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To sum it up, before that book, I was a messy, disorganized person, and after, I was a clean, organized person.
Admittedly, I know and have read, many books related to personal development and self improvement. Brene Brown is a researcher at the University of Houston and her work centers on shame and vulnerability.
The reason why I would say this book is my number one choice is because, for me, it truly bridges the gap between science and spirituality, and it reveals just how powerful our perceptions can be. Of course, Shinn was writing about the Law of Attraction but back then very few people had heard about it. Surrounded by unimaginable suffering and loss, Frankl began to wonder why some of his fellow prisoners were able not only to survive the horrifying conditions, but to grow in the process. Frankl’s book beautifully illustrates the power of attitude over circumstance. This includes making time for our emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual needs each day, as well as having time for solitude, silence, and stillness.
This book was pivotal in my understanding of how important small daily actions are to my overall health, happiness, and productivity. I found this book in the used book store while I was aimlessly walking to numb my then overwhelming pain.
Katie shows you how to easily tune into these “thoughts” and how to take control of them, and thereby take control of your experience of life, helping you move from pain to paradise, almost effortlessly. When Patrik asked me to reveal the book that had the biggest impact on my life; only one title sprang to mind.
Quite simply, it has everything you need to get up off your ass and start living the life you truly want. As you can imagine, this led to some crazy situations involving an impromptu trip to an Amsterdam sex club, a meeting with a Nigerian scam artist and a request to visit Barcelona to meet his Spanish equivalent. I chose this book because I think its content is applicable to achieving success in almost any different area of life.
That’s a great and very fitting quote Thea, thank you for that and for your contribution to this post. Public asked to name books that “changed their life” by online bibliotherapy service provider at Arts and Mental Health event in London. Members of the public were asked to name a book that had changed their life as part of the Changing Minds Festival over the weekend that took place at the Royal Festival Hall in London.
The festival was an opportunity for visitors to learn more about the health benefits of the arts. The books named by visitors ranged from the novella Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry to the Dickens classic Great expectations, published in 1865, which was the oldest book on the list. The poll was carried out by the online bibliotherapy provider who match readers to life-changing books via their team of empathetic curators, which includes librarians, authors, and booksellers. Kate Lomax, co-founder comments: “We have been overwhelmed with the interest from visitors at this fantastic event. Biblio is building an online community connecting readers with book curators who can guide them to life-changing books chosen just for them.
Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases.
Best Selling Author Miss KP is at it again, as she brings you another novel filled with deadly sins, lust, and heart-wrenching betrayal of two wives who are determined to dodge their pasts.
The Dirty Divorce Trilogy has been a wild ride and readers just can t get enough of the Sanchez family drama.
In Dirty Divorce Part 1 and 2 readers were at the edge of their seats, addicted to the Sanchez family drama. Drugs turn out to be a way of life for Rich, a powerful, sexy Drug Lord hailing from Washington, D.C. XperiencesHands-Free Passive Income Creation How To Profit Greatly From Property Investment Multiply: How You Can Easily And Quickly Create Multiple Sources Of Passive Income – Without Lifting A Finger!
The Life Changing Money Program teaches you some little-known life-changing secrets to double or triple your income in the quickest possible time. I was challenged to constantly think of the value that I could create to make a great impact in people’s lives for which I would be handsomely rewarded.
It showcased a great team of experts who all shared their experiences and knowledge in their respective fields of self-development, entrepreneurship, fund raising, patents, marketing and more.
It also motivates aspiring participants to embark on the entrepreneurship route, which provides great rewards to those who take action. I was exposed to all kind of insider’s secrets for successfully marketing a business online which I have never seen before! For those interested in starting a business, it revealed how we can start a business at the lowest cost possible and what type of products to sell for us to have the highest possible chances of success, as well as who to go to to get the work done for us so that we don’t have to do everything on our own.
This will greatly increase our success rate – and I’m looking forward to getting started on my path really soon!
I am always excited when people show me a way to earn passive income or near passive income. This program is very unique and awakened my thinking mind because for so long I never even realize there are so many different ways I could make money.
