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In the afternoon, Alvarez himself led the oath-taking of three LP lawmakers from the northern Luzon bloc in the House to join the PDP-Laban – Ilocos Sur Rep. Former LP stalwart Farinas, who earlier took his oath as a new PDP-Laban member, was chosen by Alvarez as his majority floor leader in the House.
In the morning, Alvarez administered the oath-taking of the following lawmakers jumping from the LP to PDP-Laban – Caloocan Rep. Former Metro Manila Development Authority chairman Francis Tolentino, who lost his Senate bid in the latest elections, was present for the oath-taking of his brother Bambol. Alvarez said with Duterte’s overwhelming number of votes in the recently concluded presidential elections, it was not difficult for him to invite lawmakers to his side as members of the majority or to even jump to the PDP-Laban. Alvarez said he was hoping that LP members would join the PDP-Laban, adding that the request of outgoing Speaker and LP vice chair Feliciano Belmonte Jr. As a candidate for Speaker who is expected to lose to Alvarez, Belmonte is bent on leading the minority in the House. Alvarez has said he has secured 180 lawmakers to propel him to the Speakership, although his ally newly elected 1-Pacman Rep. United Nations (UN) Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon recalled his experiences during the Korean war in a video released by the organization. Ban, who was elected secretary-general in 2006, talked about his childhood and his family as they escaped the war with the help of the UN. Ban also talked about his experience as a UN official and how he sympathized with different nations that have also experienced tragedies.
The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) on Wednesday said it is still in the process of doing confirmatory examination on the cause of death of two of the five people while attending a concert in Pasay last weekend. The NBI conducted three examinations—general toxicology test, dangerous drugs test and alcohol test.
In the general toxicology test, Tierra explained that it determines if there are poisonous substances in the body of the victim while the dangerous drugs test will determine if there are traces of illegal substance like marijuana, shabu, ecstacy, among others. The NBI conducted an autopsy examination on two of the five people who died while attending the concert—Lance Garcia, 36 and Bianca Fontejon, 18. Last Monday, NBI Chemical Forensics Division Executive Officer Felicisima Francisco said Garcia and Fontejon suffered extreme high blood pressure that caused heart ruptures. She added that they are still completing their examination on submitted specimens to determine if the victims have taken illegal drugs,  noting that there are indications in the victims’ blood.
The NBI’s Anti-Illegal Drugs Division and the Death Investigation Division are conducting a parallel investigation on the incident. Local government officials who are resorting to vigilanteism and other extrajudicial means to curb the illegal drug trade should expect summons to appear before Senate inquiries, Senator-elect Leila de Lima warned on Wednesday. The former Commission on Human Rights (CHR) chair lamented that the controversial stance of presumptive President-elect Rodrigo Duterte in dealing with drug personalities has spawned the likes of Tanauan City Mayor Antonio Halili, who has ordered the so-called “walk of shame” of arrested criminals in his city. De Lima, dubbed by INQUIRER editors as among the “Three Furies” along with Ombudsman Conchita Carpio Morales and former Commission on Audit chair Grace Pulido Tan, warned Duterte and other toughie politicians that she would be a “watchdog” in the Senate. Duterte, who is on his way to becoming the 16th President, has earned the title “The Punisher” for his rather questionable approach in resolving the drug problem and other forms of criminality as mayor of Davao City. He had previously admitted to being part of the notorious Davao Death Squad, a group of vigilantes which had owned to the murders of dozens of suspected criminals in Davao. Incoming Cebu City Mayor Tommy Osmena had also taken a similar bold step when he offered a P50,000 reward for policemen who would kill major drug personalities in the city. But De Lima said such policy was a clear violation of the constitutional right to presumption of innocence of suspected criminals. She said the Bill of Rights also assured individuals facing criminal cases of protection under the law.
In this May 12, 2016 photo, ducks swim next to a measuring pole in a low water level pond in Dala township, south of Yangon, Myanmar. The dry season, which typically runs from April through May, has been compounded this year by an El Nino-induced drought that added several months to the water shortage affecting Dala township. The arrival of Aung San Suu Kyi’s government on April 1 opened a new chapter in Myanmar. In this May 12, 2016 photo, children carry drinking water in plastic containers as they balance on a narrow beam of timber across a lotus-filled pond in Dala township, south of Yangon, Myanmar. A quasi-civilian government in power from 2011-2015 implemented nascent democratic reforms that have resulted in a development boom, with the World Bank and others pouring billions of dollars into the country of 60 million as it starts to open up to the world. The current drought has hit Myanmar hard, along with neighboring countries in Southeast Asia. Senator-elect Leila de Lima expressed concern over the pronouncements of presumptive President-elect Rodrigo Duterte which she deemed alarming for a new leader who has not even assumed presidential powers fully. Among those De Lima questioned were Duterte’s statement on giving a hero’s burial for the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos Jr., pardoning former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, reinstatement of the death penalty and implementing the “shoot-to-kill” order against criminals.
