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You might be giggling to yourself right now, but massaging your ears can be a good stress reliever. If you are close with a member of your family, you can call them to help relieve your stress. Even though this sounds weird, sniffing an apple or any other citrus fruit can relieve stress and help with headaches. You might not think you’ve done anything that’s worth a reward, but you definitely have.
You only need to look back in history, or at some of today’s most successful business people, to see that coaching and mentoring has been around for quite some time.
To steal a quote from Albert Einstein, “problems cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them”.
You often hear the terms business coach and mentor…can you explain the difference between the two?
Also, a coach is focused on the person, while a mentor is a little more focused on the business; although this definition gets quite grey in places.
I have a client who married into a very rich family and is uncertain how to navigate the politics (life coaching).
I have a client who is unhappy with his job and wants to find something bigger and better fitting (career coaching). I have a client who was recently promoted to a senior exec position and is unsure how to bring their best selves to the task (leadership coaching).
I have a client who is a founder of a business and wants to provide his teams with support and guidance,to allow himself to step back and be more strategic (exec coaching).
I have a client who runs a business and wants advice on how other companies have succeeded and find ways of making that work for his business (business coaching). I have a client who asks my advice about how to address problems that come up from time to time (mentoring). In your experience, what do you see as being the key benefits of hiring a business mentor or coach? The ultimate benefit, when it’s done well, is that you achieve your goal, whatever that might be. Are you able to share some real world examples of individuals who you’ve helped over the past couple of years? Martin (not his real name) hired me to help him get the confidence to leave his job and go somewhere that he cared more for. I started working with Annie (not her real name) who wanted to get her new business off the ground.
Quite often my clients begin as 12-week engagements and then this pivots into a trusted advisor role. It’s also quite common for my business coaching clients to bring me into their business to work with one or two of their top performers.
If we’ve piqued the reader’s interest, where should they begin their search for a business coach?
There are also some associations to help. Nesta is one, and many of the accelerators have people allied with them.
Coaching is a process where change happens so it must be experienced to be fully understood.
Wendy McAuliffe is director of social media and content creation consultancy Populate Digital, and co-founder of Bloggers Required. I ventured into a different supermarket today as they had a special on bottles of water which I need for my new BLF Singing group this week.
As I waited at the checkout, I noticed that an elderly gentleman at the front of the queue was experiencing some difficulties.
It is a gloomy, sleepy Monday morning and my whole family struggled to get going this morning so how this poor chap must be feeling I can’t quite imagine.
We have this new device where you can tag a card reader and you don’t need a pin ( great for card thieves by the way) . We are generally bombarded with numbers, tweets and other social media updates these days and so when do we fit in our mindfulness practice? Last night I watched a film called Duets which I bought as a DVD mainly because it was about singing (something I kind of like!) and had the music of Huey Lewis in it.
Actually it turned out that Huey Lewis was acting in the film, now he really does send me “back in time” in a good way.
Well, ‘Duets’ is different in that it is fairly gritty in its content with characters that we don’t easily warm to – they’re not cuddley – and it is sad, it doesn’t leave us feeling any kind of exhilaration like other ‘singing’ films can. I found the change in the characters fascinating after they had taken the courage to get up on stage to perform. Well that was a bit of a gap between posts… not sure who’s counting though so I think I have got away with it!
So Cheese, well I do advise my singers to lay off this wonderfully tasting fermented delight as it is not great for the voice.
Now there are some, only a few, who think this is twoddle ( word from the Beth Ford dictionary) and cheese and other dairy products have no effect on our voice or breathing. There is another type of cheese that I often like to refer to – a metaphorical cheese – and that is the cheese of life!
If someone asks me how I am feeling then they usually regret it as I don’t tend to give the usual platitude , “Fine thanks”. I’ll explain; I see life like a trivial pursuit board, even though I refuse to play the game due to my lack of general knowledge.
On Maslow’s hierarchy of needs it is said that warmth, food, shelter is the basic need, the foundation .