If you want to increase your income as an employee or your revenues as an entrepreneur, do attend the Life Changing Money Program as you’ll discover some of the most amazing secrets to success not found anywhere else.
You can always do much better without too much effort, time and money once you’ve gone through the Life Changing Money Program.

Most people have NO CLUE what the life-changing secrets are, so they remain stuck where they are. Because FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER…YOU WILL finally achieve the breakthrough you’ve always wanted!
You’ll discover how you can create your own life-changing breakthrough via a combination of knowledge, cutting-edge systems and the sharing of assets possessed by those who have them.
The Life Changing Money Program is led by Sen Ze with his team of superstar Xperts who are all huge successes in their own right. Chose the type of work he wished to do – and he chose those that are in line with his passions. Our Xperts' talks and sharing sessions will equip you with very valuable insights, knowledge, Xperiences and more that will significantly improve your health, relationships, career, business and the amount of money you will have. Besides making us a whole lot smarter research has shown that it can also improve memory, slow down the progress of Alzheimers and Dementia, reduce stress, improve sleep, strengthen analytical thinking skills, improve focus and concentration, increase empathy and ease depression. It caused a big paradigm shift for me by making me understand the importance of now and realize how much energy I was expending on the past and future!
I read that book at a time when I really needed to hear that my own happiness was a good enough motivation for making big decisions. Even though I don’t follow the GTD system now (too complex), the principles and concepts in the book alone are worth it.
Stuart’s book shows you how to consolidate your inherent power and transcend all limitations by releasing yourself from the constraints of the ego. There’s a ton of different information spanning a variety of topics, but my favorite elements was the parts that revealed why we do what we do. There are so many terrific books that have changed my life in some essential way that it’s hard to choose. The book shares research that totally changes the way that we look at the role of DNA, and how our body’s cells respond to changes in our environment. Through this book, I’ve learned that we are not victims of our DNA, but rather our DNA will respond to the environment, which is based completely on our perceptions. If you have read it once and didn’t get something, give it another chance and read it one more time.
My college-aged cousin said she had read a book about how you could ask the Universe to provide whatever you need in life and it would show up.
Despite extreme physical and mental hardships, he was able to find meaning in life and turn that belief into purposeful actions that enabled him to survive when so many others did not. Ultimately if we are willing to nourish these domains of life we can live with greater purpose and passion, and will be a better person all the way around. It helped me get a more stable rhythm in my life and understand that nourishing myself is these different areas will allow me to approach life from a more whole and powerful state of mind. It explains that visualization adds value to everything and thinking big means training oneself to see not just what is, but what can be. It’s a compelling fiction story about a man named Jeff Winston who suddenly dies at the age of forty-three and wakes up in his 18 year-old body back in college. Loving What Is is about learning how to escape suffering, anxiety sadness and depression in life.
I believe that unhappiness and feeling unfulfilled by life are two of the biggest challenges facing our generation today.
The book is about the sixteen fundamental principles of success that Hill found from studying the richest, most productive, and successful men alive at the time and in the past.
The book is about calming and quieting your mind so you can bring your Highest and Best self to each moment and live the way you’ve always wanted to live.
For someone who’s naturally social, reading this book would be a waste of their time. It is marketed as a children’s book, but the lessons that I gleaned from it (and the reason that I give it to EVERYONE I know and like as a gift) is that life is all a matter of perspective. Events on offer included a Gong Bath, Tai Chi, and the opportunity to meet with a whole host of organisations offering mental health support centred on the arts. The service offers users personalised reading recommendations chosen to improve their wellbeing and is available on a pay-what-you want basis until 31 March.
The jewels, cars, and furs were a way of life until tragedy struck, destroying their empire, and landing Kennedi in unlikely situation. The Dirty Divorce Part 3 begins with Rich instantly being a mark with a death sentence placed on his head. His desire for fast money and the extravagant things that it brings puts his family in harms way. Lawyer, mentalist, author of multiple best-selling books on entrepreneurship, serial entrepreneur. It’s brilliantly designed to account for all of your life inputs, but it does take some time and effort to manage the system and keep up with it.