In a recent interview, Duterte said he would allow Marcos to be buried at the (Libingan ng mga Bayani) heroes’ cemetery “to erase one of the hatreds” which persists among the Filipinos.
De Lima, a former human rights commissioner, strongly opposed this plan of Duterte as it would mean totally forgetting the atrocities committed during martial law. She said it would be a great insult to the human rights victims during the authoritarian regime of Marcos, whose son and namesake challenged Robredo in the vice presidential race.
The Department of Justice (DOJ) on Wednesday said it will consolidate the three complaints filed by Anti-Money Laundering Council (AMLC) against those linked to the transfer of $80.9-million from the Bangladesh Bank to the country.
Prosecutor General Claro Arellano, head of the National Prosecution Service (NPS) said the case against remittance firm Philrem Service Corp.
He said Assistant State Prosecutor Gilmarie Fe Pacamara will also handle the complaint against officials of Philrem namely Salud Bautista, President; Michael “Concon” Bautista, Chairman of the Board and Treasurer and Anthony Pelejo, PhilRem’s Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Officer. Philrem officials are facing a complaint for violation of the Anti-Money Laundering Act specifically Sections 4(a), (b) and (f) referring to money laundering acts including transacting the monetary instrument or property, converts, transfers, disposes of, moves, acquires, possesses or uses said monetary instrument or property and performs, or fails to perform, any act as a result of which he or she facilitated the money laundering offense. Based on the investigation conducted by AMLC, the stolen funds  were credited to the fictitious bank accounts of Michael Cruz, Jessie Christopher Lagrosas, Alfred Vergara and Enrico Vasquez, which were all opened on May 15, 2015 at RCBC branch on Jupiter Street, Makati. Also, AMLC said the dollar and peso accounts under the name of “William So Go” doing business as Centurytex Trading which were opened February 5, 2016 and July 30, 2014, respectively, were also fictitious. Of the stolen funds, $65, 668,664.37, which was withdrawn from the accounts of Cruz, Lagrosas, Vergara and Vasquez, was transferred to Go and eventually to Philrem.
According to AMLC, of the $65-million that was transferred to Go, $13-million was transferred to the RCBC account of Abba Currency Exchange Inc. Both Abba and Beacon also transferred a total of $13-million to PhilRem’s RCBC account in Pasig. AMLC said it is highly irregular that Philrem would deal with Deguito and not the owner of the “Go” account. Deguito already denied the allegations against her in a counter-affidavit submitted early this month.
Wong, meanwhile, has yet to answer the case filed against him by AMLC while Xu has not appeared before the DOJ.
The lawmakers said they support Duterte’s eight-point economic agenda and his program to curb criminality to ensure peace and order in the country. The comebacking and neophyte lawmakers who signed the manifesto of support are: Isabela Rep. In an interview, Singson, the president of the alliance, said the bloc would push for its parochial concerns in the region such as irrigation, agriculture and tourism. Singson was also among the lawmakers who took their oath after the meeting to jump ship to Partido Demokratiko Pilipino-Lakas ng Bayan (PDP-Laban) from the Liberal Party. Singson said although it pains him to leave the outgoing administration’s party, he said he had to do it so that he can be a member of the majority to pursue the concerns of his constituents.
Two-year-old Braylee Davis was on a tour inside Fort Worth Zoo in Texas when she laid her eyes on Gus, a 5-month-old baby western lowland gorilla. Ban Ki-moon arrived in South Korea on Wednesday for a six-day visit that has fuelled speculation the UN chief is lining up a tilt at the presidency of his home country.
Ban’s schedule involves a number of international gatherings, including a peace forum in the southern island of Jeju where he arrived late afternoon on a chartered flight from Istanbul.
While he is not expected to hold any formal talks with political officials during his trip, his future has been the main topic of media coverage in the run-up to his arrival. The ruling conservative Saenuri party, which suffered a shock defeat in parliamentary polls in April, has made it clear it would welcome Ban as its candidate. Ban enjoys high popularity ratings in South Korea, where his position is a source of substantial national pride. Speculation over his political ambitions has been making the rounds for years but Ban has studiously declined to comment, saying only that he is focused on the remainder of his term as secretary general.
Seoul Mayor Park Won-Soon, seen as a possible liberal candidate in 2017, said Ban should recuse himself from politics for several years after leaving the UN.
A career diplomat, Ban never joined any South Korean political party, although he served as foreign minister under the late liberal president Roh Moo-Hyun from 2004 to 2006. Two weeks after the 2016 elections, and six weeks before his term ends, President Aquino signed the “Department of Information and Communications Technology Act of 2015” into law.
To be sure, the short title of the new law can be misinterpreted, as just another addition to bureaucratic bloat. Filipinos have always had a desperate yearning to be saved from their miseries by some guy on a white horse, some knight in shining armor, some great leader who, with a magical gesture, would raise them from degradation, squalor, poverty and other misfortunes. In national elections, the voters consist of the middle class and the masses—the social classes most buffeted by the pincers of inflation, paucity of basic services, endemic criminality and dubious “way of life.” They search for a savior-hero who can forthwith uplift them from the morass of their daily lives in a dreadful status quo.
