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As a certified life coach, Lisa Marie helps clients merge their natural leadership abilities with their parenting skills in order to cultivate their fullest potential as parents and ultimately as individuals. Ready to serve those in need of a Life Coach, Lisa Marie's passion is to guide parents in leadership roles who are deeply devoted to equipping their children for successful adult lives while perfecting the walk and balance of their own lives. Summer is here San Diego and that means that our teens are with out school and with much time on their hands. Remember, your FREE Consultation includes a FREE Sample Session. Click Here to Request Now! Here is a creative way to maximize “counting to ten” to de-stress and regroup in a heated moment. Demetria, already becoming a fan favorite, is much more than your typical reality television star — she is about her business.
Already apparent from the first few episodes, Demetria has set her sights on building her multi-platform brand, and advancing her career to her next level. Do you think being on a reality show, especially because of some of the negative criticism that reality shows now receive, will tarnish your brand in any way? Doing a reality show is always a big risk, and I realized this especially on the day after the super trailer was released.

How shocking was it for you to hear that other black women of color don’t believe that women should serve in leadership roles? Not only has she taken her blog A Belle in Brooklyn to national heights after writing a controversial blog which was the continued topic of conversation on the show, her brand(s) can also be seen integrated throughout the show on each episode.
Somewhat of an industry veteran, the former Essence relationship editor is also a critically acclaimed author, life coach and award-winning blogger. What led me to it was the focus on professional women working in the city and on professional life.
You don’t’ know what it is until you’re actually in it—the idea of cameras being trained on you all the time. Join us for the landmark 10th Annual Black Enterprise Women of Power Summit hosted by State Farm, March 2–4, 2015, at Fort Lauderdale Harbor Beach Marriott Resort & Spa, Fort Lauderdale, FL. Over the years I have blogged and shared tons of life stories as well as about my business.
What you’re doing is being aired to millions of people with millions of different opinions. This exciting, one-of-a-kind executive leadership summit is designed to train, equip and encourage women to become industry leaders, learn career strategies, and discover proven work–life balance techniques.

My book [A Belle in Brooklyn: The Go-to Girl for Advice on Living Your Best Single Life] is very all in. I thought this was an opportunity to share life in video and for people to see it and not picture in their minds. When I was approached, producers knew my critique of reality television, and I thought it was an opportunity to show a different side.
I found myself thinking a lot and having delayed reactions because you want to be yourself but also be conscious of how you’re acting on television.
However, I can’t speak for other castmates and can’t speak for what everyone does on the season.

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