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Kondo isn’t talking about cleaning supplies (though she doesn’t think we need Costco-sized packs of toilet paper lying around).
Even if you don’t agree with everything Kondo says, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up is a book that will make you think about your relationship to the things around you.
The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up is a quick read, and if you’re a person who enjoys thinking about the best life you can lead (something I have found more and more intriguing as I get older), it’s worth it. I read this book well over a year ago, and I keep referencing it and recommending it, even though, at the time, it annoyed me to no end! I do accept books for review, but please take a look at my review policy before pitching me a book.
I personally love to read, so I hope you enjoy these couple of books that I am going to list.
The scarlet letter is a story about a woman who commits adultery and is put to jail for it. LCB is one of the most well known and successful African-American publishing companies in the publishing industry.
Meet Mirror Carter, a hood chick from Shady Grove Trailer Park who would die to forget her past, and bask in a more sophisticated lifestyle. There's an exclusive lifestyle in America where your body, your game and good looks, all get you paid. Womanizer, Antoine Moore believed that women were only good for one thing…lying on their backs. She’s talking about our clothes, shoes, books, purses, scarves, jewelry—those things that we keep around because they looked good in the store, even if we don’t like them as much at home, or that thing that we’re leaving in our closet for that one time we might need it.
You might not like or agree with everything Kondo has to say, but it’s worth taking the time to listen and think about whether you can apply principles from what she says to your own life. Even if you don’t go 100% KonMari, this book will make you think about your home in a new way. You can argue that the woman is slightly nuts, but wow did she have good marketing and a timely topic. If your comment needs a response, I will provide it in a timely manner, as I read every comment I receive. Most of them are books I would not have found on my own to be honest because I grew up reading supernatural stories, but along the way I started exploring my options. This touching novel is about a lovable college professor who is diagnosed with ALS  in his late sixties.

He had lots of problems with his family so he hardly stayed in touch when he went on his trips that would last for moths at times. By mentoring teens and speaking at shelters for abused women she continues to achieve that goal. The jewels, cars, and furs were a way of life until tragedy struck, destroying their empire, and landing Kennedi in unlikely situation. Although Mirror gets a small taste of the glamorous life, her appetite for wealth continues to grow as she constantly searches for the next big moneymaker. However, the professional bachelor’s wild exotic journeys are brought to a halt, when one of his former flings, leaves their daughter, Angel on his door step.
Because Kondo’s approach to tidying is different than anything else you’ve probably ever read. It makes sense that the relationship should be a positive one; you should feel joy at seeing the things you own.
Because, like it or not, I know I have too much stuff and the clutter is driving me slightly mad! The story is told by one of his former student named Mitch who happens to hear about his diseased friend and decides to pay a visit. He travels and leaves marks in the hearts of those he meets during his dangerous adventures, in the end one of these adventures lead to his death. Soon, she decides to leave everything she once knew behind, including her son, to start a new life on the West Coast.
That is until she meets, Brice Tower, the handsome, and filthy rich owner of the Houston Rockets, and her meal ticket to the millionaire’s club. She posits that the reason we all have so much stuff, the reasons our closets are crammed full and our drawers are overflowing, is that we’ve never actually been taught to tidy properly. One of the major takeaways I had from this book was that if a piece of clothing doesn’t bring you joy, you should get rid of it. Her husband comes back and pays a visit to her in prison wanting revenge on the man who had his wife.
Soon, chaos erupts and Mirror s fairy-tale life turns into a nightmare when she finds out Brice s best kept secret. Caught up in the drama with his new love Karina, Trae doesn t see his life unfolding in front of him. Meet Jewell, a five foot nine diva, who was born with a silver spoon in her mouth and an American Express card in her hand.

People hire her in order to bring order to their lives, and in this book, she shares her wisdom to advise people on how to tidy and declutter, and how that can have repercussions throughout your life.
I’m not sure I can go that far (my precious books!), but as a person who has been trying to get rid of things and be in a constant state of culling the past few years, I certainly wanted to take what she had to say to heart. Unknowingly, he gives Carmen information about his operation that could send him away for years. Sadly, when her bank account turns cold, Jewell resorts to a dangerous, ridiculous scam only to maintain her rich girl status. If you spent a lot of money bringing an expensive dress home, and it turns out you’re never going to wear it because it doesn’t fit right (and you can’t return it), it’s time to get rid of it. As things spiral out of control, Kennedi works hard at keeping her dark past hidden, but there’s nothing that can protect her from the mark Sharrod has put on her life. When the game of fatal attraction turns hood, Mirror’s past is exposed and all hell breaks lose. Once Carmen stumbles across a mysterious secret the FBI withheld connecting her to Trae, she finds herself in an uncompromising position that may turn the entire case cold. The dress did its job by making you happy when you bought it; there’s no reason to keep it around now. While I don’t want this method of thinking to encourage my own consumerism, I do like it for letting go of things I feel like I “should” keep, for whatever reason.
By hook or crook, she sells her soul to the highest bidder only to keep what little paper she has. Vegas hadn't seen a devilish by any means necessary chick until she showed up in town ready to show off her manipulative skills.
Taking the city by storm, she spends her time hustling dope dealers, high-rollers, and any man with a thick wallet.
The girls get desperate when chaos strikes and come up with a corrupt scheme to certify them as rich girls for life.

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