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The next Integrative Nurse Coach Certificate Programs begin this Autumn in Boston, New York, and San Diego! Barbara Dossey, PhD, RN, AHN-BC, FAAN, is internationally recognized as a pioneer in the holistic nursing movement.
Deva-Marie Beck, PhD, RN, is a nurse, Nightingale scholar, author, multi-media specialist and global ambassador for the worldwide nursing community — who recently represented nurses at the World Health Organization and at a United Nations Conference in Doha, Qatar. Florence Nightingale (1820–1910), the philosophical founder of modern secular nursing and the first recognized nurse theorist, was an integralist. Nightingale was a nurse, an educator, administrator, communicator, statistician, and an environmental activist.
Nightingale revolutionized hospital data collection and invented a statistical wedge diagram equivalent to today’s circular histograms or circular statistical representation, and in 1858 she became the first woman admitted to the Royal Statistical Society.
Today we recognize Nightingale’s work as global nursing where she envisioned what a healthy world might be with her integral philosophy and expanded visionary capacities. In the 1880s Nightingale began to write that it would take 100–150 years before educated and experienced nurses would arrive to change the healthcare system.
My wonderful 50-year nursing career had a critical care nursing focus for the first 25 years, combined with integral, integrative, and holistic nursing theories and modalities. Thanks to Barbara for her great contribution to holistic science of nursing and many inspirational spiritual books.
Left: Senior Delaney FitzPatrick won the D1 Gold Medal in the 1600m run at the 2012 WIAA State Meet. However this season Lakeland is a D2 school and FitzPatrick will compete against a talented group of runners in that division.
FitzPatrick has won the Great Northern Conference 800m and 3200m races three years in a row. Right: Abby Scharbarth returns for her senior season having won the Greater Northern Conference Long Jump Title three years in a row. The boys team made use of the Lakeland HS field House but the girls team had a pool workout scheduled for the Thursday night practice.

Head girls coach Gary Kmiecik is pictured on the right addressing his team prior to the start of their workout.
Conference Schools: Antigo, Lakeland, Medford, Mosinee, Norhtland Pines, Rhinelander, and Tomahawk.
The rotation drill done under water made it easier for the vaulter to 'feel' the rotation technique. FitzPatrick's daughter Delaney returns for her senior year as a defending State Champion in the 1600m run. An integralist is a person who focuses on the individual and the collective, the inner and outer, and human and nonhuman concerns.
Her specific accomplishments include establishing the model for nursing schools throughout the world and creating a prototype model of care for the sick and wounded soldiers during the Crimean War (1854–1856).
She developed and wrote protocols and papers on workhouses and midwifery that lead to successful legislation reform. In addition one of the coaches [HJ coach Aubrey Hoye] who has life guard certification was overseeing the drills in the pool. A major focus of her work currently includes integral and holistic nursing, global nursing, and Integrative Nurse Coaching. As co-author of Florence Nightingale Today: Healing, Leadership, Global Action (2005) and numerous related articles and book chapters, Dr. She was an innovator for British Army medical reform that included reorganizing the British Army Medical Department, creating an Army Statistical Department, and collaborating on the first British Army medical school, including developing the curriculum and choosing the professors. She was a recognized expert on the health of the British Army and soldiers in India for over 40 years; she never went to India but collected data directly from Army stations, analyzed the data, and wrote and published documents, articles, and books on the topic. Her work was social action that demonstrated and clearly articulated the science and art of an integral worldview for nursing, health care, and humankind.
We must tell nurses’ stories beyond nursing and see ourselves as health journalists and social media communicators to transform health care with others and carry forth her vision of social action to create a healthy world. Drills included timed intervals of walking [in the deep end], sprinting, paddle boards, jumping, and a variety of speed drills.

Don ran for Spencer High School and was a D3 State Champion in the 100m and 200m dash in 1981. She is also exploring the impact of Florence Nightingale’s life and work on contemporary nursing and humankind. This was a major connecting link woven into the entirety of her life, work, insights and vision.
Besides her numerous other recognitions, she received the Order of Merit in 1902, the first woman to receive this honor. Together, we both found a passion for exploring health and healing, states of consciousness, and writing.
She clearly articulated and demonstrated the science and art of an integral worldview for nursing, healthcare and humankind. She wrote over 100 combined books and official Army reports; her 10,000 letters now make up the largest private collection of letters at the British Library with 4,000 family letters at the Wellcome Trust in London.
Her dedicated and focused 50 years of work and service — still informing and impacting our nursing work and our global mission of health and healing for humanity. My authorship has been recognized, and I am a ten-time award recipient of the prestigious American Journal of Nursing Book of the Year Award. I have received many other awards including the 1985 AHNA Holistic Nurse of the Year, the 2014 AHNA Lifetime Achievement Award, and the 2015 Baylor University School of Nursing Outstand Alumni Award (50th year celebration). A parallel process is the theory translations for integrative nurse coaching, holistic nursing, and global nursing.
I will continue to explore the impact of Florence NightingaleIs life and work on contemporary nursing and humankind.

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