Now a person can still be happy with all their bits of cheese out if they are mindfully playing out their life but then if we were all being mindful with every new day, then maybe our bits of cheese would all be in place and stay that way? Musicians and other artists – let us unite against all those who claim we don’t have a “proper job”! Now, this is a beautiful notion and should not be ignored, but I responded with how I knew my daughter to be more musically inclined.  I said to the nurse that she would likely follow in her mother’s profession as a musician and performer.
Oh my, talk about prodding the chip on my shoulder just as much as she was prodding my arm with a needle! This only seemed to encourage her further and I got her  life story… one of her daughter’s wanted to be a doctor and became a doctor and the other wanted to be a musician but she told her to be realistic as there was no way she would ever be a soloist and there is no money in that.
At this point I needed to vent and my sounding board noted that this nurse’s house no doubt had music in it in the way of CDs, instruments, and perhaps she should discard this collection if she was not respectful enough of the process. My dear friend also pointed out that I am doing good with my music abilities in choosing to help people therapeutically through the medium of music as well as through my songs which people say have a stress reducing effect on them. So I have a choice here, I can listen to this advice, which so many have tried to push on me over the years, just give up on my dream and get a “ proper job” or I can continue to follow this musical, unconventional  and holistic path and hope that one day society will encourage our children to look at the arts as much more than a “hobby” ( nurse’s word, not mine). Yes, we need to be practical in our life choices to a certain extent but, moreover, we have one shot at this particular life, why would we waste it on anything less than our passion? I made the mistake of turning on the radio yesterday whilst travelling to the hospital. (I REALLY don’t like hospitals- too much illness and not enough music going on in these places, honestly!) I needed cheering up  but instead I ended up listening to how mental health institutions have changed since the Victorian age. Whilst we are making strides in presenting mental health issues as nothing to be ashamed of, we are still, I believe, separating the physical from the mental and holistic approaches in medicine are still too rare. Whilst we can say that Arthritis, or a weird skin thing in my case, are not mental health issues like bipolar or schizophrenia, are we not all inter related?
I would like to share a book with you and a thought: the book is Quentin Blake’s ‘Patrick’.
Patrick buys himself a violin, plays it around his town and cheers everyone up along his way, adding colour and zest to his new friends and surroundings.
I have witnessed so much healing in the singing workshops which I run where individuals walk in with physical and emotional ailments and leave with a new outlook.
So I would invite you to go and find a copy of Patrick to read (you can’t borrow mine as it’s busy being read on a regular basis!).
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We sometimes get attracted to sayings that seem on the face of it to be positive, but can hide A beliefs that when we look a little more closely, can be working against our best interests. That’s a good start at eliminating any incongruency between ourA thoughts and our actions. When you look at the quotes that resonate with you – are they empowering, or do they support negative conditions?

Toxic relationships of any kind can slip under our radar and go unnoticed until we become consumed and suffocated by them.
I was sadden to hear of the passing of Dave Bowie, he was a music hero of mine from my 70’s childhood. Understanding the Mirror is a book written with the aim of supporting people to get a better understanding of their character and then use this knowledge in order to become a better version of themselves. Climbingthe Ladderof SuccessThey say it’s tough at the top, but in fact every step taken towards that pinnacle can be one of relentless stress and unremitting pressure. If you study a pane of glass on a rainy day, you’ll notice that water rarely travels in a straight line, but it follows the path of least resistance. Finger painting is easy, and it allows you to be more expressive like you were as a child, which can be very relaxing. Some studies have suggested that a green apple aroma can help migraine sufferers, so give it a try. Plato was mentored by Socrates, Harper Lee was rumoured to be mentored by Truman Capote, Audrey Hepburn was mentor to Elizabeth Taylor, Marissa Myers is mentored by Larry Page and Marc Benioff was mentored by Steve Jobs. Sometimes, we hit a roadblock, are facing a significant life change, or are simply craving more purpose, yet we lack the strategy, mindset and tools to make headway ourselves. They’re basically very good at seeing past the story, asking questions that force you to learn more about yourself in the process. It could be a new job, more time in the day, more confidence in presentations, greater impact at work or better processes at work.