Three days before Election Day, Rodrigo Duterte pulled away from his rivals in the voter preference polls.
Given six years of bitter division and wasted opportunities under Benigno Aquino III, angry voters were enthralled by a promising leadership of strength and decisiveness who could make things happen. The wiliness of Duterte’s band was the realization that only a genuine political movement can dominate a multisided contest with motherhood statements floated as palliatives to the people. The challenge from an entrenched bureaucracy, cunning in the ways of getting its way while seeming to obey, is the biggest obstacle to the success of any president. The modern state, therefore, is a system of force besides being a legal system, exercised by the sovereign through authorization, not habitual obedience that takes place with the social contract. To conceive of the state and law as coeval means that there are limitations on the sovereign power. Duterte, who studied and practiced law, can thus achieve unity of power at home with independence abroad of the nation-state, under whose banner the world has moved during the last three centuries. Also, recent findings have shown that Zika is not only transmitted by mosquitoes but also through sex. A major problem, says Costello, is “vector control”—that is, limiting the number and spread of the mosquitoes that carry the disease.
One of the advantages to be gained from taking part in international conferences, such as the biannual Women Deliver held last week in Copenhagen, is that one can “pick and choose” from a wide range of topics discussed by experts from all over the world who otherwise would not be available as news sources. Even with the growing focus on the particular problems of young people, especially around such “taboo” topics like sexuality and early pregnancy, certain sectors of the young are overlooked, if not ignored. Such abrupt life changes, says Chandra-Mouli, may account for the startling fact that in many societies, “suicide has become one of the top causes of death for teenagers.” Unable to cope with the jarring demands of marital sex (often accompanied by violence) and motherhood, young women may elect to simply take their own lives. Globally, say studies, suicide is the top cause of death among adolescent girls, while maternal mortality accounts for the second highest number of deaths among girls age 15 to 19 years old. Much of the stress on young women, it has been found, is due to the clash between their concept of themselves and what they want from life, and the expectations of their parents and of society.
As for boys, they may be subject to “different vulnerabilities,” such as resorting to violence or embracing gang culture, if not drug use, indulging in alcohol and other dangerous activities. Young people are a health market unto themselves, and health services and approaches must be targeted to especially appeal to young people, and more important, keep them coming back. Sometimes, adult health policymakers and service providers merely mouth the need for “empowerment” of young people, even as their policies and actions achieve the opposite. Tradition dictates that an outgoing president descends the historic Malacanang staircase for the last time when he is fetched by the president-elect on the morning of June 30, the date fixed by the 1987 Philippine Constitution for the inauguration of—and transfer of power to—the new president.
After the inauguration, the new president takes possession of Malacanang by ascending the staircase marking the first day of his six-year term.
Fifteen portraits will have to be repositioned to make way for the new one, and I wonder what will happen when the Malacanang ceremonial hall runs out of space for additional portraits. As the new president gazes on his predecessors it will be timely for him to remember the first—the controversial Emilio Aguinaldo. But Aguinaldo was prevailed upon to stay, and his resignation letter was shelved and forgotten, till it formed part of the archive captured by the enemy during the Philippine-American War and shipped to Washington where it was dug up from the dustbin of history by Capt. We will never know what made Aguinaldo contemplate this drastic step of resigning, but from the text one can get a sense that his trust and optimism had been misplaced in some of the men around him. History may seem irrelevant to millennials, but anyone who reads texts like the ones quoted above may be misled into believing that Aguinaldo foretold the future, because in the end history does not repeat itself, it is us who repeat it. If there’s an area where presumptive President-elect Rodrigo Duterte could make a difference—and leave a lasting legacy—it would be in sports development. As with the Philippines’ economic development, sports once saw a golden age up to the 1950s.
The hosting of the events rotates each year; this last season, the host was the University of the Philippines, the only public school in the association. Funds come in large part from a contract with ABS-CBN, who gets exclusive broadcasting rights. UP has often been at a disadvantage, having less funds, plus varsity players being under greater pressure to keep up with UP’s grueling academic requirements, in addition to sports. People often forget that UAAP has a juniors division, meaning, high schools competing for a smaller range of sports, but these are important, too, because top players here move into the senior teams which, in turn, could lead them to professional teams (for example, the PBA for basketball). Even as amateur players, UAAP’s varsity players also get to compete regionally, like in the Asean games.  We’ve also had players qualifying for the Olympics team.

