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They call themselves the Richmond Grinders Track Club because they tackle the turns on the running track by digging deep and grinding in with grit, determination and skill.
Many of the 16 participating youth originate from underserved neighborhoods in Richmond and surrounding communities. While not all who attend team practices receive a uniform, said Ji Jaga, everyone can come out and run and participate. One team member who exemplifies the Richmond Grinders’ primary mission is 10-year-old Christopher Perkins. Ji Jaga described how, early on, Perkins—who then carried some extra weight—often wandered by the team practices.
According to Ji Jaga, most team members participate in the 100, 200 or 400 meter runs, while a few compete in the javelin, shot put and long jump as well. In true Grinder style, the team will make the most of their upcoming visit to the East Coast, not only through competition, but also by exploring nearby sites and culture in Williamsburg, Virginia and Washington D.C. Although the Richmond Grinders practice year-round, team sign-ups are usually accepted in the January-February timeframe, with track and field season typically running from March to the end of August.
Join For Richmond to endorse our priorities in Jobs, Health, Safety and Education and be a part of the conversation. Richmond Summit to Connect Youth to Resources, Local GovernmentAn upcoming summit hosted by the Richmond Youth Council aims to connect community youth ages 14-20 to an enriching array of resources and also help them become better engaged with local government. Richmond Residents Invited to Jered’s Pottery for “Time with Tom”Does a casual little sit-down with Richmond Mayor Tom Butt sound like something you’d like to do?
Mayor’s Urban Garden Contest & Showcase to Foster a Greener, Healthier RichmondDo you have a Richmond garden abounding with edible delights that you’d like to show off to the community?
For RichmondTM is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizationdedicated to promoting job, health, safetyand educational opportunities for Richmond residents. Richmond graduates who will wrestle collegiately include, front row from left: Greg Sebastian, Josh Younk, Alex Morang, and John Gaffney. You'll find easy weekly menu ideas, recipes, craft ideas, random thoughts - and you never know what else! Coach Carter is a story about Ken Carter, who took over the 1997 basketball team of Richmond High School, near San Francisco, a team filled with too much attitude and too little achievement, and led it to an unforgettable season. Written by Mark Schwahn (The Perfect Score) and John Gatins (Hardball) and directed by Thomas Carter (no relation), Coach Carter moves to the beat of rhythm and blues and rap, which is no surprise, given the age of most of the characters and the fact that the film was produced by MTV.

The action fits seamlessly with the music, from artists such as Chingy, Kanye West, Fabolous, Twista, Red Caf, and Ciara. One artist not represented is Ashanti, which is sort of a surprise, because she makes her film debut in Coach Carter. Star is a relative term, because when Ken Carter agrees to take over the basketball team, his demands on the students cause the big scorers to leave.
This does not sit well with the disaffected youths of this working-class neighborhood, where poverty and drugs are rampant, single-parent families prevail, and the school has a 50 percent graduation rate.
Carter has some immediate credibility because he had been a star player for Richmond High and still lives and works in the neighborhood.
Despite some ups and many downs, the team begins to work together under Carter's tutelage, and to its surprise - and the delight of the neighborhood - it begins to win. Because there really is no future in making sports movies about losers, Coach Carter proceeds, more or less, toward a predetermined climax. Jackson always manages to make a movie seem better than it is, and his young co-stars are engaging enough to make viewers care about them, especially Brown, who shows that the talent he exhibited in his first starring role in Finding Forrester was no fluke. Yes, there are stereotypes, and occasionally the movie sounds like a hipper version of To Sir With Love.
Richmond Blue Devils coach Howard Stuart talks to his team after a 7-5 loss to Pontiac Notre Dame Prep in their regional semi-final game on Saturday.
When teams reach the regional level of the softball playoffs, runs are at a premium and scoring is usually scarce.
Richmond coach Kelli Matthes, surrounded by her jubilant team, accepts the Division 3 state championship trophy Saturday in Grand Rapids. But, as the youths’ coach would have it, their takeaway far surpasses the boundaries of athletic competition to encompass other key life lessons as well. The team, which meets year-round and practices every midweek day at Contra Costa College, includes youth of both genders ranging in age from three years to 17 years old. And according to the coach, the heart of the Richmond Grinders is not all about excelling in athletic track and field competition; it’s about succeeding in other important areas of life too. Ji Jaga would ask if he wanted to join the runners, but Perkins said he had to get his grades up because he knew he couldn’t join the team without good grades.
If so, you’re in luck, because an upcoming free, informal event will afford Richmond residents the opportunity to do just that.

A new contest hosted by Richmond Mayor Tom Butt might just be the perfect shade of green for your thumb. He understands leverage and hand fights as well as anyone that we have ever had at Richmond. They hadn't seen the movie; but they had read quite a bit about the beloved Saint Therese of Lisieux and disputed some things I'd said. One person's life may have many - but not all - of the elements of a good drama, and the filmmaker feels a need to serve the viewers as well as the subject. If anything will make older viewers comfortable with rap, it is movies such as this, which give the tunes context. She plays Kyra, the pregnant girlfriend of Kenyan (Rob Brown), one of the stars of the Richmond High School team.
But there are quite a few times when the plot would seem to be heading for a cliche and avoids it, giving the film an edge and a generous splash of realism. But the knowledge that the characters are based on real people gives Coach Carter some big-time poignancy.
Sophomore pitcher Riley Thompson will return next season to anchor a team that will lose six seniors. If a comment violates these standards or our privacy statement or visitor's agreement, click the "X" in the upper right corner of the comment box to report abuse.
In the bottom of the inning Samantha Wolschleger drove home pitcher Riley Thompson with an RBI triple to give Richmond the lead back.Notre Dame took the lead back in the next inning on a Richmond throwing error and a fielder's choice.
Garett is a student of the sport who can score and stop you from scoring in many different ways. Eric started the sport late, but he has so many college wrestling qualities that are hard to teach. He will put on another 20 pounds of muscle so that he can transition to heavyweight for Olivet.

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