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For a limited time, we're offering a FREE 3 Day SharePoint 2010 Solution Design (a $3,960 value), to any customer migrating to SharePoint 2010. If you need to make strategic, architectural, or design decisions about your SharePoint sites. If you need the help of a SharePoint expert, but can do most of the work on your own if somebody shows you how. If you're part of a small business using Office 365, and you don't have the budget for full-service IT consulting or development services. If you work in SharePoint, and need to make better use of the platform and tools than you are now. What are some benefits I can expect from choosing a SharePoint Life Coach over other forms of traditional consulting? You'll Get MORE from SharePointâ„¢ by learning about the specific features and techniques that benefit you the most. You remain tapped into the latest information about SharePoint, without investing the time and effort needed to become a SharePoint expert yourself. Here at Liquid Mercury Solutions, we have a variety of different SharePoint experts with different personalities, technical knowledge, skills, and backgrounds. Our coaches are constantly cross-training to ensure we can help you in any given situation. A session will typically be between 60 and 90 minutes depending on your requirements at any given time. Any questions or topics of interest that arise during the week(s) leading up to your session can be sent in advance of the meeting so that an agenda can be prepared. We reserve some additional time after the session to perform research and documentation for you.
For starters, we'll set up a knowledge center just for you, where we'll keep how-to articles, FAQs, and other documentation that we develop for you.
You also get access to any general use documentation that we develop for other clients, including whitepapers and other VIP exclusives. If you've joined our Office 365 Support Network by declaring us as your official Microsoft support partner, we'll also give you priority access to e-mail based support. The cost of your sessions depends on whether you enter into a yearly contract and how frequent your sessions are. For long term clients, we charge your card on the 27th of the month prior to which services are rendered. We're sorry, but due to the nature of this service, we do not offer net terms for Office 365 or SharePoint Life Coaching sessions. There is a small fee if you want to reassign your sessions to someone else, but in general no there aren't any hidden charges.

If you want full service consulting, troubleshooting, or development services - or if you have needs that cannot wait for a regularly scheduled appointment - we offer preferred pricing for these services to our SharePoint Life Coach clients. You can increase the frequency (from monthly to bi-weekly or weekly, or from bi-weekly to weekly) at any time without penalty.
A SharePoint Life Coach is a personal relationship designed to empower you and maximize your effectiveness in SharePoint and Office 365. We can accommodate most reasonable requests, if you have special needs for teleconferencing software. We may choose to make a recording of your session, and you can request a recording from us if you think it will be helpful.
However, it's important to understand that a coaching relationship is a personal one, and it will take time and effort for us to get to know whomever will be meeting with us in your place. We're accustomed to working with other IT service providers - especially those with stronger experience in other Microsoft products besides SharePoint. Coming soon, visit our solution gallery to check out all the cool things we've been doing with SharePoint 2007.
So, there's a SharePoint Life Coaching option for you whatever your budget and schedule will allow. Generally, our coaches are Microsoft certified specialists in SharePoint with MCTS, MCITP, or MCPD certification. At the start of your sessions, we'll ask you some questions that will help us decide if you need to focus on SharePoint administration, development, or architecture. If you have one-off or special needs that exceed the knowledge of your coach, he or she are can bring in an assistant coach for any single session. Generally, your coach will present answers to these questions as the first part of a session. We can offer this pricing because we know that customers who seek our advice regularly are less likely to have problems with their SharePoint sites. If you want to engage a SharePoint Life Coach without any long term commitment, we suggest the pay-as-you-go option. Our approach is developed to help you control the costs of managing SharePoint sites, by providing you instruction and assistance in a structured and predictable way. Ask us for a quote at any time if you needs go beyond what can be provided in the coaching format.
If the requested change takes effect for the current month, you'll be charged for the difference between the two at the time you switch.
As a courtesy, once per calendar quarter, you may request to reduce the frequency of your sessions from weekly to bi-weekly or from bi-weekly to monthly. If you feel that you're just not getting good rapport with your coach and their personal style, you can ask us for a change at any time.

So, for example, if you're going on vacation for a week, we can move your appointment into the following week (double-up). If you must miss your scheduled appointment, we'll use that time to develop written documentation to benefit you based on our knowledge of your needs. We welcome you bringing other people into the meeting, but it should be made clear that any questions they have should be channeled through you. However, you are prohibited from recording the session yourself, and any recordings remain the property of LMS. This can be important if you ever have to take extended leave for any reason, or if you are moving on to another organization and someone will be taking over your responsibilities. Therefore, we do charge a small $150 fee for this courtesy, which covers the cost of reorientation and a brief one hour meeting for us to get reintroduced. This is possible because the service is structured so that your needs can be met using predictable methods and time commitment. They have several years of experience working with a wide variety of different types of businesses. The remainder of the session typically takes on a Q&A format, and you and your coach will likely explore your specific points of interest live on your SharePoint site.
If you have ambitious plans for SharePoint, this discount could even fully offset the cost of the Coaching services. Best of all, declaring LMS as your partner of record is completely FREE - and you can do it right now - here's how.
Customers in yearly contracts receive a discount of 5 to 10% based on the session frequency. We welcome your requests and suggestions in email at any time, so that we can prepare the best possible content for you.
This helps us to maintain order during the meeting, and it helps you to preserve your value as the primary SharePoint resource within your organization. If you have Office 365 or SharePoint customers, and you want access to the best knowledge and experience, we can be of help to you.
We ask that you give us as much advance notice as possible, so we can accommodate your needs.
During a session, your coach may ask you to share your screen during the session, so it's important to make sure that GTM will work on your computer even if you plan to dial-in by phone. Of course, we will request your permission if we decide that we want to use your recording for any purpose other than sharing it with you personally.

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