For them, I am someone who knows them intimately, cares passionately about their success, and comes with none of the office baggage. ICF is the official body of international coaching, and noomii and findatherapy are others.
I would encourage individuals to have a sample session and don’t feel obliged to say “yes”. Wendy’s a former technology journalist and in her spare time writes a parenting blog, MummyMcAuliffe.
I thought, as I was choosing, of all the potential needs of my prospective clients such as easy access to the venue, a need to take breaks and music that is not too challenging. He handed over a card to the cashier who said, without much sympathy, that’s a nectar card (we were not in Sainsbury’s). Goodness only knows how I will cope in my later years- I already attempt to put the iron in the fridge and where I put the car keys is anyone’s guess!
I have been locked out of my internet banking as I can’t get my password to work and I have no idea what my Apple password is so good luck to me purchasing any iTunes!
This would be ideal for this gentleman but then he needs to be made aware, it’s a new system with a new card and more change for him. When do we find the time to switch off and simply be so our poor bodies can catch up with our busy minds?
What Duets does is portray a selection of lost souls who all find comfort in singing Karaoke in tacky American bars.
It wasn’t the audience appreciation itself that gave them the buzz, it was the process of singing, being dramatic on stage and being told that that was okay, to be free with your expression. This also applies to those of us who suffer with constant sinus issues, colds and catarrh and have problems with spoken delivery .
I personally notice the difference when I dairy up ( at Christmas and Easter mostly ) and since I switched from dairy overload to just occasional treats, I suffer less colds and have a clearer vocal delivery. My studies are in creative fields and facts on prime ministers and tennis players of the 1990’s are for those with more logical fact recalling minds quite honestly! However, we have come to expect much more from our lives and these things alone are not enough to fulfil and sustain us, or so we tell ourselves.
My cheeks turned very rosy at this point and I responded with how that statement makes me  “quite cross” and  how I wish my parents had been more supportive of my musical and acting ambitions. I might also add that musicians have the potential to earn more than doctors IF they choose to. Well thank goodness they have, as the idea of trying to shake madness out of someone through these torturous methods seems like madness itself to me!
Now the doctor I saw yesterday was very nice, and he did listen whilst I did my whole holistic rant about the possible underlying causes and connection between one physical symptom and another, but then he smiled and handed me a prescription for just one symptom. It was one which I had never seen before and it moved me with its simplicity and layers. It caused me to wonder how we can bring peace about in the world.
I have views that I would like to share and the world wide web seems to offer a wonderful soapbox for us.
I think that it opens up so much on the topic of how music can lift us, heal us, transport us and even take the place of conventional medication at times. That’s my thought for today… who knows the next one might be more gritty and political, but then it’s me so I doubt it! I have lost track of who the author was but it was a quote that has held me in good stead over the years.
Often we strive for approval through popularity and yearn for the need to be liked, but is this a true measure of our worth? Although it is nice to be liked it is not essential in shaping the person that you are. They creep up on you like silent assassins and often take hold of our well-being long before we notice. They may not be the objective people that you need to help you make your dream happen.Whether you are the Managing Director of a company or the latest apprentice you can feel lonely at your individual pinnacle.
It is split into two main sections, in the first half of his book; Mike Bowden gives a heartfelt and blow by blow revelation of how his life and family fell apart and his demise into a deep depression. Try rubbing your earlobes with your index finger and thumb while squeezing the outer edges of your ears all the way to the top, then massage the part behind your ears.
This can help you to return to your normal pace of breathing, taking slower and deeper breaths.
His peers and boss developed a new respect for him, and within a few months he was getting projects that were more interesting and a platform at work that he was proud of. There are so many codes and passwords that we have to remember these days and I struggle with them all so how can we expect the older generation who have had years to accumulate more information in their heads to remember them day-to-day? If we switch off our devices, we miss out and our clients etc expect us to be on call these days outside of normal working hours, it’s a hamster wheel. Singing involves muscle memory too so really lets have lots of singing, and on prescription please, to help our overloaded heads to cope with all these codes! For some they are only true to themselves when they are on stage, for others it is a rush to perform to an audience of strangers , like a drug, and for some it’s a release from their troubles, a time to switch off. On stage, they felt wanted , that’s what the audience gave to them which is different from non performance singing, but it was the singing itself that I saw giving the real positive change for all the characters.