Once you understand things like your emotional state, evaluations, and belief life becomes a whole lot easier to design so that you are always operating within a peak state.
Her Ted Talk on this subject has almost 14 million views and I highly recommend it as well.
The idea of asking the Universe for what you wanted in life and getting it seemed a magical one. I am also selecting it because it makes these ideas easily accessible so they can be applied in your life.

The whole idea of changing your attitude to be happy is explained so well with real success stories that truly motivate and inspire. All emotions we experience in life begin as thoughts in our mind, though most of the time, the thoughts that trigger our emotions happen so quickly, we’re not even aware we’ve had them.
Loving What Is teaches you how to reverse many of those feelings in such a simple way, it’s almost unbelievable. Once you have read it you should go back to it every once in a while and find something new in it to apply.
To make it easy for you to get an overview of all the amazing books mentioned in this post I’ve created a list of them over at GoodReads. Juan is determined to become his own man speeding through the fast lane of money, cars, and women. Soon, she decides to leave everything she once knew behind, including her son, to start a new life on the West Coast.
He’s faced with his biggest nightmare when secrets are revealed that he thought were buried. Soon, his ego forces him to leave his castle and empire to expand business on the West Coast. You can obviously use your lucid dreams to have fun, but it’s a very strong tool to build up your motivation and confidence so you can achieve anything. I’d been raised to believe that life happened ‘to you’ but here was this book saying that life happens ‘through you’ and that you have the power to orchestrate what you wish to have happen!
As he dominates the industry his father once ruled, he soon learns that being top dog carries a heavy price tag.
While Lisa spirals out of control more than ever, Marisol and Rich battle their way to be the top dog in the industry that has made their lives a living hell. His decision to leave his love ones behind at the mercy of his enemies turns out to be catastrophic. Lucid dreaming is a powerful tool because you can live out your dreams in real time instead of just thinking about them. I also appreciate that this book is a great entry point for anybody who is new to the self-growth genre, yet it presents a myriad of advanced ideas to hold the attention of experts and masters.
I highly recommend the series to anyone seeking to make a powerful change in his or her life.
What’s compelling is that even though he knows the future of the outside world, his individual choices always lead to a uniquely different lifestyle. The choices we make today will ultimately determine what happens for the rest of our lives. It also allowed me to move through each day with a peace of mind and a sense of fulfillment.
Right across the pond, newlywed Kennedi a sassy socialite, tries to keep secrets buried from her new husband who suffers from amnesia. While Juan constantly lives trying to dodge his demise, Denie stares death straight in the face as she keeps secrets buried to stay the baddest chick in the DMV. Dirty Divorce part 2 starts off with drama and violence as Rich learns that his son, Juan is dominating an industry where he used to be top dog. Her dark past if revealed, could cost her to lose it all from the only man she’s ever loved.
Denie is willing to put others at risk in order to live the life she’s become accustomed to. As things spiral out of control, Kennedi works hard at keeping her dark past hidden, but there’s nothing that can protect her from the mark Sharrod has put on her life.
The lifestyle of fast money and luxurious things will never prepare them for the new drama that is about to unfold. After grinding all his life, the fast money, and numerous women land Rich in a place where his only son has turned against him. As the two wives’ worlds collide, lives are lost, loyalties are tested, and lessons are learned as Miss KP takes you on another ride filled with twists and turns.
While Juan and Denie grow up repeating the vicious cycle Rich created, someone familiar watches in the shadows for revenge to ruin the Sanchez empire. With Rich putting his focus on money, sex, and insignificant things in life his wife Lisa, throws some new drama into the relationship as well; a side-piece and divorce papers.
Hold on to your seats for another shocker of a husband’s worst nightmare of ultimate betrayal. Relationships are tested, lives are lost, and loyalty goes out the window as the Sanchez family battles to stay on top of the game that ruined them from the start. Just when Rich thinks Lisa will take everything in their final divorce proceeding, his life may soon be ending too…Beware!!
The hate that Rich and Lisa develop for each other causes the divorce to get down- right dirty.

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