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After 39 years - 36 as head football coach - Roye Kidd is retiring from teaching and coaching at Cleveland John F. After 39 years -- 36 as head football coach -- Roye Kidd is retiring from teaching and coaching at Cleveland John F.
What sometimes still amazes him: His nice home in Pepper Pike, where he has lived for 20 years. What he remembers: Long bus rides to high school, past three white schools to a "black" school in Gretna. What he played: At 5-8, 170 pounds, he wanted to be the next Jackie Robinson, and always thought baseball was his best sport.
What he has learned from cancer: Kidd was diagnosed with prostate cancer eight years ago, and lost a kidney to cancer a little more than a year ago. What he did after cancer surgery: It was a little over a year ago, and he had the kidney removed on a Friday, rested in the hospital over the weekend.
What he tells students when they complain: That life is hard, that parents do leave, that bad things do happen to good people. What he wishes his students understood: That there are more chances for higher education than ever before. What he'll do next: His family owns two daycare centers, his wife Vivian and daughter Monee' help run them, and he can lend a hand. Kathleen Krupar - Mycrosschecks Accountability Coach l Cleveland Sales Training and Consulting Firm l Sales Concepts, Inc. Sandler's non-traditional selling system plus innovative reinforcement training has made us the global leader in sales training.
Kathleen Krupar has been a successful entrepreneur since 1995 and joined the team at Sales Concepts as a business coach in 2011. After selling her 20 year old company she took her passion for serving others into the realm of life coaching. She considers herself an avid traveler seeking great food, good people and spends as much time in Nature as possible.
S Sandler Training Finding Power In Reinforcement (with design) is a registeredservice mark of Sandler Systems, Inc. Kennedy High School with more than 200 football victories, five city titles and a greater impact on young Cleveland men than can be measured.

McDonald took a bus load of kids to Knoxville College, where well-dressed young black women and men carried books and seemed so smart, so sure of themselves. He swallowed his pride -- he always hated to ask for favors -- and told his father of his college dreams.
In the summer before school started, he traveled to Wisconsin to pick peas and throw them on a conveyer belt at a Jolly Green Giant plant. Part of the time, he was stationed in New Mexico, where he went to the university and earned a Master's degree.
A friend and fellow teacher at JFK, Ernestine Brown, wanted to fix him up with her friend, Vivian, an elementary school teacher. He doesn't offer any great insights into coaching in the city, other than it's hard work and dedication that makes the difference. He was released Monday morning, stopped at school Monday afternoon and was back full-time on Tuesday.
He had something tugging at his heart, whispering inside, "It's time." That he did have a tough year, eight starters being suspended at one point. A friend who works with the Job Corps called to ask about Kidd helping to coach a flag football team with his students. At the age of 68, he leaves the Senate Athletic League school with a 204-127-5 record and five city championships. He sees a big, empty lot and wonders if that was like one of the fields near his father's share-cropping farm. When that work was done, he caught a bus to New Jersey to pick tomatoes for 25 cents a basket, and learned not to turn his back, "because someone would take tomatoes right out of your basket." When he started at school, he cleaned offices overnight.
That some kids won't even fill out the forms to take the standardized college tests that he gave them. She believes her biggest advantage in coaching is her knowing and understanding of the client’s view point since she personally went thru many of the same challenges and experiences. Suppose she had not talked about college to her students in a town where it seemed no black students went to college, except the teachers. In the afternoons after football practice, he worked as a porter at the Trailways bus station . They eventually went out, and Kidd kept telling himself that he needed to stay single for a while, to get established at JFK.

And that "we all do die of something, and I wondered if this was my something." And that every day is precious, which he always knew. That he and a few friends rebuilt a room at JFK for his players and others to use as a study hall, but not enough took advantage of it. Being born in 1940, he thinks of home right after World War II, as a small town about 50 miles south of Roanoke on the edge of the Blue Ridge Mountains, so very far and so different from his school on Cleveland's East Side. But he didn't have electricity until he was 11, and indoor plumbing didn't arrive until his senior year in high school. Going home that way motivated him to going all the way to a degree in health and physical education. But that battle has been raging for years, and some of the good kids fighting the odds do make it all seem worth it. He began at JFK in 1969, where he taught biology, health and physical education at different points in his career. McDonald saying teachers can make $2,500, and thinking he'd be rich if he earned that much.
Going all the way to four years in the Air Force, a Master's degree and a teaching position and JFK. Edward not only for some money to help his program, but for his players to have the experience of facing the best in the state. But right now, he said, "I feel a little tired." And when that happens, it's time to step aside. In life, all of us will face situations where the odds are stacked against you, and Kidd believes games such as those were good preparation. That ended his plan to be a running back, and he moved to the line where he eventually became the team MVP.

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