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The following chart summarizes the learning skills that will be assessed on your child’s report card.
Families and students, with CASL we need to get your permission to email you about your child. Luckily repetition is the mother of all skills so if you can steer children to do something that that they like doing, and that is at the same time good for them, such as learning, then they will repeat it and repeat it and increase their skill at doing it.
Kids have a natural tendency to repeat the things they like, for example my kids will watch the same film a hundred times and they just love it whereas me, if I watch a film once it would have to be three years before I could watch it again.
As Children are wired to repeat what they like, this fact can be used to increase their knowledge.

Using fun techniques such as The Learning Well Memory Map is an easy learning method that can be used to increase children’s skills in writing, speaking and almost all areas of literacy learning and children will therefore want to use them time and time again. Repeated use of mapping massively increases their abilities in all areas including schoolwork. Well it’s a bit like Tony Buzan’s Mind Mapping highly focused on the skills of learning and remembering in a very easy and structured fun way. Both kids and adults love the technique and the point is that your children will want to use it time and again. This chart has also been posted in the room as a reminder to help students monitor their own work habits.

So how can you encourage your children to repeat things that help them improve their learning and abilities at school.

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learning skills techniques

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