Cheese, and other dairy products are mucous forming so they swell up the mucous membranes giving us a nasal sound in our voice, coating the vocal folds and forming damp in our breathing apparatus. Many of my students comment on the same experience and suffer less headaches and fatigue too when they cut out or cut down on dairy. Anyway, on the board you use a circular counter which you fill with different coloured wedges ( like cheese) and you fill them up to get the centre, your goal.
She was trying to make friends with my daughter and asking the usual questions regarding age, school etc. That is all the NHS have time for unfortunately, so then we have to return again in a few months time with a similar or even returning symptom, and so the pattern continues.
We separate our minds from our bodies so much so that I think our bodies feel left out sometimes and quite misunderstood. Now I am not suggesting that if you break a limb you should skip the cast and try singing it better (I think that I would get into trouble for that anyway) but we are learning more and more about the healing powers of music on the body and mind so if we are feeling a little low then the sound of a perfectly composed aria or playing air guitar to our favourite rock number can be just what we need to release the endorphins which lift us out of the slump.
The deep breathing and activity of the singing warms up the joints and eases muscular tension and even when a song makes us cry we feel better for the release . He facilitated my passion for the Glam Rock era, he inspired my interest for flared trousers, outlandish hairstyles and reinforced my love of a diverse range of music. You can even feel lonely in a crowded room or in a loving relationship if something is bothering you, something that you can’t share.
He explains well the feelings of anxiety that many people reading this book may well be able to relate to.
Prior to his epiphany, he lived a life full of strife and discord and has seen firsthand how this affects both the mind and the spirit, making people feel isolated and dejected.It was when Mike was at his lowest ebb, with his family unit disintegrated, his brother terminally ill and his own life in pieces, seemingly regardless of how hard he worked, that he made the decision to turn his life around and trained as a Life Coach, gaining his diplomas and valuable insight into how to make positive changes. Surely life gets easier if we associate ourselves with people that aren’t resistant to our goals and are on the same wavelength.

So my initial role was to help her get clear on her goals, break it into manageable chunks, and hold her accountable.
Most of the group will be in their retired years and indeed I have worked with the older generation a fair bit over the years, which has been rewarding in so many ways.
Singing together changes the lives of the characters for the better and we get that aahh factor.
So titled ‘Duets’, it is the Duets that are sung which give the heart -warming moments and the times we see smiles on faces including our own. In our Western lifestyle, it can be challenging to avoid dairy as it makes an appearance in most convenience products. I think that our life is filled with these wedges of cheese, rather like this board and when all our cheeses are out, we feel like lost lambs. My daughter announced that she would like to become a doctor so that she could make her mummy and daddy better.
Here is a common ground, from all walks of life we can come together and make and enjoy music. Whatever you do will be judged by them regardless of how you do it, therefore their perception of you is formed without your control.
His writing style is relaxed and informal and as such is easy to follow and more importantly to understand. Something that maybe you couldn’t handle on your own, such as a divorce, redundancy or illness, how would you cope? But during our sessions it became clear to me, and later to her, that she wasn’t very passionate about the business she was building. Patent and Trademark Office, with the Office of Harmonization for the Internal Market, and in other jurisdictions. In the story, the sunflower took the place of a sword which his clever mum gave to him, and the boy and the dragon shared a love for this flower, stopped their fighting and became friends.
Some people may be drawn to you for personality or appearance whereas other people may be repelled by it, but you can’t change that.
I help clients to have the difficult conversations either with themselves or other people and create an understanding of what needs to be said.In the pursuit of a goal, your inner critic can sometimes hamper your progress far more than any physical barrier and often you can feel irrational talking to your nearest and dearest, so finding someone to offload your concerns can be an added burden. He explains the journey to rock bottom and then how he starts to rise slowly out of the mire to become the man he is today. The second employee kindly invited the man to take a seat whilst she packed up his shopping. It is an impossible task to be all things for all people, but often that is what we try to achieve.