It’s the participation in these international events where we see the need to provide even more support to our varsity players because our neighbors are working double time to move forward.  China now even has a football academy, an entire school devoted to developing football players. More than winning in competition, though, sports development has to be seen for its higher goals. Sports means a healthier youth, and a healthier nation.  Sports development becomes even more crucial with the epidemic of obesity among our young, which could translate into a higher incidence of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and metabolic disorders, the cost of treatment of which taxpayers will pay for. UP’s coaches tell me of the problems they face trying to change the athletes’ unhealthy diets and lifestyles. The men’s and women’s football teams’ championships last May 5 were truly occasions for celebrations, to a large extent because it showed how important motivation and inspiration can be. The Duterte team includes Pia Cayetano, who has been a champion for sports, including as author of a law that protects the rights of student athletes. With presumptive President-elect Rodrigo Duterte’s agenda getting to be progressively developed, the observance of International Biodiversity Day last May 22 offered a timely reminder of the need for and importance of effectively managing the country’s natural wealth. Few places in the world are as rich in biodiversity as the Philippines, which is considered one of 18 mega-biodiverse countries. Worryingly, this natural abundance is now on a watch list of biodiversity hot spots.  The Philippines has at least 700 species threatened with extinction. These numbers are not just a concern of aesthetics, of preserving natural beauty; they are also a critical economic and social issue.
These resources utilized sustainably can make a remarkable difference in the lives of many Filipinos. If biodiversity management becomes effective, it will produce revenue, which in turn will provide the financing for biodiversity management. The repercussions of biodiversity loss are much more expensive than the cost of sustaining, protecting and managing biodiversity.
NEW YORK—The announcement that US President Barack Obama’s visit to Japan this week will include a stop in Hiroshima is welcome news. The main argument in favor of dropping an atomic bomb on Hiroshima, and a second bomb on Nagasaki three days later, has always been that it would hasten an end to World War II. One might ask why the awesome power of the atomic bomb was not demonstrated to the Japanese with an attack on, say, a military site away from a city. In fact, US officials had another reason for choosing to target Hiroshima and Nagasaki, instead of remote sites: They wanted a firsthand look at the impact of an atomic bomb on a city.
Moreover, Japan’s record in expressing regret for its own crimes is poor, as exemplified by its half-hearted apologies for forcing Korean “comfort women” to provide sexual services to its Army during the war. The leaders of many other countries, including Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom, have issued apologies for past misdeeds.
In the presidential race, Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, a reluctant candidate, won by a landslide. To be sure, candidates who participated in the elections have their own beautiful platform or program of government.
Originally intended to enable “marginalized sectors” of society (that is, without ways and means to run an expensive electoral campaign) to be represented in the House of Representatives, the “party-list system” has now become the object of public ridicule. Virgin Group founder Sir Richard Branson, right, with his daughter, Holly Branson, tour the grounds of the Los Angeles Amity Foundation with its vice president, Mark Faucette, middle, in Los Angeles on Nov. British billionaire and philanthropist Richard Branson is a known rebel in his field, having grown his Virgin Group business empire in oftentimes unconventional ways.
But even Branson, who was back in Manila Wednesday after two decades to speak with the country’s entrepreneurs and business elite, draws the line when human rights are involved, especially when it comes to the death penalty. Most of the crowd paid anywhere between P20,000 to P35,000 each to hear the flamboyant visionary share his thoughts on business and success. Branson said implementing the death penalty in jurisdictions where convictions are less than certain cannot be tolerated. Duterte, who won by a landslide in the May 9, 2016 polls on a platform coming out tough against crime and corruption, said he would restore the death penalty for heinous crimes. These crimes include rape as well as kidnapping resulting in the death of the victim, reports showed. The topic on the death penalty came up during the business forum as Branson noted the global war on drugs has “been a complete failure”. He said jurisdictions would have less of a chance resolving the drug problem if approached in a “repressive” way rather than an approach seeking to reform addicts.
Despite calls against it, executions have been on the rise globally, Amnesty International said in its latest report. THE LOCAL stock barometer rallied back to the 7,400 level on Wednesday as rising commodities and a favorable outlook on US economy boosted risk-taking across emerging markets. The index ended higher for the third straight session, initially bouncing from last week’s bloodbath but now driven higher by improved risk appetite across the region.
The property counter led the PSEi higher, rising by 2.33 percent while the financial and holding firm counters all rose by over 1 percent. AC, URC, JG Summit, AEV, PLDT and Metrobank all advanced by over 1 percent while BDO, ICTSI and AP contributed to the day’s gains.
Notable gainers outside PSEi for the day included Cebu Air (+2.65 percent), which has benefited from cheap aviation fuel.
Pagcor president and chief operating officer Eugene Manalastas – who led the ceremonial turn-over of check to Pres.
From 2012 to present, Pagcor turned over a total of P13.39 billion cash dividends to the government.
During his term, GOCCs remitted a total of P163.33 billion dividends, nearly double the amount turned over during the nine-year Macapagal-Arroyo administration. Under Republic Act 7656, GOCCs are required to remit at least 50 percent of their annual net earnings as cash, stock or property dividends to the national government. In a disclosure to the Philippine Stock Exchange on Wednesday, JFC said it had entered into an agreement with Cargill Philippines Inc. This partnership is estimated to create around 1,000 new full-time jobs and develop new opportunities in the farming community in Batangas and nearby provinces as local poultry farmers are contracted to grow chicken to supply the requirements of the processing plant. Cargill will hold a 70 percent stake in the venture while JFC will own the remaining 30 percent. JFC chief executive officer Ernesto Tanmantiong said in a press statement: “We partnered with Cargill to deliver high quality chicken products through Cargill’s technology and quality standards.
