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When Kari Jefferson came to Omaha to watch a high school basketball game with her husband, Jose, giving birth was probably one of the furthest things from her mind. It was halftime in the basketball game between Creighton Prep and Lincoln High, where Jose was a football coach when those twin boys made their intentions very clear. Tiny, thin and wrinkled, with flaps of skin for ears and other features still incomplete, each baby weighed 1 pound, 3 ounces – about the same as a jar of peanut butter. The boys were immediately admitted to the hospital’s Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU), where Kari and Jose were told they had about a 15 percent chance for survival. The unit opened in November 2005 and occupies the top floor of the Hixson-Lied Center for Clinical Excellence.
The unit has a dedicated sibling area, a parent resource library, education room and lactation areas. A former track star and professional arena-league football player, Jose Jefferson knows all about beating the odds.
So unstable were their conditions that the parents were pressed to provide names so the twins could be baptized. Kari spent the first five weeks at the hospital, dividing her time between the boys, leaving only to rest in her room at the Lied Transplant Center building. Jose had to split his time between three cities: Lincoln and his coaching duties at Lincoln High, in Omaha where the boys were hospitalized, and Sioux City, where he served as head coach of the Sioux City Bandits indoor football team. At the hospital, the boys endured a series of medical issues that were addressed with medications and surgeries.
It was hard for the twins and for their parents, who often could do little more than watch and wait. The new NICU is being viewed as a model by other hospitals, some of whom have visited or are planning to visit The Nebraska Medical Center and see the unit firsthand. There are two procedure rooms in the unit for on-site surgery or extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) procedures. Because the unit is still in its infancy, there is no clear-cut data yet available to document how it has affected outcomes. In the medical center’s Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU), each nurse usually cares for two or three babies.
With the Jefferson twins, the boys were born so early, almost four months before their due date, that they required almost constant care and monitoring. Gottsch, a nurse for 32 years, says she tries to distance herself emotionally from the NICU babies. Mason once considered switching to adult intensive care until she realized she would miss the babies and the NICU. Jose says his coaching duties in Lincoln and Sioux City brought him in contact with many people. No matter how much technology and medical equipment you have, there is always the human factor.
The nurses’ opinions are important because of their experience and the amount of time they spend in direct contact with the babies and the parents. They’ll make plans to keep in touch and many do, she says, especially at holidays and at the annual NICU reunion tea. Born March 4, 2006, Jeremiah and Jonas Jefferson were discharged from the NICU and allowed to go home a few days short of four months later.
They had grown from fitting in the palm of their father’s hand to weighing close to five pounds each. Once back in Lincoln, they spent the first year largely homebound to help strengthen their immune systems. When told a few days before their unexpected birth that he was to be the father of twin boys, a flood of thoughts rushed through Jose’s mind. Amid all the high-tech monitors and devices and impressive medical equipment in each baby’s room of the Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at The Nebraska Medical Center, one sight is the most memorable of all.
Crafted by individual volunteers, church groups and other various organizations, the beautiful, often intricate quilts add a sense of care and concern at a time when it’s needed the most. Betty Hammitt, 71, has been making quilts for more than 50 years, beginning with the one she made for her firstborn daughter, Deb (Tomek), who today serves as vice president of Human Resources at The Nebraska Medical Center.

A former nurse, Hammitt has donated a half dozen quilts to the NICU and is in the process of crafting six more.
Hammitt believes quilts are made to be given as gifts to family and friends, not to be sold. A grandmother to 11 and great-grandmother to one, Hammitt realizes that NICU babies don’t always overcome their medical obstacles. Coaches: Todd Samland (Head Coach – 1994 USMS Coach of the Year), Erin Sullivan (Level 3 USMS Certified Coach), Sue Nutty (Level 3 USMS Certified Coach), Amber-sky Green (Level 2 USMS Certified Coach), and Melanie Chapman (Triathlon Coach). Sportified Recruit, a new Omaha-based startup, aims to help professional athletes and Olympians make the transition to the corporate world easier — connecting companies with “industrious athletes,” say founders Jed and Maggie Ortmeyer, a husband-and-wife team who work out of their home. Her coach, pop star Pharrell Williams, had lots of kind things to say about Huston, who placed third. Today is a day to join the next generation of prairie philanthropists via Omaha Gives, the 24-hour online gateway organized by the Omaha Community Foundation to boost philanthropy in Douglas, Sarpy and Pottawattamie Counties. Michigan State scored five runs in the fifth inning, using a couple clutch two-strike hits and capitalizing on Nebraska's mistakes. The Big Red Today Facebook page is your home on the social web to get the latest Husker news, photos, updates and more. Discover cutting edge planet fitness cumberland ri is no better time, nails usually break wii gillian ultimate fitness m not Consumer lifetime fitness triathlon has an nutrition ames raquet and fitness is not broken down.
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The Sioux City Bandits team presented a donation to The Nebraska Medical Center on the boys’ behalf. They monitor vital signs, administer medications, handle the babies’ personal care and help teach the families about medical and physical care.
On a grading scale of 0-4, with four being most severe, the boys were rated grade 2 on one side of their brains and grade 4 on the other.
During a recent visit, Jonas weighed 19 pounds and was still a bit more laid back than his brother. Still, she wants her quilts to go to any NICU baby, not just the ones most likely to survive. Masters SwimmingBetter Swimming in Street Clothes May 24, 2016Members-Only May Promotional Discounts!
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Jeremiah, at 19.8 pounds, was crawling everywhere, scooting on his stomach until he reached a wall or a piece of furniture, then rolling over and pushing off with his feet before taking off in another direction.
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We had the same number of babies in a 5,000-square-foot room,” a room that is one-quarter the size of the current NICU.

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