Finding someone to share your enthusiasm and determination can be even harder.When a company is created the motivation is most commonly financial, but as the company grows it always means something more than that, it becomes emotional. The second half of the book is split into to 7 chapters, each named after a day of the week. And I fully believe that we all deserve to be remembered in a positive way,” he explains.
She had been systemised by society and the mechanical process that the medical profession had adopted. Although I believe that we can help most people, often there is conflict between feeding your bank balance and remaining authentic.
We explored her values and strengths and six months later she founded the business that made her smile every time she thought about it. He created role models that people could aspire to be, it help them escape their mundane existence. How would you feel in 30 years time when you sell your business and the new owner dissects the company and ruins your reputation, would you be distraught?Many people would like to leave a legacy, their mark on this world.Creating a suitable successor to your vision or your work can sometimes be left to chance, but the inspired few take proactive steps to develop a sustainable legacy.
The idea behind the 7 days is that you can only take so much information in on one day, by splitting it down you can read the current day of the week and put into practice what you can, then when you are ready, be that the next day, or a week later you can then move onto the next. Her language was very factual and it was clear that she was telling me information that she thought I wanted to hear. She said that he should be fine, he was a regular customer and had forgotten his pin number for his card.
If we are mindful enough to recognise the signs we are the lucky ones, but often we go passed the point of no return and struggle to let go of the poisonous scenario. This was never a physical transformation but he did create emotionally satisfaction thus he will be remembered for the way he made people feel.People wanted to be just like him, copying his dress, his makeup but also his dreams. Using his personal experience these chapters are filled with inspiration, ideas and tasks that will hopefully have the same impact on the reader.What do you see when you look in the mirror? Compounded by the stresses we endure, these breaking points can creep up on us unawares and create a domino effect on our performance and wellbeing.Which plate will you drop first and how will it affect the eco-system of your world? It can be forced upon you or by your own choice and it can be a scary process even achieving what you really want to happen.
And all the work we’d done exploring the things that mattered most to her became even more essential. It would be interesting to look at your own situations and decide at what point you need to change, before the pain becomes unbearable. They wanted to own his success for themselves and they strived for people to follow them, in the way they followed him. The values that she wanted to carry into the world now formed the foundation of her role as a daughter and sister. They focus on saving time but they end up using this time, for more of what they were trying to avoid. So when we begin to work together, they are quite astounded at how quickly and radically things improve for them,” Mike states.
She was in turmoil and had lost her innocence to a monster that she didn’t even understand.
Dave Bowie was an artist just like many others, but what made him so special was how he constantly reinvented himself to appeal in a fresh and exciting way. Her parents naturally wanted to protect their daughter and cocooned her from any harm that they could image.
It makes perfect commercial sense to avoid the clients that sap our time and distract us from the clients that value our contribution. He gave a message that if you reach your pinnacle and accepted the prize, you could still invent a new summit to chase. Hold that emotion as a motivator to get what you really want, because that will be the key to your version of freedom. She is an extremely intelligent girl who managed to control her calorie intake to the minutest detail. They will become your advocates and ambassadors, creating more business opportunities to grow your business.
She had self-harmed out of frustration and her condition, although somewhat stable at this point, was far from where she needed or wanted to be.
She had realized that her body was under-developed and would cause serious medical conditions in the long-term. They failed to highlight the positive emotions that make us all enthusiastic enough to change. Everyone that was trying to help her was just suffocating her spirit and branding her with a generic label that she didn’t want.
Although the system had made her grow up very quickly, she was still a little girl inside and wanted to have the freedom of adolescence. She had lost confidence with her peer groups and couldn’t develop friendships, but she recognised what was holding her back. She had a vision of how she wanted to look, what she wanted to achieve and what the future would look like. I wanted excitement to prevail over her stifling logic and I wanted to give her permission not to be perfect.

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