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The Learning Skills for Science (LSS) programme was first produced at the Weizmann Institute of Science. High-order skills - such as inquiry, problem-solving, thinking and learning skills - are an integral part of a good science education. Each skill area is divided into sub-skills, for example Skill Area 5 Scientific writing covers how to prepare a report, write an article and construct an abstract. The LSS resources are available through training programmes delivered by the national network of Science Learning Centres (SLCs) and local LSS trainers around the UK. Training on the activities and intended pedagogy at a 2-day course is followed by ongoing support via our LSS Associates scheme, providing updates on new LSS materials and training courses in the UK. LSS Associates gain exclusive online access to free downloadable supporting resources, including scientific articles, texts, worksheets and useful weblinks. The documents can be downloaded by clicking the links in the table below and selecting 'save as' or 'save target as', depending on your browser.

The Gatsby Science Enhancement Programme offer bespoke LSS training courses upon request both in the UK, and Internationally. People are often asking me about how to help their children with their handwriting so I thought I would write a series of posts on that topic. Children who are learning letter formations might like this wipe clean a-z whiteboard with pre-printed dashed letters to trace to help them learn to write the letters of the alphabet.
In 2004, the Gatsby Science Enhancement Programme (SEP) commissioned further work to enable the materials and training programme to be used in the UK. The LSS programme helps teachers to integrate learning skills into the teaching of scientific content.
The LSS materials were further developed this year, together with the Nuffield Curriculum Centre, to include subject specific LSS activities to support the new Advanced level specifications in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Applied Science and Science in Society. Join the LSS Associates scheme through LSS training programmes taking place at Science Learning Centres, schools and colleges all over the UK.

People trained pre-December 2008 will be asked to register as LSS Associates to gain access to the exclusive LSS supporting resources. Different settings use slightly different standard formation so if your child is attending nursery or school it is worth checking with their teacher or key worker how they are teaching the letter formations.
With these new resources, the LSS programme supports science teaching and learning from secondary through to further education, ages 11-19.

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learning skills on eve

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