NEW YORK— Toyota said Tuesday it is investing in Uber, making it the latest car company to put money in a ride-hailing app. As part of the deal, Uber drivers can lease Toyota vehicles with money earned from their driving. Toyota is investing in San Francisco-based Uber alongside Mirai Creation Investment Limited Partnership, an investment fund backed by Toyota and Japanese bank Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corp. This March 13, 2012 photo shows the manifolds that regulate the input and output of oil to the White Cliffs pipeline at the SemCrude tank farm north of Cushing, Oklahoma.
NEW YORK, United States — World oil prices rose Tuesday, with US crude striking a seven month high as traders expect data showing a decline in American commercial inventories and weigh production problems in Nigeria.
Investors awaited the American Petroleum Institute’s report on US crude inventories last week, due later Tuesday, and the official data for that week from the US Department of Energy on Wednesday.
Expectations are running unusually high for a decline in US supplies, given the wildfires that have interrupted oil production in Canada, the biggest supplier of crude to the United States.
US benchmark West Texas Intermediate for July delivery advanced 54 cents to $48.62 a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange, the highest closing price since October. Bob Yawger of Mizuho Securities USA noted that prices were supported Italian oil company Eni’s force majeure declaration after attacks over at its Brass Rivers terminal in Nigeria, in essence saying it cannot guarantee production to customers.
Crude prices have rebounded since plunging to near 13-year lows below $30 a barrel in February amid abundant global supplies.
In a statement, HCPTI lawyer Eugene Santiago said that the appellate court’s May 12 ruling did not involve the issue on ownership of the company and that businessman Reghis Romero II remained in control and continued to manage the facility. The court decision does not place Romero’s estranged son Michael, One Source Support Services Inc.
The subject matter of the Court of Appeals decision, he added, was limited only to the affirmation of the 20-day temporary restraining order of the Pasig City regional trial court, issued on Dec. The lawyer said the dispositive portion explicitly remands the case to the lower court for further proceedings. The feud between father and son stemmed from Michael’s claim that his company, Harbour Center Port Holdings Inc., has gained majority control of HCPTI through the transfer of shares owned by his father’s companies. Factions identified with the father and son filed various civil and criminal cases in Manila, Quezon City, Pasig City and Marikina City courts. Yung pagbabago na sinabi niya nung kampanya, at kung kinakailangan natin ng suporta ng mga kongresista, para sa akin, hindi ko naman tinitingnan itong balimbing, kundi pagmamahal sa bayan,” Alvarez said. Without giving out names, Alvarez said he has counted at least 15 LP members who took their oaths as new PDP-Laban members.
Wilfredo Tierra, Assistant Chief of the NBI’s Medico-Legal Division, said they have an initial finding but they are still conducting a confirmatory examination before making a final report. We took a representative tissue sections of the internal organs and body fluids, blood to determine the presence of any toxic or poisonous materials,” Tierra said in a phone interview.
Droughts, floods, pest infestations and limited agricultural supplies have contributed to most of the Myanmar’s desperate need for food and water.
People walk for hours to fill their plastic buckets at a lotus-filled pond that is the only clean source of drinking water in this community outside Myanmar’s biggest city, Yangon. The Nobel Peace laureate heads the first civilian government after a half-century of military control, meaning the people have great expectations and the democracy crusader has an enormous list of challenges. But the needs are still enormous, and many communities, including Dala, have yet to receive much help. This year’s dry season, which typically runs from April through May, has been compounded by an El Nino-induced drought that added several months to the water shortage affecting Dala township. And communities in the area fear their access to water will become even more limited before the rains come. Let’s be really vigilant,” De Lima said after the legal team of vice presidential candidate Camarines Sur Rep. 5, 9 and 10, 2016, the balance of $52,668,664.37 was transferred from the RCBC account of Go to the RCBC-Unimart Greenhills account of Philrem. Under the STR, Philrem said the transactions made were upon the instructions of “Go” but during the senate investigation, Salud said the transactions were made upon the instructions of Deguito. Imelda Marcos, the widow of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos, led the lawmakers who signed the manifesto of support for Duterte and Alvarez. In this kind of situation, there is a new president who overwhelmingly won, for us as a representative of the district we have to think of our constituents,” Singson said. The sweet and pleasant moment when they pressed their palms together through a glass was snapped and uploaded on Fort Worth Zoo’s social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram on Tuesday. As of this writing, the Facebook post accumulated 2,000 likes while the same picture posted on Instagram garnered 1,300 likes. The little ape now sits upright, has eight teeth and is beginning to snack on some solid foods that his mom Gracie shares with him. 10844 is not only necessary, but vital.  Recto has called information and communications technology (or ICT) “the third utility, after power and water,” and every day more people will agree with him.
