you need to take time out, head to the mall, head to the gym…do the things that traditional students do – make the local mall your frat house, and make the gym your field house. Thanks to “pioneers” like me, fewer people are going to see your online education as a questionable one, but as a way to get you on the top of the pile – you’re a self-starter, adaptive, responsive and a hard worker. In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his dogs, watching movies, and trying to stay on track at the gym. E-learning, however, typically challenges each of these perceptions about learning and, as a result, the transition from the traditional classroom to the online classroom can be difficult for many learners.
He was fascinated with the progress he made as he scrolled backwards by just hitting one button. Depending on the course or degree program, you may need other specific software too – some of which may be available to students through the school’s Web site or server.

In fact, before each course start, you should perform a technical check – testing your connections and all equipment you’ll be using throughout the semester.
This 51 credit hour program can be completed over two years and leads to a BAAS in Criminal Justice. This 63 credit hour program can be completed over two years and leads to a BAAS in Human Services. This will include, but is not limited to: computer access, internet connectivity, up-to-date web browsing software and Microsoft Office Suite software. You committed to getting your degree, proudly hang your diploma in your cube – attend local alumni events. All traits that employers are looking for – well that, and you can Google like no one’s business –kidding. Fit in your classes during times that would otherwise be wasted, and you’ll have much more free time during the rest of your day. I spent one semester at a traditional university, and found out the hard way how much I really hate snow and cold climates. I didn’t have to mail in my exams and such, but I did have to purchase books, and the classroom for me was Outlook Express. I’ll be honest; I never cracked a book the whole time – with the exception of math – while I was in the traditional setting. Some of these may include windows updates, adobe updates, driver updates, wireless or wired device driver updates.
Online education has come a long way since those days…mobile learning platforms, online classrooms within the website environment, YouTube lectures and video conferencing with the course facilitator were unheard of when I was going to school in the online environment. The degree wasn’t shunned or looked down on, and frankly I found that recruiters and hiring managers alike were fascinated in the process and what it took and they often said that they never did anything like that in school.
Remember, I was doing a paper a week, along with a PowerPoint presentation, and discussion questions. In the online environment, I had to read, develop my own learning points, figure out what was the fluff in the text and what was the test material and in a way develop my own lectures so that it could stick. The people who were talking to me did a mid-term and a final at most in the majority of their classes in traditional universities.
Not to mention that as an introverted person (the editors of this blog will disagree with that), I could easily sit in a lecture hall of 75-100 people and absorb. In the online environment, you have to participate, and when I went, not only were you participating, but you were really driving the discussion.
Endless strings of conversations in Outlook Express made it so that you had to look at everyone and contribute to keep the learning process from halting.

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