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Coaching sessions are not resticted to any particular hours and can be arranged to meet your needs, we are omly limited by our own diaries. Telephone Coaching - We can arrange a convenient time for you to contact me for a 45 minute coaching session.
Face to face - We can arrange a convenient time for us to meet at a mutually agreed location for a 45 minute coaching session. DISCOUNTS for advance block bookings will be applied at the rate of 10% for 4 sessions, 15% for 6 sessions and 15% for 2 months email coaching.
Below you can find some testimonials from previous clients, if you'd like to send your testimonial please do so by using the contact tool.
If you'd like to submit a testimonial after experiencing life coaching, simply head over to contact page and use the form to send it of. Sometimes it takes an objective outsider to see a solution where helpful friendsA struggle to guide you.
If you would benefit from some life coaching or just want to find out more, I offer a free 30 minute consultation to find out if coaching is for you, if I'm the right coach and to decide on your next steps.

My first career was in finance, where for a number of years I was a manager of people, money and projects. I can enable you to discover what helps you to succeed and what holds you back, and find a way past any dissatisfaction, stress or discomfort you feel in your life. Through a combination of coaching, mindfulness and compassion-based meditation you will become more aware of your motivations and values, the triggers that may create stress or anxiety, the habitual reactions that hold you back from realising your full potential. Although my job was intellectually stimulating, interesting, diverse, and reasonably well paid, it left me with a feeling of discomfort. It not only creates a sense of calmness and enables people to let go of incessant thoughts, but also increases self-awareness.
Do you feel you are always in ‘work?mode or that you aren’t doing enough and life gets in the way? 4 to 6 sessions over a 2 month period are considered most effective in normal circumstances. Through coaching sessions, Roy helped to give me confidence and the motivation to move in a more positive direction.

Following which I embarked on my second career: completing a masters degree (MA) in Personnel Management before becoming the Group Personnel Manager at Legal and General. Sometime later I worked out what had been wrong; the work I was doing ran contrary to my deepest values.
It has been proven to help people with stress, anxiety and depression and significantly improves concentration.
The aims, objectives and values of the company I worked for were not my aims, objectives and values.
With the help of a life coach I might well have decided simply to look for another job, being much more careful about the type of organisation I chose, but back then I didn't have sufficient insight into what made me tick.
And after quite a lot of self-questioning I finally found a job I love; being a life coach and meditation teacher, working on a one to one basis with my coaching clients, and teaching meditation to small groups.

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life coach fees uk business

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