But advocates say the law actually streamlines the government agencies and organizations involved in the information and communications technology (or ICT) sector, bringing clarity and coherence. It will have the same, if not smaller, budgetary footprint, as what the affected agencies together have.” He was talking about the abolition of five government agencies as well as several operating units in the Department of Transportation and Communications, and the transfer of their functions, resources and personnel to the new department. Now the next step is critical: The Aquino and the Duterte administrations must work closely together to avoid regulatory capture of the new department, by appointing the right candidates to the new positions.
The majority of our voters do not consider issues, program of government, or track record, but pick a candidate perceived to be a victor—their champion or messiah who would pursue their most intense yearnings for the good life. The tough-talking and anti-Establishment mayor of Davao City generated a massive following that threatened martyrdom for those with contrary views. They would take a chance on a straight-talking mayor against trapo oligarchs unable to fulfill promises of meaningful change, and who can spit on the yellow throne. As policemen turn criminals and other government personnel destroy what they should nurture, the temptation to cut a few thousand heads is an open invitation. It is a general inclination of all humankind in the state of nature to desire power after power, that ceases only in death.
It is an ever-present menace that lurks beneath the glossy surface of civilized life—a condition of war where each is at war with the other, making life nasty, brutish and short.
It implies that the sovereign can legislate under certain existing rules and be conferred unrestricted power. Silvestre, a retired Army colonel, bemedalled officer and multiawarded writer, is former chief, Office of Strategic and Special Studies, Armed Forces of the Philippines. After the world sat up and noticed the rapid spread of the mosquito-borne Zika, which has the deadliest effects on the fetuses carried by women infected by the virus, the World Health Organization (WHO) made a budget call for $58 million to fund the global response to the disease. There have been cases of women infected by the virus after having sex with their infected male partners. The problem, says the doctor, is that the spread of mosquito-borne diseases was once stringently controlled by the use of insecticides and insect repellents. But it has since expanded its scope to a broad range of health issues—such as Zika—while building a very strong youth component.
Venkatraman Chandra-Mouli, of the WHO Department of Reproductive Health and Research, says that in most of the world “adolescence is viewed as a time of changes.” This developmental stage has been recognized as a time when a child undergoes changes in various aspects—physically, socially, mentally, intellectually—in preparation for adulthood. An important strategy, they say, is to “empower young people so that they demand health services for themselves.” But for this to transpire, health center personnel must first of all be welcoming, listening and nonjudgmental. When we require young people to first present written permission from a parent before accessing health services, commodities or even just advice, do we seriously think we’ll ever see them again?

When Rodrigo Duterte enters Malacanang the first time as president in the afternoon of June 30, he will encounter the portraits of his 15 predecessors in the main ceremonial hallway. It is not well-known that Aguinaldo, maligned as a power-hungry, power-grabbing president in history classes, considered resigning from the presidency and, in fact, offered his resignation in December 1898, asking his countrymen to accept it as a Christmas gift. He says that in: “the majority of revolutions in any nation the rich men (had) been the leaders in the struggle to attain independence, but here the contrary has been true, for the poor men have taken precedence… . The Rizal Memorial Stadium was well known in the region, and we had basketball teams that made it to the Olympics. Traces of our past glory in sports are still to be found in the Rizal Memorial Stadium, but the grounds and its facilities’ deterioration reflect our national sports situation. But over the years, UAAP has pushed for greater recognition of the other sports.  UAAP has shown how inter-university cooperation, together with support from media, can promote sports.
According to ABS-CBN’s sports director Dino Laurena, the turnout for the final game of women’s volleyball last April was the largest ever in UAAP history, even exceeding that of men’s basketball championships.
After the UP women’s football team won the championship, I met with some of the parents and they said it was crucial to expose young girls to football, as early as grade school. We speak of giving our youth recreational activities that develop both body and mind.  Visit our urban poor communities and you’ll find young people just lounging around, or using makeshift internet cafes that charge a peso a minute. There’s almost a vicious cycle here—to a large extent, our neglect of children’s nutrition means fewer young people becoming athletes, and if they do, they are handicapped by being shorter and less fit than our neighbors’ athletes.
I am always amazed by our athletes’ dedication, putting in long hours to rigorous training.
Much of my involvement in sports has been boosting morale, rushing over to console a team that lost, or even more painfully, that narrowly missed a victory, assuring them they’re still the best players as far as UP is concerned; or when a team does win, going overboard with celebrations.
I hope Pia, herself an athlete, will push sports higher up in the national agenda, and get physical education to be a serious part of the educational system, from kindergarten onward. Instead of more cockpits, let’s have more sports facilities and, let’s not forget, not just basketball courts for males but a whole range of facilities for both males and females, complete with staff and facilities that promote healthier lifestyles to go with the sports.
