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Life coaching is a practice that helps people focus and work towards achieving their personal life goals. Life Coaching supports you in closing the gap between where you are & where you are meant to be. It’s quite normal for a person who is being bullied to question themselves and wonder what is defective about them that makes them the target for bullies. The person (or people) who are bullying you often have their own problems – they quite often feel bad about themselves or are maybe being bullied themselves, or they may feel anger towards someone else in their lives and find the easy target to take it out on – YOU! Life coaching is not like therapy – life coaching is about finding solutions today rather than talking too in depth about what has already happened.

About the Author Latest PostsAbout Myrna HunterMyrna Hunter is Cork's leading Life Coach and holds a Diploma In Life & Business Coaching, a FETAC qualification in Nutrition and a Diploma In Social Studies (UCC). Life coaches help clients set and reach goals by motivating and helping them focus in on what they want out of life. These negative thoughts and emotions only help you to feel even worse – it’s as if the bullying you receive from others is not enough and now you are bullying yourself too!
Life coaching draws inspiration from disciplines including sociology, psychology, career counseling, mentoring and other types of counseling. Bullying is just simply when someone is physically, verbally or emotionally aggressive to you, and this normally happens repeatedly over a short or long period of time..

Children and teenagers typically feel bullied at school and as for adults, many adults experience bullying in the workplace.
While you may have little control over what others do or say, you can change how you react to it and feel better and more confident with the help of Cork’s leading Life Coach.

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life coach requirements nj

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