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And if I had another dollar for every time I think the same thing, I’d be a millionaire. Why is it that we don’t live every moment as if it were our last – because it quite possibly could be? Last month, Lorie Huston, an accomplished veterinarian and veterinary journalist, died unexpectedly.
Two days before Lori’s death, Sophia Yin, a renowned veterinary behaviorist, took her own life. Three weeks ago, I attended a benefit for Karl Cochran, a rock guitarist who had a stroke this spring, and who is currently facing a long and slow recovery.I knew Lorie personally.

I didn’t meet Karl until the night of the benefit, and then only briefly to wish him well.
Pay attention to each moment as if it were your last.And who better to teach us how to do this than our cats. Are you really in the moment, or is a part of you thinking about what’s for dinner, what you have to get done before you can relax?
After the death of my husband and soul mate, who was much too young to leave this physical plane, I am a completely different person. Reply Brenda November 9, 2014 at 9:46 pm (2 years ago)Good post & always a good reminder!

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life can change instant quotes

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