The country is known to harbor more diversity of life per hectare than any other country in the world. Forest cover has dwindled to a meagre 7.2 million hectares or 24 percent of the country’s total land area. Biodiversity managed effectively can help reduce poverty, preserve livelihoods and traditional lifestyles, and make a significant contribution to national economic growth.  Note, almost 70 percent of the country’s population is dependent on the environment and natural resources for a living. Global sales of pharmaceuticals derived from genetic resources account for $75 billion to $150 billion. For example, there are 1,816 “marine protected areas” (MPAs) throughout the Philippines, covering more than 400,000 ha. The quantity and quality of water, food, pharmaceuticals, energy—almost everything that sustains life—suffer. Of course, Obama will not apologize for America’s 1945 nuclear attack, which annihilated the city and instantly killed about 90,000 people (with many more dying later from the effects of radiation). The attacks actually saved many more Japanese and American lives, the argument goes, than they claimed. That option was considered at the time, but American officials decided that the effect on Japanese policymakers would not be as great. They didn’t choose, say, Tokyo, because it had previously been fire-bombed, the devastation from which could not easily be differentiated from the effects of the atomic bomb. Most obvious, if it were acceptable to kill civilians en masse whenever it could be expected to abbreviate a conflict, no atrocity would be beyond the pale. Not only was Japan extremely brutal toward the populations of Asian countries it occupied—a reality that undermined sympathy for Japanese civilians who became victims of allied attacks—but it also brought the United States into that war by perfidiously attacking Pearl Harbor.
Add to that the widespread view that the bombs accelerated the end of the war, thereby saving lives, and few Americans would make the case that Japan is owed any apology. Given America’s unique role in the world, its actions tend to be viewed as somehow justifiable, even when many Americans recognize them as technically wrong.
In 1988, the US Congress adopted, and President Ronald Reagan signed, legislation granting reparations to Japanese-Americans who had been placed in internment camps during World War II. By far the best-known apology was issued by German Chancellor Willy Brandt in December 1970.
In contrast, Vice President Jojo Binay, initially the consistent front-runner among presidentiables in SWS’ and Pulse Asia’s preelection surveys, placed fourth in the unofficial vote count. Given the number of “party-list” groupings approved by the Commission on Elections (following a Supreme Court ruling discarding “marginalized” as a criterion), any Tom, Dick or Harry can now form a corporation with dummies and have its nominee compete for a seat in Congress. How they could ever pretend to speak for PWDs beats the heck out of everyone!  It has in fact led critics to say that “Supreme Court Justice Velasco is shamelessly creating his own political dynasty”! Jaded politicos who could no longer run for reelection to the same office have descended upon this electoral limbo where anything and everything goes—all thanks to a Supreme Court which could not say no to one of its own!
He said even the United States, which has a “relatively good judicial system”, got it wrong years ago when DNA-based evidence was not yet allowed.
More investors now expect that the US economy is strong enough to hurdle any impending interest rate hike by June or July. Aquino – said in a press statement on Wednesday that good corporate governance had enabled the state-run gaming firm to continuously beat its targets and maintain position as one of the government’s top-revenue earners.
JFC will also have a 30 percent stake in the realty firm from which CJPMPI will lease the land on which the processing plant will be located.
We will continue to maintain our strong relationship with key chicken suppliers in the country and look forward to sustained long term supply arrangements with them as our businesses grow together,” Tanmantiong added. JFC also also invest P15.2 million for its 30 percent stake in the realty firm from which CJPMPI will lease the land. Oil prices have hit a new 2016 high over expectations of a decline in US inventory and production problems in Nigeria.
1, 2014, stopping Romero and his companies from disrupting One Source’s operations in the facility. At the same time, the $15-million from Vasquez’ account was also transferred to Philrem’s account.
He’s regularly spotted catching a ride on Mom’s back, but is also beginning to crawl more and explore the area within Gracie’s arm’s reach. Ralph Recto, an Aquino ally and principal sponsor of the consolidated Senate bill, the delayed signing did not take place in a tech-appropriate place, such as “a coffee shop where BPO [business process outsourcing] workers congregate. The reason for this is not intensive delight, but because one cannot assume the power to live well, which one has at present, without the acquisition of more. If he is blocked in his reform moment, he will abolish Congress and declare a revolutionary government.
It is a word derived from the Hebrew for “sea monster,” a creature in the Bible, and a metaphor for Thomas Hobbes’ perfect government to preserve peace and prevent civil war through social contract.
Hence, the state comes as a phenomenon of force, but qualified and harnessed through law—a transition to civil society—where finally human relations are secured and predictable. He belongs to Class 1968 of the UP Vanguard Diliman, and taught political theory at UP Manila when called to active duty as first lieutenant in 1975. The Zika virus, say experts, can remain in the semen of infected men for up to 62 days, although they are still determining the “average duration” of Zika infection in men. But after studies determined the bad effects of these chemicals, such as DDT, on human beings and the environment, these were banned from common use.
