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Today is my fortieth birthday and this morning I wrote a little poem which was inspired by how I am feeling about this special day. Tagged Big Birthdays, Fortieth Birthday, Milestone, Poem, Poetry, Psychology, Turning Forty, Turning Thirty.
Honey Langcaster-James is a well known Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Coach and Media Commentator.
The Garnett Family Set To Wow The Judges On Britain’s Got Talent… Oh And Did I mention They Are Friends Of Mine? But did you know that psychologists are the experts when it comes to providing life coaching services? There is potential risk for clients in working with individuals who may not have received rigorous training, monitoring and mentoring – whereas these factors are part of a psychologist’s training to become a registered professional. If you are seeing a specialised psychologist, they will have completed a minimum of 6 years’ full-time integrated training undertaken coursework, research and practical placements. The Undergraduate: An initial full-time 3 years of undergraduate studies, which includes integrated study and workshops, research and work experience placements. Conditional Registration: Upon completing Honours, psychologists can only gain partial or conditional registration where they are required to practice under the supervision of a fully-registered psychologist. For the psychologist you choose to work with, Australian law dictates their professional development does not stop here! Australian Psychologists are accountable to the Australian Psychological Society to continue their professional development activity through research, undergoing assessments, ongoing supervision and coaching by senior experts who have been practicing evidence-based frameworks and strategies with clients for many, many years.
It has become commonplace for life coach training schools to charge significant fees for both training and use of the training materials for the ongoing development of a student’s practice.
In choosing to see a psychologist, you have the comfort of knowing your practitioner has received ongoing, specialised training for at least 4-5 years and has been continually assessed along their whole journey to be consulting and guiding you today.
Whilst this may be true, there may also be underlying issues which cause you to repeat the same patterns which brought you into a downward spiral to begin with. If individuals who seek life coaching have mental health problems there is a danger they may not be receiving appropriate treatment provided by a trained mental health clinician, should they not be seeing a psychologist.
Part of the basic training psychologists undertake in first year is to be able to recognise and act in a strategic manner that protects clients’ best interests, protects their confidentiality and provides a flow-chart protocol of steps that need to be taken in emergency circumstances. These are part of the basic terms and conditions a psychologist will discuss openly with you and is a normal part of the therapeutic contract of care. There is a grand misconception that psychologists only deal with individuals who might experience depression, anxiety, grief, loss, schizophrenia, bipolar, post-traumatic stress, abuse, domestic violence etc.

Psychologists are trained experts in facilitating cognitive (thoughts) and behavioural change to not only support and lead individuals to process and heal through mental illness, trauma and significant life challenges and transitions, but also coach clients to develop and use strategies to gain maximum personal effectiveness.
Research is increasingly demonstrating that psychologists facilitating life coaching strategic training to individuals, achieve significant long-term results in both high-school age young adults as well as individuals beyond schooling ages.
You knew what and how to identify important signals, and personal indicators that tell you whether or not you are on track, or whether the choice you make is the right one?
You knew how to identify what lessons lay in challenges and the process you needed to engage to work through and overcome them, because you had a fuller and heightened awareness of yourself? Our goal is help you overcome greater and greater challenges and help you keep performing at your highest potential – the choice is completely yours!
Appointments AvailableAre you looking for a Brisbane Psychologist with Appointments Available Now? November 3, 2012 by Fred Phillips 1 Comment I have already told you how to become a counseling psychologist, now I will let you know the traits you need. October 8, 2012 by Fred Phillips Leave a Comment If you are thinking about how to become a counseling psychologist, you better make sure you have the brainpower, the patience, and the persistence.
June 26, 2012 by Dave Iuppa 1 Comment The simplest way to answer the question “how to become a counseling psychologist?” is to answer these three questions: What is psychology? The word psychology comes from the Greek and it means literally “the study of the mind.” Psychology is based on the scientific method. So my girlfriend and I were driving from Michigan to Arizona where I was about to take my first job out of graduate school.  Our second overnight stop was in Shamrock, Texas, a dusty little town on the Texas panhandle. So of course, it pays to monitor oneself in the helping professions making sure empathy is sincere and feedback is as simple as it can be. She helps her clients transform their lives and relationships and works with individuals, teams and organisations to achieve their business goals and objectives. Brisbane Psychologist Helen D’Silva explains what you can expect when you see a life coach. Students can see clients (under directed supervision) or continue into furthering their studies. They apply here for full registration as an Australian Registered Psychologist and go on the national list of service providers available to the public. Furthermore, you can have 100% confidence in knowing they are bound to continually improve – which means better and better standards and increased value for you – continually! And on occasion, some of those patterns may be quite deep-seated with potentially harmful consequences if they are repeated for much longer – not just for you, but those around you and sometimes those you love the most.

Not only is the psychologist equipped and trained to act but so are those immediate support people organisations and people around them.
Psychologists are highly equipped to use evidence-based practices and frameworks that not only foster healing but achieve peak personal effectiveness.
For over 10 years, Helen has worked with clients to help them improve their performance in sport, the corporate workplace, or to reach their personal goals. The steps you need to take – get degrees (undergraduate, graduate, doctorate), get valuable experience (volunteering and paid), and get licensed. To become a counseling psychologist takes several years of education – counseling psychiatrists are professionals who have most likely earned a doctorate in counseling psychology and then worked in a post-graduate internship before applying for a state license. One day,  I was called to perform a swallowing evaluation on a patient in the Geriatric Psych Unit at United Hospital.
I don’t usually share them with the world though, except for perhaps reading one or two at a local poetry group or an open-mic spoken word event here or there. She is also known as an expert Celebrity Psychologist, has conducted academic research into the behaviour and lifestyles of celebrities and specialises in working with those who work in the public eye. Appointments with our Brisbane psychologists are available from 8am to 8pm; including Saturday and Sunday.
Our reception hours are usually 9am to 8pm Monday to Friday, and 9am to 4pm Saturday and Sunday. It takes several years of schooling, working, and studying, but in the end you will become a counseling psychologist. I buzzed myself in through several security doors and found my patient, a hunched over elderly gentleman being fed by a hip, and rather handsome young black man.
I settled into a chair to observe the usual swallowing variables when suddenly the patient sat up straight in his chair and exclaimed in a petrified voice, “I’m dead! For me it has always been enough to express myself, write down whatever poem has emerged from within me, and after that I usually don’t feel much of an urge to share it.

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