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The UCC varsity hockey team hosted the ninth annual Barbara Barrow Invitational Hockey Tournament last weekend.
Download available: December 2012 exam schedule Dates, Times and Locations IB2 examinations will be written between Friday, Dec. The boarding houses are beginning to welcome prospective boarders that may be part of our community next September. We were joined for overnight stays by one boy from Montreal and another from Quebec City this past week. I feel with the diversity and range of classes that are available to take, there is no doubt I can find a course load that will suit me and allow me to succeed.
I continue to be amazed by the way our boarders welcome prospective students to our community, going out of their way to provide tours and invite them to participate in curricular and co-curricular activities.
Burke didn't make time in his busy schedule to give an update on the 70-day National Hockey League lockout, but he spoke to Upper School students about a topic that's very near and dear to his heart. It was great to see IB1 prospect LC Hebert playing house hockey for Seaton’s early on Tuesday morning.
There were several lead changes in the 45-minute game and Seaton’s was down 4-2 at the halfway point. The U16 basketball team and varsity hockey team provided great entertainment over the past weekend.
He walked in the 2009 Toronto Pride Parade with his gay son Brendan, who died from injuries sustained in a car accident in Indiana in February 2010. The positive and energetic environment really impressed me, I did not expect anything quite like this. They were joined by an equal number of boarders from Havergal College for an enjoyable evening of five- and 10-pin bowling. Clayton Jeffrey helped lead the U16 basketball team to an exciting championship game against Father Redmond School. Up until the time of his death, Brendan was a student at Miami University in Ohio and was student manager of the school's men’s hockey team.

This was the first of several games that will occur between UCC and SMC in the coming months.
LC Hebert made some outstanding saves before Harris Sheldon scored the winning goal for Seaton’s with just 20 seconds remaining. The varsity hockey team provided equally entertaining action in the Wilder Arena & Sports Complex. He made international headlines for coming out, advocating for tolerance and speaking out against homophobia in professional sports in 2009. Many UCC and The Bishop Strachan School boarders will gather in the UCC lecture theatre to watch Daniel MacIvor’s Never Swim Alone tomorrow (Nov.
UCC won three pool games, allowing it to advance to the Sunday championship game against Ridley College. It's been posted on the bulletin board in the main hallway of the Upper School and has also been emailed to students. Thanks to all members of the team for providing such good entertainment before the school day officially started. Thanks to everyone playing basketball and hockey for providing such great athletic memories. The winning goal was scored by Jonathan Berube and outstanding goaltending by Nicolas Royer-Legare was instrumental in the tournament victory. Burke’s message was very well received in assembly and he took time to answer several student questions afterward. There will be plenty of exciting hockey in the Wilder Arena & Sports Complex in the coming months. I know that if I were to come here it would definitely help me succeed within this program.
If you have any questions about exam protocol, or departure dates following exams, please contact your son’s senior house adviser. As we strive to make UCC a safe and supportive space for all students and staff, it's important that we continue to hear the message from well-respected adults in the larger community.

With the support of the CFL and the staff at UCC I think I can cross that hump very quickly. If an exception is permitted, alternative exam arrangements may be subject to a fee and the student will be required to write during the designated make-up week from Jan. If a student is absent for an examination due to illness, one of his parents must notify the main office at 416-488-1125, ext. Medical notes must clearly outline the reasons for the absence and the expected duration of the absence. All cases of absence -- whether for compassionate, medical or exceptional reasons -- will be reviewed by the academic dean in consultation with the Upper School Administration Committee, which will determine the details of any required make-up exams.
After make-up exams have been graded, the student’s academic record will be updated and an amended report card provided at that time. DressStudents must observe the regular dress code, as described in the Upper School Family Handbook, during the December examination period. LatenessIf a student is late for an examination, he should proceed as quickly as possible to the examination room (in proper school dress) and begin writing immediately. Electronic Devices No cell phones or other electronic devices (except calculators when required) are to be brought into the exam room.
If students violate this rule and are caught using a cell phone or other prohibited device during an exam, they'll be subject to disciplinary action, including a zero on the exam in question.
Exam ConflictsAlthough we've endeavoured to minimize exam conflicts, they're unavoidable because of the limited exam times and the large number of courses offered.

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life coach canada certification

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