But with early marriages, he said, this crucial period of transition disappears and there is an abrupt, jolting jump from childhood to adulthood. If I were asked who can competently match these, I’d say, it would be the eminent Cebuano painter Romulo Galicano. Taylor, who published a selection of key documents that is known to historians as the five-volume “Philippine Insurrection Against the United States” (Lopez Museum, 1971). But it’s still the universities’ own funds that are crucial for the teams, with the alumni playing a major role. Indeed, through the years we’ve seen how UAAP sports events, other than basketball, have been drawing larger crowds each year.
Significant, too, is how the women’s volleyball teams’ fans are composed of entire families. This immense natural wealth—and this is a remarkable asset—however, faces significant risk. In fact, the country’s marine waters are seen as the epicenter of marine biodiversity on earth. A study commissioned by the UN Development Programme found that the net present sustainable bioprospecting value of the Philippines’ forests is approximately $36 million annually in perpetuity.
The challenge, however, is that only 10-15 percent of these MPAs have been effective in protecting the resources in them.
We need to move quickly to viewing biodiversity as an investment that can deliver significant economic and social returns.
Nonetheless, the visit will inevitably spur reflection on and debate about what happened there and why. Kyoto was also considered, but a top American official, Secretary of War Henry Stimson, had visited that city during his honeymoon and objected to the destruction of the city’s cultural treasures. Yet Obama remains unwilling to apologize for Hiroshima—a decision with which most Americans probably agree.
That is the case with the Vietnam War and, more recently, the invasion of Iraq on the fallacious grounds that Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction. On a visit to a memorial where the Warsaw Ghetto once stood, Brandt—who had actually fought the Nazis—dropped to his knees, his head bowed, in a silent but profound apology on Germany’s behalf. And, though no one imagines that Obama would repeat Brandt’s gesture, his words and his demeanor in Hiroshima will be scrutinized worldwide.
More surprising was that the little-known Leni Robredo, also a hesitant candidate like Duterte, trounced her four popular and politically entrenched opponents: Senators Bongbong Marcos, Alan Peter Cayetano, Gregorio Honasan and Antonio Trillanes in the vice presidential derby. But what made Duterte, Robredo and Vergara click with the electorate and win over their adversaries who bared programs and projects no different from theirs? Duterte’s pronouncements drew opposition from the Catholic Church, the Commission on Human Rights and even some lawmakers.
This optimism was furled by upbeat US home sales data in April, which hit the highest level in over eight years. The company has entered more than four hundred cities around the world, despite pushback from regulators and the taxi industry about how it vets drivers. Droughts, floods, pest infestations and limited agricultural supplies have contributed to the country’s desperate need for food and water. Leonor “Leni” Robredo held a media briefing at Microtel Ayala Technohub in Quezon City on Wednesday. On the same date, $3,230,000.00 was transferred from the Abba account to the RCBC account of Beacon Currency Exchange Inc.
With neither a war chest nor machinery, he used his foul mouth to the optimum, amplified by a forceful persona. Civilization, like beauty, is only skin-deep, and the use of force, under rules acceptable to most, must remain a tool of public administration. Anthony Costello, director for Maternal, Newborn, Child and Adolescent Health for WHO, the world health body has been able to raise only “under $4 million.” Crucial funding allotted by the Obama administration in the United States, he added, has been held up by Congress, with Republican legislators insisting that enough funds remain from other programs that could be directed toward fighting Zika. Which is why, says Costello, diseases like dengue have made a comeback in places where they once had been eradicated. If something more modern is desired, then National Artist BenCab would be ideal, except that he is from Luzon and it would be fitting to have a portrait by an artist from Mindanao or the Visayas for a change. Over exploitation and unsustainable practices, encroachment on forested areas, pollution, over-fishing, poor land management, and natural disasters exacerbated by climate change are contributing significantly to an alarming rate of biodiversity loss.
The goods and services provided by the marine coastal resources of the country are estimated to be over $556 million annually.
So whether it is an economic or social argument, or something driven by a broader concern to ensure that highly diverse areas remain so, it is clear that we must immediately secure and enhance what is left of these resources. The main tactical purpose of the attack was to kill large numbers of civilians, thereby demonstrating to the Japanese the high cost of continuing the war. Let us hope that they include some sign that he recognizes America’s responsibility for the destruction of so many civilian lives.
The same thing happened in the third district of Nueva Ecija.  First time congressional candidate Ria Vergara, a successful local entrepreneur, beat Aurelio Umali, the three-termer governor of Nueva Ecija. A conceited mestiza who abjured Filipino women for milk and honey by adopting US citizenship, contemptible. While mutations, of which the deadly strain of Zika is believed to be part, are presenting challenges to present-day researchers and caregivers. And, of course, the correlation between conserving natural beauty and generating significant revenue from tourism is obvious. If one had to pick the moment when Germany restored its global standing in the aftermath of the horrors it committed during World War II, this was it. It just happened that today’s mature and intelligent voters believe their words and promises more than their opponents’. A charismatic leader, a lofty intellectual, a passion that levels mountains, a Viking berserker, a seer and superb administrator all at once, certainly!

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